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  1. Not sure it changed that much. This seems like more of a salary dump - like when Cleveland traded for Osweiler. This article sums up my opinion perfectly. https://www.si.com/nfl/dolphins/news/miami-dolphins-and-how-the-matthew-stafford-will-impact-them?fbclid=IwAR1t2H-wCHZltyYz2KZLMR92F7vaCnldbabkCyzSXUkV70Glz20mvpYdEPQ
  2. Thanks, Bro! Havent really posted all that much this season - got knee deep into politics for the first time ever, and subsequently didnt place in any of my leagues. Certainly didnt contribute much value to this forum this season but I appreciate the shout out and will be back in full force next season!
  3. Where there is smoke...there is probably Martavis.
  4. Best case scenario for MB and those who own shares of him in FFB. Would immediately become worth the 1.5 pick(ish) if it happened.
  5. "ESPN's Dan Graziano reports the Steelers have been "quietly listening to offers" for Martavis Bryant. Bryant tried to force a trade at the deadline last season, but the Steelers had no interest in moving him. With Bryant entering the final year of his deal, perhaps Pittsburgh would be more willing to trade him now, but he is still a dangerous weapon for a team with real Super Bowl aspirations. They probably need to be blown away to move him during the draft." So...where are the places that make the most sense? Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Indy, Buffalo all come to mind off the bat. A
  6. Huge bummer. Makes him droppable in redraft, and even maybe in Dynasty if you need the space. He is a huge risk to carry due to suspensions, and now he wont even see 5 targets a game. JuJu is 20. AB is the best in the game. This schmuck is now a WR3 on a run first team and he is under contract for another year.
  7. Yup. This guy may be lacking a bit in maturity, and with an immature person, I could see a slip up given the frustration he is experiencing. One slip, and his value becomes Justin Blackmon's value. Best move for both player and team may be to get something for him before this becomes an unmanageable situation. They still have Eli Rodgers, Justin Hunter, and DHB in case of emergency. I know none of those inspire fear in a defense, but MB hasn't inspired fear since 2015 either.
  8. Rotoworld blurb... Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Martavis Bryant is "not available via a trade." Tomlin said Bryant's comments on social media were "out of bounds," but added the receiver had "done a lot" to improve and is a "good guy to work with." The coach did say he will deal with the situation, so perhaps Bryant is looking at a suspension. On Tuesday, Bryant told ESPN's Josina Anderson he "want out, period" if the Steelers "don’t try to include me more." Despite Tomlin's comments, this saga may have a few more chapters.
  9. This is my guess. They have been doing just fine without him playing a role, why not reiterate their message to him and every other player present or future that you don't act that way if you want to wear a Steelers uniform on Sundays.
  10. They gave away Santonio Holmes for nothing a few years ago when he started to become a distraction.
  11. I will defer to you on the 4th and 1...although I personally give the ball to the best RB in football in that situation 10 out of 10 times. Its not like it was a choice between Isaiah Crowell and Terrell Watson. Bell is the best RB, if not the best offensive player in football. If you are going to give the ball back, and let the team back in the game on that play, don't let it be because you chose Terrell Watson over LeVeon Bell. I agree...the Bengals imploded. I didn't say they deserved to win.
  12. In his defense, they have not exactly been lighting the field on fire with offensive heroics this season. I watched the game yesterday and there were a few times when I was left wondering if a coach's 11 year old son was calling the plays. Running some guy I have never heard of on a critical 4th and 1 play late in the game when you have the best RB in football on your roster? What was that? If you wan to try that crap on 2nd and 1 in the first quarter, be my guest. In the 4th quarter, give the ball to your stud and don't overthink it. Then later they threw a low percentage pass to anothe
  13. That was a disappointing re-debut for sure. That offense is totally different at home. I didnt watch the game, but I wonder if the team and Ben were sending both Bell and MB a small message last week. Bell for turning down a ridiculous contract offer and skipping the offseason, and MB for obviously letting the team down last season. Bell's usage in particular was baffling. I know MB got 6 targets, including a couple deep ones but I have to believe coverage was rolled over to AB, and he was still getting all the love. I recognize that he caught all 11 of his targets, which does poke a hol
  14. Yup. By snagging gravity bongs, blunts, and dispensary-labeled vape pens.
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