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  1. Maybe they wanted a safety and OT in the second round all along, and perfectly disguised it by making the world believe they wanted a RB. Maybe Chris Grier is the Kaiser Souse of NFL GMs.
  2. Love to see this, especially from Cosell... “I’m not going to compare him to Chase Young. He’s in a class of his own. But of all the edge rushers I’ve watched, all the ones considered the top guys, I liked his tape the most, his traits the most." - Greg Cosell on Jaelen Phillips (Miami Herald)
  3. I am pretty sure that when they drafted Austin Jackson they knew he was a project. Then he didnt get to have a preseason, or much of an offseason. I'd pump the brakes on jumping to the conclusion that he was a bad pick.
  4. Some good insight pulled from twitter regarding our RB situation. I love what I see in the first one and agree completely with the second one: Travis Wingfield @WingfieldNFL Gaskin averaged 97.2 YFS/game last year, 11th in the NFL. Every Tuesday (player day off) he was out there getting extra work. Coaches love his work ethic, praised the strides he made in 2020. Jerome Baker told us: anyone who’s been around Myles isn’t surprised by his production Kyle Crabbs @GrindingTheTape Normalize embracing that you can upgrade the running game by infusing two 4.3 WRs to lift the extra safety out of the box and better blockers into the offense just like you can upgrade by adding a new running back.
  5. I only know what I have read on here and a few other spots, but I thought Moering was the premiere safety in this draft. How we feeling about Holland?
  6. I would not be devastated with Smith or Waddle at 6, but to me if Chase and Pitts are gone, you take Sewell there and address the WR spot with the 18 or 36. We have 3 quality starting WRs, and a well-below average OL. Chase is the one WR I would take at 6 personally. The others guys will probably be great pros, but give me the generational OT who looks to me like as close to a cant miss as there is. It isnt as exciting, but the entire offense starts at the OL. 1/2 extra second in the pocket or a hole 2 inches wider to run through could be the difference in a 50 yard TD or no gain.
  7. Surprisingly, per that article the trade value chart indicates that 18/50 should just about do it. For that price, if there is someone at 9 that they truly covet the move may make sense. However, if I am Denver I am not doing that.
  8. This article brings up the possibility of us trading UP from 18 to 9. Interesting. 2 of the top 10 picks would be so much fun! Chase/Slater? Sewell/Smith (Waddle)? https://www.thephinsider.com/2021/4/24/22401377/2021-nfl-draft-rumors-dolphins-looking-to-trade-for-second-top-ten-pick
  9. Speaking Thursday, Broncos GM George Paton revealed he had spoken with Dolphins GM Chris Grier on Wednesday. We will try not to overstate this — it isn't exactly uncommon for GMs to be speaking this time of year — but Paton's admission comes amidst reports the Dolphins would like to trade back down from No. 6, while it would make sense for the quarterback-needy Broncos to move up from No. 9. Paton and Grier also worked together for six years in Miami, so they have a longtime relationship. This is one trade with a real chance of happening between now and next Thursday's first round. SOURCE: Zac Stevens on Twitter Apr 22, 2021, 5:06 PM ET
  10. You feel that strongly about a guy who weighs 166 lbs? He was an amazing college player and probably will be a great pro, but that weight is scary. He even looks easy to break. I cannot put him ahead of Chase, for that reason alone. 166 is really small for a 6'1" dude.
  11. I guess the idea of us taking a QB at 6 should not be completely ruled out... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/23/will-dolphins-take-a-quarterback-at-no-6/
  12. If Pitts is there, I think thats an auto-pick. It would be for me. Chase is going to be awesome, and I would be so happy if we picked him - but I believe the OL is a bigger priority. I also think we can get a great WR at 18 or possibly even with one of the 2nds. In a nutshell, I will be very happy with any of Pitts, Chase, or Sewell. I would not be disappointed with a trade down for the right price either. I think the talent is deep in this draft in positions we are coveting, and more picks is great. I am actually really excited about where Grier has put us. Aside from over-drafting a guy like Parsons or Slater at 6, I dont feel like I will be unhappy on draft day this year.
  13. This is a phenomenal analysis - thank you for sharing it. I am still reading through it, but this paragraph leads me to believe that Sewell is the player they should be coveting at 6. If he is gone, I feel like a trade down to a spot where they feel Slater will still be there is the move. It really all starts on the OL, and after reading this analysis, I feel less confident than I did before... "While Miami has not been flush with talent at running back or wide receiver, their real offensive issues all circle back to their offensive line performance. Miami ranked 27th in ESPN’s Pass Block Win Rate (51%) and 23rd in their Run Block Win Rate (69%) metrics. Per Pro Football Focus, Miami collectively graded out 21st in pass blocking and 30th in run blocking."
  14. How would you feel about Sewell? To me, its the least exciting pick, but arguably the smartest pick - if he is not gone at 5.
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