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  1. Tom Brady has made over $260 million in salary over his career and countless millions in endorsements and side businesses. And he isn’t even the bread winner in his family. If you are advising Smith to retire, what about TB12?
  2. From what I am hearing and observing, Plan A for QB is Jimmy G. If they don’t end up with him, Plan B sounds like trading up in the draft to take one. It doesn’t sound like they have any interest in any of the current free agent QBs. If they end up with Garoppolo, maybe they would take a Day 2 or Day 3 developmental QB. To me, it depends on how they end up with Jimmy G. If they trade real assets and have to pay him $25M a year, then I wouldn’t love the move. If the Niners end up with Bridgewater or move up in the draft and take one of the primary QBs and cut Jimmy G, I guess I could live
  3. Time Lord certainly has his limitations. He’s really only useful near the basket and has plenty of room for improvement in his perimeter defense. But in the paint on offense or defense he’s fine. I watched the game last night and the Clippers were far more concerned with the other scorers on the C’s that Williams didn’t draw a lot of coverage and did not have a body on him very often. He ended up with with a line of 13-8-4 with 3 blocks in 22 minutes. Sure, playing a lot more minutes would probably see a decrease in his rate of production, but even being less talented he seems to put up simila
  4. Can some one educate me on the value of PER (Player Efficiency Rating)? Is it considered a legit metric for comparison these days? The reason I ask, the #8 ranked player in PER in the NBA is none other than . . . Robert Williams of the Celtics. To give people an idea in terms of the rarified air he's breathing in, the players ranked just after him are named Curry, Beal, Harden, and James. His teammates Tatum, Brown, and Kemba rank 40, 26, and 77. Is that stat just an outlier and Williams' production is really just a mirage? If not, why isn't he playing more than 15-16 minutes a game? When
  5. I don't have much to add . . . I like a bunch of Taylor songs and she is what she is (uber popular and pretty talented). But she can't really sing all that well. I know people in the music biz and they say her voice is HEAVILY processed and autotuned. People have posted her singing without autotune on YouTube before and it gets taken down in a heartbeat . . . way out of tune, even cringeworthy at times. That doesn't change that she writes catchy songs and many people love her.
  6. THIS article suggests that Tiger could return to competitive golf after a yearlong recovery.
  7. That’s what the players say. We’ll see what the team says. Not sure they will all be back at their current salaries and cap hits.
  8. I forgot they added Gaffney mid season in 2006. Regardless, they added three productive receivers in one offseason. Theoretically they could sign a legit free agent, trade for a veteran, and draft someone early. They likely won’t do that, but they could. From what I have heard, the two TE’s they drafted last year likely aren’t going to amount to much. Asiasi apparently didn’t get what they were trying to get him to do in practice all season. Keene seems to have some utility doing a variety of things but seems to be a rotational guy that won’t catch a lot of passes. But they are young and m
  9. NE had worse receivers in 2006 and went out and added Moss, Welker, Stallworth, and Gaffney. They have been able to address needs in the past. That being said, they had Brady entering his prime then, competent WR are way more expensive now, and the chances of transforming the offense to record setting levels again are zero. But they obviously will attempt to do something to bring in receiving help. Not having a QB certainly won’t help wow any free agents (unless they acquire one soon). They will likely have to overpay to get a legitimate WR1.
  10. I've been hearing for years now that teams win with an elite QB and you really can't win without one. It sounds like what you are suggesting is that the coach and organization seem to be more important to a team's success than the QB. That being said, since 1992, the Super Bowl has been won by teams with a current or very likely future HOF QB in 25 of those 29 years (the exceptions being Foles, Flacco, Dilfer, and Brad Johnson). Obviously the secret formula is having a great QB, great coach, and great organization (and teams falling short in one of those areas may make the playoffs but probabl
  11. In general, with jobs on the line and pressure to win immediately, coaches and QBs rarely get the chance to build something sustainable. I am not convinced that quarterbacks drafted in the Top 5 or 10 picks are THAT much better picks than QBs drafted later than that. So teams that have talent (but might bot win a ton of games) could still be in position to get a decent QB in the middle of the first round (or develop someone as a Day 2 pick. On Opening Day last year, there were 11 starting QBs that were not first round picks (four 2nds, a 3rd, two 4ths, three 6ths, and a 7th). The other co
  12. OT Ryan Ramczyk NOS . . . only because he's started 63 of 64 games. Mahomes sat his first 15 games in the league and has played in 46 games by comparison.
  13. I guess my question would be are teams that trade for QBs any more likely to win than teams that drafted an early round QB? Most QB trades are either guys that didn't work out or players that were mostly unproven backups and traded to another team. IMO, trading for an established top level QB could be a lose - lose for both teams, The team with the QB will have to eat a huge salary cap hit. And the team acquiring the QB might have to mortgage their future in draft picks and/or players.
  14. The Jets are to QB what the Patriots are to WR. Since the Jets drafted Joe Namath, their first round picks have been so-so . . . 1976 - Pick 6 - Richard Todd - 48-59-1 and 2-2 in the post season 1983 - Pick 24 - Ken O'Brien - 50-59-1 and 0-2 in the post season 1984 - Pick 10 (Supplemental) - Ken Hobart (Never played in NFL) 2000 - Pick 18 - Chad Pennington - 44-37 and 2-4 in the post season 2009 - Pick 5 - Mark Sanchez - 37-36 and 4-2 in the post season 2018 - Pick 3 - Sam Darnold - 13-25 Pennington was decent and they had a couple of teams with good defense with Sanchez. W
  15. Was there a SB winning team that traded for their QB? I can't think of one. I don't really count Eli Manning or John Elway, as both were traded before ever playing a game. The Packers traded for Brett Favre, but he had yet to start an NFL game.
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