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  1. i remember this performance like it was yesterday ... Mick hamming it up is golden. so ####### glad somebody saved this and shared ... plus he spliced in the Joe intro, and the Mick finish - props to that dude. oh, and OPIE!!1!
  2. of the 35ish or so i've visited, ranked as per my experiences doing biz, and the people i encountered: Texas Kentucky Montana Wyoming New Hampshire Maine Tennessee South Carolina Alabama Utah
  3. Essential Quality has a shot here to stamp himself King of the dipchits ... he's answered every bell, passed all the tests - done all that's been asked. still hasn't run the eye popping speed fig, but, save for first time dirt tryer Rock Your World, nobody has cracked 100 leading up. that's why i stated in the OP that this may finally be the year we get the good ol' fashioned tote blow - not since MTB in '09 have we seen the kinda life changing haul ring up - the points system went in, and we became spoiled by great chalk horses running their races brilliantly - but denied the real
  4. im'ma just leave this story right here ... fare the well, Jules ✌
  5. i've heard from others that had personal encounters with JBJ that it's none too pleasant at all - i trust them and their words over the crafted public persona.
  6. let's just say ... if the only 2 choices for tonight's entertainment were Bon Doooshy or the Muppets, well - color me green, Kermy 🐸
  7. how i LOATHE this tool ... but you can gimme LoaP and Runaway all day/every day for listening goodness. i feel so ####### filthy now. gonna go gargle with Ajax.
  8. ... and he paid as much as my selection - but, yesh ... there are roughly 40 listed above, and 20 will make the gate. here are the current 20 who are qualified as of today: 140 Essential Quality 110 Hot Rod Charlie 109 Super Stock 104 Like the King 102 Known Agenda 100 Rock Your World 100 Bourbonic 74 Medina Spirits 70 Concert Tour 66 Midnight Bourbon 60 Weyburn 52 Mandaloun 50 Caddo River 50 Highly Motivated 50 Helium 40 Panadol 40 Soup and Sandwich 40 Dynamic One 40 Crowded Trad
  9. Latest Vegas ML - 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 Essential Quality+250 Rock Your World+550 Concert Tour+600 Highly Motivated+800 Hot Rod Charlie+1000 🔥 Super Stock+1000 🔥 Bourbonic+1400 Known Agenda+1600 Caddo River+1600 Medina Spirit+1699 Dynamic One+2000 Risk Taking+2000 Van Gogh+2500 Drain The Clock+2000 Dream Shake+2500 Helium+2500 Jackie’s Warrior+2500 Midnight Bourbon+2500 🔥 Prevelance+2500 Soup and Sandwich+2500 🔥 Team Merchants+2500 Triple Tap+2500 Classier+3300 Nick The Vest+3300
  10. ATTN: SPEED FREAKZ can't think of last time we had a Derby winner that had not posted at least one C-Note Beyer fig during their prep season. this year we have a party of one: Rock Your World that. is. it. Sadler trainee who made his first 2 starts on the cabbage ... wheeled out for first ever flats try at the S.A. Derby - where he dominated the pace, and never had to worry about dirt kicked into the grill - the fractions were solid. he was awarded a 103 bsf for the effort ... closest of the impending KD field are Essential Quality & Hot Rod Chuck, who both hung
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