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  1. In dynasty, almost anything goes. Not everything! That is reversable to me, and it’s rare that I would reverse anything. It’s too lobsided
  2. I am seriously considering him at 1.02 in my Superflex ppr /2ppr Te league. He is a stud
  3. 12 team ppr team a - 1.11 and jonnu smith team B - Waller
  4. You are correct. I have a very young team (burrows, Tua, Akers,dobbins, CD lamb). my TE are ok (gesiski, hurst and goedart) but I don’t have a stud. I have 1.01 and 1.02.
  5. I am in a 2 pts per catch league for TE, the rest is standard Superflex. I will be taking him at 1.02 with confidence.
  6. 12 team Superflex/TE premium Team a - jacobs team b - 1.08 and fuller
  7. I have considered that ( I have 1.01 and 1.02) but I fear going back too much would lose the player.
  8. I have 1.01 and 1.02. Getting 2 potential generational talents at those picks has me very excited.
  9. I play in a Superflex TE PREMIUM (2 pts per catch). I see him as 1.02 in this format and it’s not close.
  10. I hate that stuff as well. I wish dynasty owners would shop their guys around. At least put the player in your trade bait.
  11. 12 team ppr Superflex TE PREMIUM team A - golliday team B - drake and Gallup
  12. 12 team ppr, Superflex Te premium Team A - kelce, miles sanders Team B - 1.04, 2.03,gesicki Team B is last season champion
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