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  1. Fade injury and suspension players (or holdouts...): Leveon, Ingram. Even in redraft, don’t worry about a player’s situation too much if you believe in the talent (Chubb behind Hyde, D.Pettis...). More often than not, they’ll get their chance. Roster good players on the end of your bench instead of a known RB3/WR3. Delay drafting QB. There’s always a QB to stream...I won my league with Fitzpatrick then Lamar Jackson. Most unreal trends will end up self-correcting: either the NFL teams will course correct and counter, or the excessive usage will result in injury. So enjoy the ride if you have a surging player, but prepare for the inevitable. Depth wins. Always cull the end of your roster adding upside players. in redraft, build for the playoff weeks. Watch matchups (once you get a few weeks in) and plan for injuries. DST is the easiest position to stream or luck into this year’s big thing. Get ready to cut bait on your drafted DST after you’ve seen which DEF is putting up points after a couple of weeks. Or DST stream against the offensive doormats or rookie QBs. Avoid the suck. I really miss that article, but still try to heed the advice: do your best to anticipate offenses that will surge, and those that will slump. Pick players that are the primary players on good offenses. You’ll misjudge a few, but if the bulk of your team is on good offenses, you’re going to have more success. Touchdowns win you games.
  2. Did the same and worried I’d pay for it...worked out ok for me and still won. Didn’t trust Foles, but should’ve trusted Ertz, esp with the record on the line and how HOU had been trashed by TEs. Samuels was the safer floor, and turned out to be. But, I stared at those 33 points since yesterday and wondered if I’d rue the decision.
  3. Was just thinking about this. Ware is a free agent after this year.
  4. What is Floyd's value in Dynasty? Is he cuttable there?
  5. Some good thoughts in this thread, and it's hard to speculate on the emotional aspect. However, it's clear he's frustrated, and according to interviews 'not having fun anymore.' We've seen tons of cases of young players exploding on the scene at an early age....money, NY press, Madden, TV spots. Suddenly a kid that wants to play football is being asked his opinion on things from his favorite pizza to world politics. I think it's alot to handle. As an owner of him in my leagues, I worried bigtime about the sudden massive fame. I don't see how it CAN'T affect him. My concern grows as he hasn't seemed to filter out the nonsense, exemplified by the CAR game at the end of 2015. It was worse than Cortland Finnegan getting into Andre Johnson. It was sadder b/c Cortland did that stuff because (at the time) I don't think his talent measured up to his ability to talk. The things that strike me as impacting his stats are simply splitting targets with (the very impressive) Sterling Shepherd and the returning Cruz (also impressive). He's also contending with guys like Norman and X.Rhodes week to week. (I believe the worst part of it is the (aggressive NY) press making it about ODB vs. Norman all week, instead of Giants vs. Washington.) Also, I'm no expert on play-calling or QB-ing, but Eli's handling of the McKadoo offense seem to have him dumping off or just throwing the ball into the dirt (esp vs. MIN). He must have thrown the ball down into the dirt 8 times. To me, this suggests HEY THE SCREEN GAME/SHORT PASSING GAME IS NOT WORKING. Talking heads suggested they were baited into that, and should have looked to do more medium crossing type routes in front of the safeties. Either way, Eli didn't seem comfortable and was not successful in running that offense. Hopefully he gets on speed dial with a S.Smiff Sr., some sort of generational player who also struggled with the media circus or just a professional mentor like L. Fitzgerald and learns how to tune it out. Take up meditation, stop talking to reporters, something. Otherwise, it wouldn't shock me to see him breakdown or walk away from the game.
  6. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article101822092.html Chiefs’ Spencer Ware misses practice because of sprained toe
  7. Also for what it's worth, it seemed the game plan was to attack OAK on the outside; and it worked pretty well. Josh Hill got banged up, and this week they have the NYG who had Witten with like 15 targets last week (yah, it was Dak, but still). With a possible 90-100 point over/under, I'm giving him another roll this week.
  8. 2015 game log, showing exactly that: http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/gamelog/_/id/5557/benjamin-watson
  9. Looks like an offer sheet's been signed. DEN has 5 days to match it or let him walk. What does this do to his value? Maybe that depends on what DEN gets at QB?
  10. Same guy as before.And if, for instance, we wanted to know who that guy is, his name would be......Rod Smith. http://www.dallascowboys.com/team/depth-chart
  11. Who's starting the new thread...Christine Michael: The Post Apocalyptic Years?
  12. Bump...any speculation or actual news about Lynch's abdomen injury?
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