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  1. Thought about a three-man bench, actually. Though the 2010 NBA draft that I linked upthread didn't have benches for the Decades teams ... just for the Pantheon teams.
  2. I like the Pelicans, but did not grow up with them ... so I really only follow them casually. My team when I was little was the New Orleans Jazz. Before ESPN and way before the Net, I lost track of them for several years after leaving N.O. Picked back up with them for the Stockton-Malone era (it helped that they kept the New Orleans/Mardi Gras-colored unis for a good 15 years after leaving). Haven't really followed any team all that closely since the late 1990s ... maybe the Chris Paul/David West Hornets when they were making shallow playoff runs.
  3. Would have had no problem with this song landing in the Top 10 here. If I’ve got the story right, Neal Schon improvised the closeout solo, and recorded it in one take.
  4. They don’t have enough data on this yet but some believe it will prevent transmission There are some preliminary findings that, succinctly, vaccinated people essentially don’t spread COVID to others. My thought is that the virus, even if it gets that initial foothold in a vaccinated person’s body, rarely achieves that critical mass of virions necessary to start being shed in meaningful numbers. Researchers will equivocate because they realize that it’s not a 100% certainty without exception. But I don’t think there’s any real doubt that the vaccines drive down transmission rates
  5. I slightly flubbed the link — go to the middle of page 58 to read Ferris’ all-time write-up of the title series.
  6. Kind of let down that all these “the episodes get longer!” rumors ended up incorrect. Assuming the finale is not 2 hours plus. So ... all those “official” pronouncements of long episodes to come ... based on known (?) series runtime divided number of remaining episodes. That was BS? The actual series runtime was never actually known to the public in advance, just rumored?
  7. It was the 2010 one that Doug B just mentioned. It wasn't judging as it was done in newer TimDrafts. There was a playoff bracket set up and separate threads represented each playoff series. The FFA voted on the result of each series -- Team X in 7, Team Y in 5, etc. However ... I think the ultimate championship was decided by @Ferris Bueller Fan and a few of his offline friends (who were working NBA writers at the time?). Here's a link to where Ferris gets started on the title series between @BobbyLayne and myself (scroll down and read the next page and half). The writeups were go
  8. In like Flynn. @BobbyLayne, you gotta come and defend your 2010 title @Ferris Bueller Fan ... saw you hanging around last month. In for a little commentary? Or even ... drafting lineups?
  9. Even for middle-aged folks ... there's no way to know if you're the one who'll be hit hard by COVID. I could never get around to the general thought that non-elderly people are pretty much safe. When you count in long-haulers (whose numbers are exaggerated in the media, but still) and people who recover after a few uncertain weeks of hell ... it all feels too much like Russian Roulette.
  10. I thought you were in Florida, the least-"locked down" state in the union, no? ... Anyway, I think you're looking through the binoculars the wrong way: commerce in full, especially in the service industry, returns when the customers as a collective feel comfortable enough to come back in numbers. It's not simply the government or some overarching power forcing consumers to stay home en masse -- the issue of returning back to 2019 normal has a lot more to do with getting a sense of ease out there among a strong majority of the body public. As an aside: more individuals than you mig
  11. Jordan and Kuwait are already U.S. allies, though they don't have a ton of weight to throw around. I had thought the UAE were allied with the U.S., as well, but they may more like Swiss-style neutral -- not sure.
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