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  1. While I understand your perspective, these devices have become an integral part of our family life at home. "Echo*, what's the news today?" "Echo, what's the weather today?" "Echo, what was the score of X game?" "Echo, set a remind to lay chicken out for dinner for 10am" "Echo, play Frank Sinatra station" "Echo, set a 10 minute timer" I use it pretty much all day, every day. *We had to change the name on our devices to Echo as I have a daughter named Alexis and it would constantly get confused.
  2. She’s smoking hot - that’s all I got.
  3. Yeah, not to burst anyone’s bubble but most people that say or think they need to lose 10 pounds really need to lose 30. I think when I lost before and got down to 158 that it sounded insane but it was probably a healthy weight.
  4. 197.0 Decent drop after a plateau but somewhat artificial as I haven’t eaten much the last two days (who knew not eating makes you lose weight!?!) Anyway - nothing to get too super geeked about as my wife bought a new fancy scale that tracks a bunch of stuff. BMI - 29.2 (Overweight) Body Fat - 26.2% Muscle Mass - 138 lbs Fat free body weight - 145.4 lbs. Subcutaneous Fat - 22.9% Visceral fat - 11 So, basically I’m still Fatty McFatterson
  5. That sometimes happens with age - nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re in the trust tree.
  6. 3 days in a row below 200. Very slow but somewhat steady progress. Took the pooch to the local state park and walked partially around the lake. Was nice to get out.
  7. I’d consider that - can’t find the 12 for that anywhere around here though. I’d never pay that for the Full Proof - mainly because of the lower end part of the line I’ve had, I just don’t think it’s that great. Special Reserve is just OK and OWA is just good. The whole line and the cost is just ridiculous. Too many other good things to buy. We (my buddy and I) have talked about a road trip to Ohio and see if we could stock up at MSRP.
  8. There’s a bunch of store picks locally that many are touting as 14 to 16 year old picks - around $100. I’m tempted to get one based on how much I like the non-SP.
  9. How much is the Weller 12 in your area? It’s impossible to find here (Georgia) and even if you do the price is ridiculous.
  10. Last post for the night - having some WhistlePig 10 tonight. Just so damn good - it smells delicious and I’m not even sure why. I get some fruit and almost sweet cake icing. I generally think WP is overpriced but it almost never disappoints if you ignore the price.
  11. Some friends and I did a blind flight last night on Zoom. Lineup (that only I knew about) was barrel proof bourbons. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof A121, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Stagg Jr. 15 and Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Barrel Proof. Rankings: 1. Jack Daniels SB BP - this #### is delicious, smells and tastes like bananas foster. I kind of hate regular JD but this is outstanding. Makes me even more angry I can’t find the rye. 2. Stagg Jr. 15 - hottest of the bunch 131.1 but delicious 3. Elijah Craig BP A121 - these are favorites of mine and while still good the other two
  12. There’s not a good general whiskey thread so I’ll post here. Trying to branch out a little and with St. Patrick’s Day coming up I decide to buy an hard to find Irish. I got Blue Spot. Anybody know much about it or had it before? It’s supposedly really good - plan to break it open at a party next weekend.
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