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  1. Anybody have a good list of annual things you do at your house or have a link to one? I’ll Google too but looking to see if anybody has a recommendation.
  2. Watching United play the other top sides is a chore.
  3. I’m sure it’s in the thread somewhere but if you aren’t making your lime cordial yourself, do yourself a favor and do it.
  4. Ended up going with this lineup to go with the nacho bar: - Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita - Strawberry Margarita - Classic Margarita - Blue Margarita (with blue curaçao) The Pineapple Jalapeño was the clear winner/favorite.
  5. Excuse me stewardess but I speak jive. Put a dasher top on the bottle of whatever you intend to float. In this example red wine. Then take a spoon - I would personally use a bar spoon but I’m assuming it doesn’t matter or would specify. Hold the spoon close to the surface of the drink (not high up) and then squirt the wine on the back of the spoon so it basically dribbles off the spoon onto the liquid.
  6. Fanny I packed. @ned sister's potato salad
  7. Was reading David Wondrich’s fantastic book Imbibe during lunch today and read this part when discussing a wine float in a sour: “The claret, always a nice touch, is best applied with a dasher top, squirted lightly over the back of a spoon held at the meniscus of the drink. Failing that, careful pouring from a jigger (use about half an ounce) over said back of spoon will do.”
  8. I’m looking for some margarita recipes. Thinking one classic, one fruity and one with maybe jalapeño. I kind find a million online but curious if any of you have one you recommend.
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