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  1. We have a new owner in place. Thanks to all that showed interest.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an avid, active fantasy nut to replace an owner who had to leave our league. We are currently in our Off Season Free Agency phase and need someone to jump in quickly. Here are some highlights: 25 Man Rosters Salary Cap Contract Years Franchise, Transition, and Restricted Free Agents Open Bidding on Free Agents Annual Salary Increases Rookie Draft If you're interested respond below or PM me for more details. This is a free league. No league fees, also no prize money. We play for pride and the love of the game. The team has picks 1.01, 1
  3. Saw Cannibal Holocaust years ago after years of avoiding it because I didn't think it could live up to the hype. It was banned in several countries and the director was arrested because it was rumored that the deaths in the film were real. The actors in the film signed confidentiality agreements and the director allowed them to violate the agreement to prove they were alive. He had to show the court during the trial how the effects were done. A cult classic for sure! I saw They're Watching after reading the above post. I enjoyed the slow burn and character development. The ending wou
  4. Noroi: The Curse was great. The acting was top notch, you feel the fear in the film. The crazy aluminum foil psychic was extremely disturbing and well acted. He seemed like someone you could meet on the street. I am a Ghost is up next. Thanks for the tip on these films!
  5. Great stuff here. I watched The Conspiracy, Long Pigs and As Above, So Below the last three nights. All three very well done. As Above, So Below had me jump a few times. I can't believe that the actor who played the cannibal serial killer has only been in two other films. He was very natural on screen. I'm about to watch Noroi: The Curse. I'm not too familiar with Japanese horror, other than what I have read and seeing Hollywood remakes. I did like The Audition quite a lot.
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