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  1. D.Harris right guard to NE 29 for 4 yards (B.Hall). D.Harris right guard to NE 37 for 1 yard (Q.Williams). D.Harris right guard to NYJ 26 for 9 yards (Qu.Williams; A.Colbert). D.Harris up the middle to NYJ 24 for 2 yards (C.Mosley, J.Franklin-Myers). D.Harris up the middle to NYJ 33 for 2 yards (M.Maye). D.Harris left end to NE 40 for 2 yards (C.Mosley). D.Harris up the middle to NE 35 for 4 yards (B.Huff). D. Harris left guard 26 Yd Run (Nick Folk PAT failed) D.Harris right guard to NE 48 for -1 yards (S.Lawson). D.Harris left guard to NE 22 for 1 yard (C.Mosley). D.Harris left guard to NYJ 20 for 5 yards (J.Guidry). D.Harris right tackle to NYJ 22 for -2 yards (B.Hall). D.Harris right guard to NYJ 10 for 12 yards (M.Maye). D.Harris left tackle to NYJ 2 for 3 yards (C.Mosley, A.Colbert). D.Harris up the middle to NYJ 3 for -1 yards (D.Phillips). D.Harris left end to NYJ 8 for -5 yards (S.Lawson; Qu.Williams).
  2. Obviously it is hard to make long-term conclusions off of only two games. Last week it was the opposite. The Dolphins had DBs staying home at the LOS and any pitches or runs off tackle went nowhere. This week it was the line was clogged the OL didn't get much push and couldn't move guys around. The point being, BB, JMD, and Jones need to better identify where the defenders are and adjust plays accordingly. That is probably a tough ask for Jones to know all that, so the coaching staff needs to do better finding the best play calls for the defensive fronts they have been seeing.
  3. I tried watching some of the body cam footage from the traffic stop. But it was like an hour and twenty minutes long. Is that typical for an officer stop? I've never heard of an incident taking that long, even in a divide / interview / separate situation. In most cases, wouldn't they just go back to the police station to sort things out?
  4. He's not going to get more touches. He is a 15-16 touch back that so far hasn't really been active as a receiver. That's how BB uses him . . . when he got 10 more touches last week he was gassed, tapped out of the game, and fumbled the game away when he went back in. This really isn't news. NE has been doing the same thing rotating their backs and giving guys specific roles for 15 years. Stevenson will be back and contributing some soon enough, once he gets out of time out for being bad. One not great situation for Harris and something to monitor is he had a 35 yard run in Week 1 and a 26 yard run in Week 2. But in 37 other carries, he's only racked up 101 yards (2.7 ypc). The big runs are nice, but getting less than 3 yards a carry can be a drive killer. That's not all his fault . . . rookie QB, OL issues, conservative play calling, etc. all factor into that. But the strength of the offense was supposed to be the running game to set up play action. NE hasn't done very well in the red zone so far. They rank 31st in the league in TD conversion and already have 7 FG but only 3 offensive TD. Clearly the NE offense is a work in progress and will evolve as the season goes on. But they only rank 23rd in both offensive yardage and points scored. Factor in there are a lot of mouths to feed and at least for now not a lot of production to go around and it's easy to see most NE skilled position players having mediocre numbers to start the year. I expect the Pats offense to end up pretty middle of the road by the end of the year (say ranked 15-17th) . . . but for now they are still figuring things out.
  5. Only had 182 rushing yards, 6 catches, 55 receiving yards, and 3 TD this week.
  6. To recap, catches by Jets players thrown by Wilson 5, catches by Patriots players thrown by Wilson 4.
  7. It’s going to take Jones a few games to adjust to the talent drop off from Alabama to New England.
  8. Jones looks good running the two minute offense so far.
  9. Pretty sideline fade from Jones to Meyers. Harris back in.
  10. Pats pitch to White than reverse pass to Jones who then hit Smith for 19. Didn’t see it but they say Agholor was wide open for a TD.
  11. Jones not great decision almost picked at goal line but Jets offside.
  12. White nice screen catch and run for almost 30.
  13. Wilson pick #2. High fastball to Davis that went through his hands.
  14. Probably just shaken up. But no discussion about it on the broadcast.
  15. Wilson throws a deflected pick to give NE ball back. Harris rushing first down but then gave way to Taylor. NE can’t live on short passes as they aren’t going for anything.
  16. The good news for NE is Jones can get first downs. But they need so many first downs to score that you have to wonder how many times they can go without chunk plays to score points.
  17. No Onwenu at tackle. Has not practiced there all camp or this week. They want him at guard.
  18. IMO, NE will look at the Stevenson fumble and missed block as a direct cause to Harris' fumbling late in the game. If Stevenson was competent and did his job, he wouldn't have been benched and Harris wouldn't have be gassed with 25 touches. Harris still way higher on the Patriots RB pecking order than Stevenson. Way higher.
  19. Maybe he improved some, but Fears said this summer that last year there was no way they would have put him out there as a receiving option.
  20. Stevenson will always be limited as long as he plays for NE and BB is the head coach. Will never be a bell cow and will split the workload with several other backs. His value this year is based solely on the health of Harris. I don’t believe there is any way Stevenson is going to do so well that he replaces Harris. As mapped out earlier, way more goes into playing RB than just being the best runner.
  21. Based on what? NE offense should still be decent enough to not give up many D/ST points.
  22. - Smaller workload than Lewis - Less shifty than Lewis but more elusive than Burkhead - Not as good a receiver as Lewis or Burkhead - So probably more carries than targets - Burkhead usually got an entire drive to himself each half. I can see them trying that with JJ.
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