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  1. I've wanted to hold as long as possible. The plan was to cut him if he didn't do something today. I do appreciate the news coming out before our waivers went through at noon so I could go ahead and be done with this.
  2. Has there ever been a more brutal bye week for fantasy? Bills, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Steelers, Jaguars. Aside from being a head's up to anyone that didn't know this hit was coming, also curious what sort of shenanigans folks will have to pull just to to field a starting lineup. And I imagine it will make waivers very interesting. Next week, a lot of stashed players will have to be dropped just to field lineups.
  3. What if they go "Major League" and galvanize around their hatred of their terrible coach. I think you can find odds somewhere around +3000 to +5000 on them winning the AFC South, and there's not even a mediocre team in the division.
  4. I'm rooting for you Chargers. Dominant so far. But man, this feels like it's setting up for a gut-wrenching Charger loss in the making.
  5. So, he was the darling of the preseason, broke out in Week 1, then Week 2 went exactly as predicted with the Pats taking away Wilson's favorite target and making life hell. Kinda feels like the fantasy world is throwing in the towel here for some reason. 10 days ago, people thought he was a breakout WR2. Not a great match-up this week, but this feels like a great buy low on a player that's probably really attainable.
  6. This is the Sammy D show today. It's best for everybody else to just sit back and watch.
  7. So, he peeled out to go move her body? Or these You Tubers have good editing skills and just grew their channel?
  8. The UNC/UVA game was so awesome. Mind you, UNC hasn't beaten UVA in football or basketball (men's) since Barack Obama was President. And UVA has been a thorn in the side long before that. UNC goes up 24-7 early. Howell chucking bombs all over the field. His first quarter was something silly like 5 throws, 4 completions, 3 TD's and about 200 yards. Josh Downs doing a Tyreek Hill impersonations. Dyami Brown's little brother catching 75 yard TD. Then of course UVA catches momentum with their stupid gimmicky offense and the unibrow ginger QB. They end up leading 28-24 at half. Every UNC fan in the world feeling like they've seen this horrible movie before. But nah. Came out in the second half running Ty Chandler down their throats and dominated that disgusting, pathetic team/program/school.
  9. Haha, it is intense in there. I have Gordon, Javonte, and Ty'Son, but almost certainly going with one of the Broncos. Who knows, they're all question marks, but all three figure to get about 50% of their team's action, and the JAX match-up just seems like too much to pass up. Gordon feels a little safer, but I just get this feeling they're going to get up by 20 early and let Javonte finish them off.
  10. I really want to start him this week. I have Gordon too, and almost certainly one of them is going in my flex. One of them is going bonkers this week, maybe both. I just have a feeling it's going to be Javonte. Either way, he got 15 touches in his first game. If he does that against JAX, it's likely to be a solid flex play, at minimum. It just seems like they're going to destroy the Jags, so I could see the team getting Javonte a few more reps to salt the game away, and to get him going. Fangio has two very talented RBs that they need to be very productive all year, especially with Jeudy out. This seems like a great chance to give the rookie a boost and get both players excited about the season long timeshare. But I think we might be looking at a 2TD each sort of game. Reasonable people would start both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, and I think the Broncos RB's enter that conversation this week.
  11. I don't really have a problem with NY doing it's thing, but this is me too. Largely because I prefer to buy cars that are about 15 years old. The really old used electric inventory will probably never be big enough for it to make sense to me in my lifetime.
  12. I think it makes a bunch of sense to swing for the fences with the FAAB early in the season. I generally plan to have it all spent by week 6 or so. Really just wanted to say Mitchell is one of the more fascinating/perplexing FA bids I've seen in a while. Anything from 5-80% makes perfect sense. Being in SF both helps and hurts. Sermon's inactivity of course adding to the mystery. I'm at 20% right now (with Sermon on the roster). I'm sure that won't do it though. I think he's going for 50% plus in most leagues. More, really. People generally either think he's worth 10 or 60+. I can understand either approach.
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