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  1. I watched that video for the first time this year - don’t care if it was staged.
  2. That is pretty unbelievable - I'm very pro vaccine and have no issue with companies having mandates but that is ridiculous.
  3. Just made a Rittenhouse and Antica Manhattan - I was already drunk but this is delicious as always. I think I've said it before but if you only allowed me one cocktail for the rest of time it would be a Manhattan. Simple and delicious.
  4. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for 4 days of camping. Shouldn't be a big issue as where I'm going should have reception but just wanted to give whoever I play a heads up as I may not make moves consistently throughout the day.
  5. Atlanta fans are used to the teams blowing leads in creative and unusual ways. Tonight was pretty straightforward - better team made a big play and our reliever came up small. If that ball Pollock hits is two feet to the left it's probably a DP and inning over. Oh well.
  6. Pretty much - it's known that the Universe hates Atlanta. It's just a matter of when it happens. I'm numb to it nowadays.
  7. If you love baseball and are a neutral I imagine these first 3 games have been incredible. And I hate all of you.
  8. Remember - I told you guys Luke Jackson is a head case. I don't care what his ERA is. Dude can't take the pressure.
  9. I’ve never coached 3rd but if that truly goes in to his thinking then he needs to make sure Snitker knows that and doesn’t #### him. Having said that - he should have sent him no matter what. He was going to be easily safe and in fact, I don’t think Seager would have thrown it.
  10. Braves need every run they can get until the final out - no clue what Ron was thinking.
  11. Jesus Ron - why did you not send him and then we hit Morton.
  12. Down 15 pounds but starting NOW, I’m on vacation until Saturday night. Plan is to do a lot of hiking and walking so it will hopefully limit my damage.
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