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  1. Thank you guys for the ammoseek site rec. It would have been hard to imagine a couple years ago being so excited to find .22 for 12 cents a round and 9MM for 45 cents.
  2. Speaking of gunbrokers, I've only recently discovered this. Have you guys had good experiences with them? Is it like eBay where as long as you buy from sellers with a good long track record, you'll be fine?
  3. Paid $30 last week, but I just went with the closest and didn't check any prices. Are individual/home FFL dealers common?
  4. I found a Taurus TX22, and put about 300 rounds through it yesterday. Seems to be a really awesome gun so far. Since I can't be picky with ammo these days, I mainly wanted it because the reviews make it sound like the rare .22 semi-auto pistol that will chew through any ammo. Seems to be the case so far. 3 different types of "cheap" ammo and not a single issue. I like my Walther P22, but the TX22 seems better in most every way. 16 round mags, awesome trigger, and easy takedown.
  5. I vote for keeping the RAV4 and just renting something twice a year. Seems much cheaper. Or hold off long enough until we're not the midst of a vehicle shortage.
  6. Obamacare wasn't the sort of change I'm talking about as it was just an adjustment to the previous system. I agree it was flawed. It was a half measure. We can look at other industrialized countries that spend less and have a healthier population to see what the full measure looks like. A system based on private insurance and mostly employer provided insurance pretty clearly does not work. But it's not changing any time soon. We're going to continue to do what we've always done and wonder why it's not getting better.
  7. Yeah, this is what I don't get. The US spends more on healthcare per person than all other countries. By a huge margin. And our results from spending all this money are bad by pretty much any measure. People seem to get really worked up at the thought about trying something different, but it doesn't make sense. How do we not try something else because there is no way to make an argument that the current system is working. And we are failing so badly that small changes don't make any sense.
  8. It's an issue in many places. I live in a blue state (VA, though just recently), and in a city of 80,000 people. To what sparked this, I am a man who's never needed to consider an abortion, so I, too, assumed it was "accessible". I only recently learned the closest place to get one is about an hour away. And you have to make 2 trips. For some people, no big deal. But for others, it makes it nearly impossible. Our city has a lot of people that don't drive and a lot issues with poverty and teenage pregnancy. For a teenage girl where nobody in the family has a car, and no ability
  9. It's a kid's show where, apparently, they sing and dance. It will be hosted by men that like to dress like women. I'm not sure what harm would come to a child that watches a kid's show hosted by a man that wears clothes and make up that are traditionally worn by women. There are a lot of things that I don't think you kids should be exposed too. Little girls dancing around for a crowd in their underwear, for example, which is highly accepted in this country (often by the same folk that would find this kid's show inappropriate). And even if there were some grave long-term damage to c
  10. I don't really see the problem. Kids seem to like shows with singing and dancing, which is what this appears to be. The Drag Queen story hour thing looks like something kids enjoy. It seems like a pretty run of the mill kids show, just hosted by drag queens. And drag queens do have a performative, engaging energy well suited for a kid's show.
  11. I see this at the restaurant, and it's a beautiful thing. I think the 5% part is probably a key factor. We are a lot more than who we voted for, and that seems forgotten these days. Easy to remember when it's people you know, but not so in other arenas. And, on the flip side, surely that makes it a forum devoted to just politics very likely to lend to unproductive snarkiness. Doesn't have to, but that would be natural tendency, I think. And I do feel like I remember this board leaning right about 10 years ago or so, but I could be wrong. I'm getting old.
  12. You are correct on that and as far as I can tell no one is disputing that all. The disagreement seems to lie in your assertion that the Democratic party before 1960 was leftist and/or liberal. The Democratic party went through a major change, as happens with political parties. So oddly, what seems to be a major tangent in this thread is somehow completely on point (Parties fracturing and changing).
  13. I typically roll with Sam's brand paper towels, but during the shortages over the last year or so, sometimes all they had was Bounty. I had never used Bounty before, but I must say that's a very weird, irritating paper towel. It's too nice to be a paper towel. They are so thick they are hard to break off, and it's just weird to throw away such a thick disposable. And I've always loved cheap TP. The cheap stuff has a nice little grit to it that I find handy at times. I can barely get a grip on that that super soft stuff. On both ends.
