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  1. I wasn't the highest ranker on this one . . . but it did end up ranking higher than I would have imagined. Like many people, I was extremely disappointed when this song was released as the lead single from NLOTH after a 5 years wait since HTDAAB. I believe I even used the phrase "torches and pitchforks" and wanting to storm the castle of the record company for letting them release it. I hadn't heard it in forever (probably a good thing), and when I listened to it again after many years it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. I liked the intro riff and bass line. To be fair, I was high on peyote getting serviced by a pair of escorts at a brothel outside of Vegas at the time I compiled my list, so that may have had something to do with it. Ultimately, in retrospect, I rated this one probably 100 spots too high. It happens.
  2. I like covers that make sense and are in a band's domain that fit their sound and ideology. Ones where they go rogue to a genre they don't fit well are a different story. I believe my bottom 10 songs include Pop Musik, Can't Help Falling In Love, I've Got You Under My Skin, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, and Ave Maria (with The Wanderer luring near there as well) . . . so clearly I am not a fan of all things covered. I don't so much care cover songs are different than the original, and go in a completely different direction but in this case I don't love Johnny Cash and I don't love what they did with the song. I would have much preferred they spent more time working on Bad II, One II, or Even Better Than The Real Thing II than reworking Johnny Cash numbers. But they didn't consult with me on their musical direction, nor did I have any creative control of their future catalog. Maybe if they did they, their career would have blossomed instead of them being some obscure band that most people have never heard of.
  3. Tatum 7 for 28 shooting. Time Lord 16 points, 10 boards, 3 assists, 3 steals, 5 blocks. Knicks up 4 with :22 to go.
  4. Celts Knicks game is highly entertaining. Boston was down 4 with 9 seconds to go and forced OT. Going to 2OT now.
  5. It's all good. We all like and dislike things differently. I believe I have 2 Bottom 10 songs and 96 of my Top 100 (and all of my Top 60) still out there. As for our earlier discussion, I have been listening to a lot of the "leftovers" today (songs not on the list of 228). While there aren't a ton of songs that would be considered near the top of their official catalog, there are way more songs that I enjoy more than the bottom songs on this list. I realize that likely won't mean much to everyone else as they haven't heard the songs . . . just pointing out that there are a lot more U2 songs than the ones that have been officially released on albums. I openly wonder why the band hasn't either released the recordings as is or reworked / recorded them for a new album. I could probably come up with 50 songs that I like better than the Bottom 50 on my list. I don't know if that is surprising or not. The surprising part probably is that I could come up with 50 other songs.
  6. Like I have been saying, different strokes. It will be interesting if we get to a point where you praise Bono for his singing on songs that I think his vocals actually bring the song down. To be fair, you really haven't praised Bono much so far, so based on the sample we have reviewed so far (roughly 1/3 of their catalog) the impression to this point (and explanation as to why you don't like a bunch of songs) is you haven't really liked Bono's singing. Obviously I can't comment on your commentary and feedback for songs that haven't been posted yet.
  7. I think comparing ratings these days vs. 20 years ago for anything doesn't make a ton of sense. All ratings are down for everything because there are so many things to watch, shows on demand, streaming, DVRs, etc. that the audience is fragmented for everything. For anything recorded and watched later, none of that factors into the ratings (it's like those people never watched it). Also, I know folks that watch games online and IIRC those viewers don't count toward the ratings either. There are also 10x as many TV channels plus other online channels / shows to choose from. Not really apples to apples. So comparing ratings before there was Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. to now will only show declining numbers. Same thing for radio. Comparing ratings and listeners when now we have satellite, music streaming services, people walking around with a ton of music on their phones, podcasts, etc. the number of listeners will be way down. Similarly, for recent movie releases, I have seen tons of articles indicating films have been major disappointments because they haven't brought in the same box office as films pre-pandemic. Well, a lot of people aren't going out to movies these days, where many theaters closed, and movies are going to streaming services very quickly. Essentially, it's no longer the same marketplace as "the old days." Playing some of the games on channels not everyone has is not going to help viewership. There are people I know that don't have / get FS1. That's way different than the old days when games were broadcast on regular network TV stations. Add in that some of the games are late afternoon games (or on at weird times) and they aren't really making access to the games as easy as they used to. Again, maybe they lost more eyeballs than other sports have. I haven't looked that closely into it. But from what I have heard, basketball rating were in the tank last year. Hard to really tell how hard it sports have been. Who knows, maybe with international viewers that didn't used to have access to games there total number of viewers is the same or more.
