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  1. I saw that too...was really hoping Indy would be the play b/c they have the SNF game & I should have an idea how my team is doing by then & might not even need to pick up a D. Of course things never seem to work out that way though.
  2. Appreciate the feedback; this would only be a 1-week DEF play, so leaning Ravens
  3. Unless I can work out a trade, I'll need to drop T. Lance in my keeper league to pick up a Defense this week. Best available are: BAL v. CIN IND @ SF LV v PHI NYG v. CAR I loosely have them ranked as I listed above, but any Team Defense Guru's in here have any additional insight?
  4. Something must be up with their system. I just checked myself and they have Russell WIlson projected for 20.59pts too...so my guess is it's more Yahoo & less something you/ we missed
  5. Good point; thinking I could probably drop Tre Lance come Sunday morning instead with the hopes of picking him back up of waivers next week.
  6. In my short bench league he wasn’t even claimed off waivers. I’m currently rolling with the intimidating RB Duo of Miles Sanders & AJ Dillon…debating dropping either Tre Lance or Tre Sermon for him… does anyone close(er) to the situation have any insight into if he’s worth even a low end RB2 this week?
  7. Dang! I blew 20% of my FAAB on him the other week and am now dealing with the Byepocalypse and searching for someone to drop to add a DST... I really didn't want to drop Toney, but might be forced to if he goes on IR
  8. Chubb just ruled out this week... bumps up the FAAB amount for D'Ernest Johnson a bit; even if it's only a 1-week play.
  9. Safe to drop at this point or still worth holding?
  10. On his 1st or one of his 1st touches in week 1...been in the doghouse ever since. I drafted him late in my keeper league, but dropped him to make room for Toney... does Stevenson actually have some decent value for ROS? in my league personally, i'd need to drop Drake to pick him up. and while Drake has been essentially worthless, so has Stevenson
  11. Currently debating CIN @ DET or GB @ CHI....but that JAX analyses above has me contemplating them as well. Sitting at 1-4 in this league, so looking for any kind of advantage
  12. Wow, of all the possible Keepers/ Dynasty players that have been available the past couple seasons and Toney was his dart throw? Fwiw, I bid $44 of my $200 FAAB in my Keeper league (can only keep players 3yrs max) and there wasn't even anyone else bidding on him. I started at $13, raised to $30, then finally settled on $44 based on all I've seen/ read on his future outlook... a bit annoyed I overbid by $43, but still happy I got him...(glass 1/2 full i guess)
  13. Got AJ, Mike Williams, & Tee Higgins…leaning toward benching Higgins
  14. .5PPr: Pick 2: Tee Higgins v. GB AJ Brown @ JAC Mike Williams v. CLE Pick 1: Miles Sanders @ CAR Sermon @ ARI Moss @ KC Also, DST: TEN @ JAC DAL v. NYG
  15. might be the next man up, but Is he any good (honest question, I know nothing about him)?
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