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  1. I think I forgot to post about this. A few weeks back my wife and I went to dinner and I had the chance to have a pour of Old Forester Barrel Strength Rye. Easily top 3 whiskey I've ever had and probably the best rye I've ever had. It was freaking delicious. Think I paid $27 for 2 oz. and it was easily worth it. I've only seen 1 bottle out in the wild and they wanted $160 for it. Knowing what I know now I wish I had pulled the trigger but it's still about $50-60 more than I want to pay for that one. Having had it I would go up to probably $120. If you get the chance and like rye, pull the trigger - it's unreal.
  2. Yeah - I agree, both were very close - all 3 in fact. Any of the 3 could go either way. I think I would have given the first Ronaldo one because it's a foul. Just because the ball had gotten away from him doesn't mean anything - the player fouled him. But he was definitely looking for both. Emotions on whether Ole is up for it goes back and forth for every 90'. They talked prior to the game and Robbie said he doesn't see it - I mostly agree with him
  3. I was about to post - Lol @ Ole bringing on Matic at the 88' mark of a tied game. He's a genius.
  4. I'm gonna be a forensic audit star Gonna grift from night to day Gonna blow my money jar Gonna blow the Blues away I'm gonna make a stand Gonna make a million Gonna make it with you I'm gonna be Right my friend I'm gonna push it through Whoa, yeah! It's forensic! It's forensic! Yeah, it's forensic, yeah! It's forensic! Whoa, yeah!
  5. I’m 100% for protecting the players but come on - I’ve seen 5 guys ejected today and not a single one was targeting. So god dammmmmed stupid.
  6. Kind of been over for those of us in red areas too if our homes and those we have to be around are fully vaccinated. I’d say it’s more that it’s “over” if you are vaccinated, no matter where you live.
  7. There’s so many companies/organizations out there, finding out some may be inept at firing people isn’t really news, IMO.
  8. This is a cute quote but the first half is for sure wrong. I know plenty of people on the right who think people on the left are "full of the devil", "going to hell" and those are the kind things they say.
  9. So since I don't have any social media, I get to sit out?
  10. If we assume you are right what is your theory on when that would have changed? I would think that's always been the case and the difference now is media/social media and everyone knowing so much about each other (ironically while really not knowing anything). I think the idea that one wants to be right is a human thing that has been around forever. How it now manifests itself in today's world is the real game changer.
  11. I agree with her on this. Maybe I should buy a pair of those booty shorts and write Tax the Rich on the butt. Maybe get some roller skates for the Archer look in the Honey Pot episode.
  12. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won't even get your heart going
  13. Lol - you really think that would get you off in this scenario?
  14. Yeah, this may not be the textbook example of why you should keep your mouth shut and if you put a gun to my head and said I had to say he's guilty or innocent, I'm picking guilty but that doesn't really refute the points about whether it's in your best interest to cooperate. I will say that in the perfect scenario and assuming innocence it probably comes down to your personality - are you willing to take the risk you could go to jail for the rest of your life to cooperate to find the missing person. Lots of factors in that obviously and of course, if it's my wife, kids, somebody I'm close to I would almost definitely err on the side of jail to find them. Dog or stranger - maybe.
  15. You don't think there's eye witnesses that get things wrong - either intentionally or unintentionally? ETA - in case it wasn't obvious, I was giving a counterargument to your comment about giving a written statement. It's possible you are willing to accept that risk. I'm not certain I am either way.
  16. Mr. John123, in your written statement to police you state, "I left Gabby at 11:00am on 8/24 at the gas station in Johnson City." But we have an eye witness that puts you and Gabby together on 8/25 in the next town over. Can you explain why the discrepancy in your story with our witness?
  17. I think we are ingrained by our experiences and by media to say yes - I'm just not sure any more. I know I'm beating a dead horse at this point but watch that video if you haven't. That lawyer gives a lot of good reasons and examples why you should probably keep your mouth shut. That's why I also asked the question to Woz about if you could help without implicating yourself. My natural instinct would be to help too - especially in this scenario where it's presumably someone he cares about. I'd be inclined to help even if I didn't know the person.
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