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  1. As I explained, we were at UF a year or two ago and in Gainesville and they might as well changed the name to Tebowville. I am sure the rest of the state is not as infatuated, but there he was still an immortal.
  2. No offense, GB, but it's the media and football fans that are making the Tebow situation way more of a thing than it really is. I lived the Tebow-mania experience in NE. There was very little chance he made the roster. As I said, the Pats gave him nothing financially for a tryout. It was a media circus, but the media doesn't make roster decisions. Some felt that BB was doing Meyer and Tebow a favor by trying to create some buzz and potential interest from another franchise to bring in Tebow for a look, as all involved already knew he was never going to make the NE roster. Meyer isn't sayi
  3. Before we all get carried away, Tebow is far from a lock to make the final roster and no one has suggested he will be their regular starter. I don't believe he's officially signed yet, but I am guessing his contract will be for the league minimum with little or no signing bonus or guaranteed money. Essentially, he will be brought in for a tryout with very little risk or financial obligation from the team. Maybe he makes it through camp and ends up on the 53-man roster, but I doubt he will a) cost much, b) make the regular season roster, or c) be their starting TE. At this point he is famous fo
  4. I'm in NE. They haven't stopped talking about Tebow this week. When the Pats brought him into training camp 8 years ago, they had so many media requests they couldn't fit everyone in their media room and had to move press conferences outside. More recently, we have been to Florida many times (our son almost went to UF). There was Tebow stuff everywhere still and the locals kept talking about him playing football (when he was playing baseball at the time). So yeah, there is a ton of interest in Tebow still. The fact that we are talking about a guy that will be 34 years old to start th
  5. Yeah, I get that . . . but his YPC was more than double what he produced in his first two seasons. The point being, when he was on the field, Michel was very productive. When he ran or caught the ball last year, he was very productive. He missed time due to injury and COVID (which maybe we can put on him). But when he played, he played very well. IIRC, Michel missed qualifying to rank in the YPC leaders by 1 rushing attempt. The only RB that would have had a higher YPC last year was Dobbins. I get it that over the course of his career Michel hasn't been the back that people were expecting
  6. I still think Michel's spot is safe and secure. I have seen some beat guys list him as a semi-lock (meaning if he looked bad / injured and Stevenson came in and lit things up in camp then there would have to be more thought involved in keeping Michel). But historically, most rookie running backs barely saw the field in the BB era (although Michel, Maroney, and Redmond did). All the Day 2 and Day 3 picks saw limited action . . . Player, Year, Carries, Receptions: Sony Michael (2018) 209 + 7 = 216 Laurence Maroney (2006) 175 + 22 = 197 JR Redmond (2000) 125 + 20 = 145 Stevan
  7. IMO, the Tebow thing is to build local buzz and interest in a team that really hasn't had much of that recently. Floridians will be interested to keep up with Tebow, and he brings a media circus with him wherever he goes. I'm not sure I see a leadership angle, as I am guessing the other players will all openly question why on earth is he there and what did he do to merit a roster spot. But if he sells some jerseys, puts a few fannies in the seats, and gets daily coverage for the team then it would be a win for the Jags.
  8. As another former FBG Staffer, I can't get all over Heath too much. But the Bears have only had two QB throw for 3,800 yards in a season in their 100 year history. Erik Kramer holds the record at 3,838. Granted, that was in a 16 game season, so extrapolated that would work out to 4,077 over 17 games (whether Fields plays all 17 games is yet to be seen). Similarly, they've only had 6 instances where a QB threw 24 passing TDs in a season. Getting to 4,400 passing yards would mean an extra 500 yards above what Trubisky and Foles produced last year. I guess it's possible, but IMO that seems hig
  9. Maybe, maybe not . . . Folk has been a very reliable and dependable kicking option. He's made 89% of his FG attempts since coming to NE (93% last year). He ranked 8th in FG% in 2020. They guaranteed him $1.2M this year already . . . I doubt they will just eat that. It will only cost them an additional $400K to stick with Folk for this season. Maybe they will sign Nordin longer term and leave him on the practice squad as an option for next year (or as insurance if Folk got hurt). But I think most likely Folk is the guy for this year.
  10. Saw this one today which is at first a shocking statistic. In the free agency era (starting in 1994), all the QBs drafted in the sixth round have a higher winning percentage than all the QBs drafted in the first round.
  11. NE finally signed an UDFA (a kicker). Jason McCourty signing with MIA. And the one I find hard to believe, Curran and someone similar both say don’t rule out Stidham starting and he should be considered a dark horse candidate. But he is in the mix (allegedly).
  12. By comparison, the 5th QB selected has been feast or famine . . . not many guys in the middle. 2021 1 15 15 Mac Jones Patriots Alabama 2020 2 21 53 Jalen Hurts Eagles Oklahoma 2019 3 36 100 Will Grier Panthers West Virginia 2018 1 32 32 Lamar Jackson Ravens Louisville 2017 3 23 87 Davis Webb Giants California 2016 3 29 91 Jacoby Brissett Patriots North Carolina State 2015 4 4 103 Bryce Petty Jets Baylor 2014 2 30 62 Jimmy Garoppolo Patriots Eastern Illinois 2013 4 13 110 Ryan Nassib Giants Syracuse 2012 2 25 57 Brock Osweiler Broncos Arizona State 2011 2 3 35 Andy Dalton Bengals
  13. I'm not totally convinced Hightower will end up on the roster. He's been injured a lot, is 31, and hasn't played for a year. He strikes me as the type that might think better of it and retire out of the blue the first week of training camp. If not, he carries almost a $12.5 million cap hit and they could save $10 million against the cap no matter how they move on from him. If he comes back slower and out of shape, I can easily see management saying thanks but no thanks. I'm not suggesting any of this is likely to happen . . . only that I would not be surprised if it did.
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