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  1. Got 6.5 in this morning. Hopefully I’m allowed to run the Miluakee Lakefront this year
  2. Chiefs O14.5 1st 1/2 points. I feel they’ll come out firing after a loss pretty scientific
  3. I just put up some shelving in the laundry room, along with a clothes rack thing, all perfectly aligned. Looks sharp. Nice 2” thick boards.
  4. Any of you guys running the Milwaukee Lakefront marathon this year? I’m tentatively planning on it. Website says all systems go as of now.
  5. I worked 12 hours last night , then ran 4 miles this morning. then drank like 5 beers.
  6. I might be mistaken but they’re actually named after a military regiment that was named after Black Hawk. Either way, I’m happy with they’re response.
  7. Yes but most likely not at their prices.
  8. Please rank as most likely to contribute fantasy wise this year. I have too much SP and need to possibly drop/trade a couple of these N Pearson C Mize B McKay F Whitley AJ Puk
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