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  1. the switch to Irad should help facilitate that with Midnight Bourbon. Concert Tour is gonna run - and him and Caddooo hooked up in speed duels down in Oaklawn - he's one who could set the fractions at Pimlico - Baffert trained, though ... so grain of salt. gotta check the new shooters out, too.
  2. EQ out the Preakness ergo, your top 4 Derby favorites (EQ, RYW, HRC, KA) all skip Pimlico. if Medina Spirit takes the 2nd leg, he's gonna have a ton of well rested horse flesh standing in his way for the Crown - along with those four, it looks like Pletcher is considering Mal for the first Saturday in June, as well. Toddfather in B'awlmore? meh ... but, at Big Sandy? yeah, he's good.
  3. "HE IS MOVING LIKE A TREMENDOUS MACHINE" as the wind whipped flag comes into frame ... it's one of the most enduring moments of all-time, definitely tops in the game. still jaw-dropping after all these years ✌
  4. cool story about an all-time great rider: "I came to Florida with almost no money, my plan was to work as a groom or something until I can save up some money to buy my riding equipment. so I start learning how to ride, but I meet this guy John Velazquez & I told him what my plan was; later that day he call me and gave me a signed blank check and told me go to the tack shop and get everything you need and don’t get concerned on how much money you spend (it’s on me) good luck! After I got going I try to pay him back so many times, and he will not take money from me, he told me tha
  5. yeah ... i was floatin' it because i know the ownership was quite vocal about wanting to have a shot at the Derby, though also bemoaning the fact that accruing the needed points necessitated running vs the boys in the qualifying preps. the past year feels like a decade has passed - i forgot there for a second that Swiss Skydiver took down Authentic last year in a more staggered time frame ... world sure was upside down. Rachel was last to try, and win (besting Mal's pop, Curlin, interestingly enough) ... so there is precedent, albeit 12 years ago. that Louisiana De
  6. RYW, HRC, KA all skipping the Preakness. Cox on the fence with Mandy/EQ. Pletcher is none too fond of this 2nd leg ... but i wonder if he'd take a shot now with Malathaat? Swiss Skydiver offed Authentic here last year - something to consider, especially with the 3 i listed above passing. regular Mal pilot Johnny V would not be available, obviously, as he's sittin' on Medina Spirit.
  7. was more of a rhetorical/sarcastic question, but the cracks in his armor sure showed (how will he handle traffic, can he recover if shuffled, how will he respond if bullied, etc) ... if one took a stand against due to said cracks ... BINGO.
  8. interesting that O Besos was attending close early on, and pretty much maintained (finished 5th) ... the Trakus gonna tell an intriguing story. i whiffed Medina - lesson learned about discounting Baffert - was a down prep season for him, but that ####er pulled another one out. akin to the Hoodie winning the SB as a 10-6 wild card squad - man, MS just schooled 'em. Here's To You, MoCS
  9. no sign of Soupy or RYW on that lead ... MS carved 'em up. Johnny V/Baffert - hats off, i really didn't see this at all. no regrets, the ride is always worth it - that's the nature of the gig WHERE THE #### WAS RYW? WHY WAS O BESOS FORWARDLY PLACED? .... exacta/tri none too impressive with big faves out the tix, no?
  10. officially with O Besos as my key ... i'm going all in. will use HRC, RYW, KA, Keepmeinmind, Sainthood, EQ, HM - and i warmed to Helium - 🐎 that's the way i'm going ... O Besos ride or die 🐎
  11. if it holds, this plays right into RYW's hands ... tack on the extra distance, and we're gonna see some darlings backing up come that last gasp furlong
  12. howdy, all 🀠 i know MoCS spent a majority of his time on these boards interacting with a great deal of those of you who usually populate these music threads (movies, as well). today is Kentucky Derby Day, and he sure did love all the pageantry of this first Saturday in May ... he lived a hop away from Churchill Downs, told me he could see the starting gate from his roof. "My Old Kentucky Home" is played during the post parade prior to the Derby being run - it's one of the most beautifully melancholic tunes one could hear - and when played in that setting, well ... it defini
  13. looking at a couple here that i consider to be live closers, and who aren't getting much attention - but have won spots on my tix: keep going back to that BC Juvey,and Keepmeinmind with the late charge on EQ & HRC. obviously a very key race, as the top 2 moved forward to huge final prep wins. he returned to take his next out, the KJGC, with a crisp last to first rally in the stretch. made his '21 debut in the Rebel, which was a demolition derby coming home ... 6th for that one, and then a lethargic 5th in the Blue Grass ... nothing in the stretch to speak of (no urgi
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