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  1. THANK YOU for putting on this awesome contest and even more for the really cool bonus incentive! PM sent
  2. Similar boat... unfortunately I need to decide before tonight's game on whether I want to take a chance on Evans or roll Kupp out there. I hate TNF
  3. I don't suppose anyone has any insight into if he'll play Sunday, do they?
  4. True; but watch Big Ben go for like 400/4/0 tomorrow night, poop the bed next week and Goff/ Carr light it up in week 13. And for the record, I'm not upset at all. It's 2020 & weird stuff gonna happen. Just gotta take it in stride. Hell, I'm just happy to have made it this far. Good luck to everyone else still alive!
  5. well shoot... been busy with work all week; just catching up with non-work stuff now. Didn't even realize the BAL v PIT game wouldn't count toward week 12's point total. Stupid 2020!!!
  6. Any update on his status today? I know they're on bye next week, but non-contact, carted off the field injuries generally don't end well.
  7. Apparently I just needed to ask if he was alive and he’d respond to me in catch form.
  8. for some reason, it's not showing up on ESPN 🤔
  9. 1st time making it this far. I already feel like a winner Thanks for continuing to send the weekly updates for everyone, @TheWinz Good luck all!
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