  14. I dig all of this, but in lieu of the box cutters, I prefer a pocket knife. I have to break down a lot of boxes for the business, so it's worth always carrying one on my person.
  15. You make some good points, and while I don't know exactly what to make of this issue, it doesn't seem like the right thing to me. I think there's a productive discussion to be had here without the rhetoric though. The "Biden is a racist targeting black people" thing seems overboard. I think there's certainly an argument that this is patronizing or condescending. I think Biden is listening to health care leaders and leaders of groups that have long wanted to curtail the the damage that cigarettes/menthols have had on the black community. Like many things in life, I think he's trying
  16. Yeah, that's a tough spot. As others have said, this should make you more eager to sell this place (long distance family co-owned rentals are just asking for trouble), but that makes the situation a lot more delicate. I'd make sure your desires are clear, but assuming nobody in the family is a complete degenerate, I wouldn't make a big deal about it right now either. It sounds like an emotional time for your Dad with this mobile home, so he'll likely need some time to come around. At the the end of the day, this is about a $20K asset for you, and certainly not worth any family dram
  17. Totally a comment from the peanut gallery, as I really don't know what you guys are specifically talking about, but it sounded like Sands was talking about contribution limits, and you might be talking about income limits on who can contribute. Traditional and Roth IRA's both have the same contribution limits (6K for younger folk) even though they have different income limits on who can contribute (without getting into backdoor stuff).
  18. On the taxes and placement of dividend focused stocks, I've been really torn on that. I don't love the idea of incurring a tax bill, but here's my thinking in focusing them in a taxable account.....I use my tax protected accounts (Roth/HSA) for investments that are likely to have more capital appreciation (range of index funds). For the dividend payers in the taxable account....so far, it's stocks that are not likely to have huge price growth (stuff like AT&T, Pfizer, Coke, grocery chains, some financials, etc). These are also assets that I'm more likely to sell in the intermed
  19. I got a very late start on getting serious about investing for retirement (didn't open an IRA until mid-2019 right before I turned 40), but I'm proud to say that even with a 4-month closure of my restaurant, 2020 just became the first year that I maxed out both my Roth and HSA. And the 2021 contributions have been running automatic to hit the max while playing 2020 catch up. On investing, I saw some mention of bonds. I'm obviously a very new investor, but to this point, I haven't seen a scenario where it makes sense for me to own any bonds. In fact, I was wondering what you guys tho
  20. Yeah it works fine. Mine's going on 4 years now in a similar setup. It's done fine but if the humidity takes it out I'll just get another one. I think it was $130 TV. I did have to replace the Roku but that was probably just because it was an old Roku 2.
  21. No. Otherwise lenders wouldn't make these loans, which are often terrible. Would you give a random 18 year old $80,000 to spend however they like if the loan were bankruptible?
  22. This oughta go over like a fart in church, but here's my driving tip.........how about slow down a little? I've always caught hell for being a slow driver. I typically do 5-10 miles over the limit. But I'm not the fastest accelerator. Partly by choice (ain't trying to rag my car out), and partly by necessity (I drive beaters). Yes, of course, I try to be as courteous a slow poke as I can be, staying right and all. In town, I just don't understand the fascination people have with racing from stop light to stop light. I'm a moderate driver on the highway, but I'm not trying to d
  23. Especially since she is 8 miles away from work and has free Uber rides. Leasing or buying new/newish cars is not a great idea for a lot of people, but especially a young person in this situation. Cheap car just makes too much sense. It only needs to get her eight miles, and if it breaks down she's got a free ride that'll be there in 5 minutes.
  24. I lean mostly left, and don't agree with either of those things. Not totally against raising the minimum wage, but that should be a local decision. Not totally against some debt cancellation, but I'd prefer actually trying to fix the problem and prevent this from happening in the future. Dems need to be real careful about driving out moderates now that they don't have Trump to run against.
  25. It is kind of funny that a company called Robinhood is screwing the little guy
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