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  1. he was a dear friend. Tom had an incredible way about him inasmuch that he had the ability to take the most mundane/random topics and make them the single most fascinating correspondence - he made you feel like you were the most important person in the room - a selfless trait that was exhibited in his real life day to day, taking care of those he loved, giving of himself 'til it hurt. there was one constant through our countless PMs and convos - and that was his propensity to share everything of himself ... i recall him first bouncing his photography about, and asking me to highli
  2. dropping in to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father's Day - hey, we get sum today! also to give a big shout of grats out to the man, GM - in case anyone needs reminding, he's a stand up feller of the highest order - a cooler dude one will not find - thanks again, GB GM
  3. i fall into this camp, as well - any "luxuriant" risk of life falls flat for me. dunno, i was surrounded by a ton of misery and untimely deaths when growing up, mostly drug/alcohol related. so many people succumbed from our 'hood, great majority under the age of 21(4 family members included up in that). makes a person value the life they were given, and to be witness to such senseless and heartbreaking loss at an impressionable age turns one sour on thrill seeking sorts - suffice to say that it took awhile for me to fully grasp this concept - i was a notorious drunk driver for a good 3/4 ye
  4. ok ... but dude has to drain it for you - my periodontist made an incision, used a dam, and made sure it was free of pus - dunno why yours is still squirting he should've done ya right.
  5. root canal down? ####, when i had similar, first thing done was an irrigation/draining of the abscess ... then next visit the RC was completed in one sit. DRAIN THAT ####ER
  6. what, so you're not as cool with the shtick as this smooveysmoove cat so ya come up in this mutha to bag? physician, heal thyself
  7. killin' some time getting ####faced on some old-fashioneds here in Jersey - no seats at the bar, mutha ####### deadbeats nursing beers (seriously, ####head, TAKE THE ####### NIPPLE OFF) - all glued for this Barcelona/Chelsea game where men in shorts are kickin' a sphere about i need to roll back to da 'hood ? these damn suburbanites
  8. Dr. Robert - "you really don't need those balls ... do you?" Occasionally, Liston's speed and showmanship actually were a hindrance to his operations. Once, he took a patient's #### off along with the leg that was being amputated. His most famous (and possibly apocryphal) mishap was the operation where he was moving so fast that he took off a surgical assistant's fingers as he cut through a leg and, while switching instruments, slashed a spectator's coat. The patient and the assistant both died from infections of their wounds, and the spectator was so scared that he'd been stabbed that h
  9. my posting history is about as apolitical as one could be up 'round these parts - the Clinton barb was meant in jest, not slander. carry on.
  10. i dont think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite some time ... ?
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