  8. Ultimately don’t owners make more money with longer games? More commercials, more concessions at the stadium, more souvenir sales, etc. Sure, it would be nice to not have to commit 4 hours to watch a game and go to bed after midnight. But that’s what playoff baseball has become. Not sure how you rule out 16 pitchers in a game. As for the strike zone last night, it’s only a talking point because BOS would have escaped the 9th without allowing a run had their been a called third strike. It wasn’t called and the flood gates opened. Sucks to be Boston, but there were literally 20+ missed strike zone calls last night (was discussed on Twitter). That’s a bad look for MLB. Pitchers and batters need to adjust and realize they may not get calls and plan accordingly.
  9. . . . And I was highest on this one. I find it more peppy, the performance is tight, and what you say is "not having chops" I feel is more Bono being more invested and emotional. It's got bass, drums, a beat, and is up tempo. That gets a song more than halfway there for me to like it. Again, I don't see anything wrong with the vocals and Bono doesn't go for his falsetto over singing in this one. It also fits the R+H sound / timeframe to a tee. With your penchant for shooting down Bono's singing, it's a wonder you like many of their songs at all. That's fine if you don't love Bono as a singer . . . but that's part of the indelible fabric of the band. IMO, it's hard to like any band if half the time you fell like the singer gets a thumbs down on his / her performance.
  10. I was lowest on this one. I could probably have a rubber stamp that says "Same mid-tempo template they've used for 20 years and nothing about this songs stands out to me" for many of their songs over the past 10-20 years. IMO, they got very formulaic. Not a lot of energy, not a lot of emotion, and to me it sounds like they are just going through the motions on this one.
  11. Another update for my wife’s company. For people that work in the field that interact with patients and clinical providers directly, they have axed those that were not vaccinated in two regions of the country. I don’t know if that is a shot across the bow for everyone else (I think they have 8 regions) or if they will immediately move on to other sections of the country. Where we live, those same work classifications have only been working remotely, so they have a later date to provide proof of vaccination. But overall, it looks like they have quit stalling and moving the goal posts and have begun thinning out the herd.
  12. I don't hate it, and compared to most of what they put out in the 2000's, I actually like it. Maybe it's a sell out. Maybe they are positioning themselves for some corporate dollars or sponsorships. But to me it has a pulse and a backbone . . . which I can't say about most of their other offerings the last few albums. Again, I care about the music first, the lyrics second, and the singing third. So I enjoy the edgier guitar / bass / drums compared to the other slow / mid-tempo / adult contemporary sound from the last several albums. Better stated, I think it's closer to their older sound / style and maybe it's me just wishing they were more the old U2 than the new U2 that got me to rank it so high.
  13. I was the one on the low end. I'm going to sound like a broken record soon, put Pop didn't click for me in the studio presentation. IMO, too much going on musically within most of the songs. Basically . . . it's too busy. I like the live recordings of the Pop songs more, when they tone down some of the synth and replace it with simpler rock elements (but again I only ranked the commercially available versions of songs). I give them props for trying something different, even if it didn't work for me. I look at Pop like I do the 90's Bond movies. Not my favorite, but their still part of the catalog and will watch / listen when they come on.
  14. Willie Nelson's voice to me is like nails on a chalk board. I struggle to get through that version. I like the version without him a little better, but to me it's still missing something. I have a live version from the 1992 tour that I really like. It's basically just Bono singing with an acoustic guitar. Basically stripping down a song that didn't have much else to begin with. I can't find it online to link to that version (or a similar performance). IIRC, I ranked the Willie Nelson version around 200. If I ranked the live version I like that no one can listen to, it would be a lot closer to 100.
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