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  1. No. Otherwise lenders wouldn't make these loans, which are often terrible. Would you give a random 18 year old $80,000 to spend however they like if the loan were bankruptible?
  2. This oughta go over like a fart in church, but here's my driving tip.........how about slow down a little? I've always caught hell for being a slow driver. I typically do 5-10 miles over the limit. But I'm not the fastest accelerator. Partly by choice (ain't trying to rag my car out), and partly by necessity (I drive beaters). Yes, of course, I try to be as courteous a slow poke as I can be, staying right and all. In town, I just don't understand the fascination people have with racing from stop light to stop light. I'm a moderate driver on the highway, but I'm not trying to d
  3. Especially since she is 8 miles away from work and has free Uber rides. Leasing or buying new/newish cars is not a great idea for a lot of people, but especially a young person in this situation. Cheap car just makes too much sense. It only needs to get her eight miles, and if it breaks down she's got a free ride that'll be there in 5 minutes.
  4. I lean mostly left, and don't agree with either of those things. Not totally against raising the minimum wage, but that should be a local decision. Not totally against some debt cancellation, but I'd prefer actually trying to fix the problem and prevent this from happening in the future. Dems need to be real careful about driving out moderates now that they don't have Trump to run against.
  5. It is kind of funny that a company called Robinhood is screwing the little guy
  6. I'm pretty indifferent either way. I have no idea what's right or wrong, and don't think it matters too much. I think it's very important to protect the rights and be kind to folks that identify as a gender that is different than the physical gender they were born with. However you identify, that's great, let's go have a cold beer. When it comes to college and HS sports? I can understand arguments against it. It doesn't seem fair. And then again, life isn't fair. If a young lady loses the AA Iowa state 100 meter hurdles to a young lady that was born with male parts, I can unde
  7. Putting in a $15 federal minimum wage and getting rid of the server minimum wage? In a Covid stimulus bill? Businesses fighting to survive and provide jobs already. Ugh. My business would be fine, but this is just stupid. Minority parties generally have a mid-term bounceback anyway, but crap like this is going to lead to a red tidal wave. We got stuck with the 80 year old dude because he's a moderate. And it worked. Now, he's gonna go ahead and alienate the moderates a week before he's even freaking inaugurated.
  8. Hard to afford the good stuff when you have clients that don't pay their bills.
  9. It's hard to get the context from that video, particularly how this all got started, but my initial thought was "why is a Congressman engaging with them at all and in this way?" Again, I wasn't there, and surely that's easy to say watching a video of it and not being there, but there's no upside in arguing with a mob of conspiracy theorists. But then again, I still fuss at my cat for jumping on the counter, which is about as effective as having a political discussion with a conspiracy theorist, so who am I to judge.
  10. I'm not sure he'll be able to do that. I think he was saying he can't see the communism in a private business making a decision like this.
  11. Those were great times, but there's really no going back, I'm afraid. McCain and Romney lost. The Trump/QAnon method just got 74 million votes. Lost by 7 million votes as an incumbent to an 80 YO that even Dems don't even like that much, but still, it's working pretty well.
  12. Not specific to Trump, but I think Phil Vischer's YouTube videos are pretty informative on the issue of Evangelicals and Politics. What is an Evangelical? Pretty informative journey/throughline from through William Jennings Bryan, the Scopes-Monkey Trial, Billy Graham, and Falwell. Why do White Christians Vote Republican, and Black Christians Vote Democrat? A pretty reasonable voice, I think, as one would expect from Bob the Tomato.
  13. I wonder how much that guy gets paid to hold Kirby Smart's belt.
  14. Really sucks that UNC finally makes it to a major bowl game, and they even get one of those SEC cupcakes, and they aren't going to be at full strength.
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