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  1. I think the notion that Juju is a top 10 play and that Bryant is a low end WR2 this week is flawed. Houston's biggest vulnerability has been the deep ball, which happens to favor Bryant's skill set. As I said upthread, I think they are both excellent plays this week with tons of upside for both.
  2. Bryant has averaged 7 targets for the last month. Juju has been averaging nearly 7 as well. AB was averaging about 12 targets a game. I think it's relatively safe to assume Bryant and Juju are going to see a few of AB's targets each. So Bryant and Juju are both set up to see double digit targets against one of the worst secondaries in the league. They'll both see plenty of Kevin Johnson who is PFF's 119th rated CB. Last week, Bryant beat Stephon Gilmore (a top 20 CB) over the top a few times. This is a potential blow up spot for both Juju and Bryant.
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