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  1. Shark League 20 years strong--never won. Finally, through some great trades to desperate teams entered week 14 with this roster and feeling good: P. Mahomes, C. McCaffrey, M. Ingram, D. Adams, M. Thomas, T. Kelce, GB D/ST vs WAS.... Lost to the 8th place team. Everybody says "stick with your studs--they can overcome matchups", but this loss is move evidence to the contrary, with guys like Tannehill and Ridley on my bench. You are a fickle mistress fantasy football.
  2. Our longstanding snake draft league is changing to auction this year and I wonder what tools/specific prep others find useful. I was a huge DD Classic fan, but the app seems more robust for an auction with a bunch of other newbies. Beyond setting up tiers, creating a few budgets, what do others find to be the most helpful tools? Are you happy with the app? (Wish the app forums weren't closed...)
  3. Any preferred strategies for a first auction in a 25 year old snake draft league? Is there a way to convert a few years of snake draft history into AAVs? Everyone is already talking about how wallets will be empty and it will turn into a $1 snake draft after the 7th round, so my guess is that most of the league will tend to overspend early and often. Is that other's experience? If so, what's the best way to mine value if "early-round" players are more expensive than published AAVs?
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