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  1. The latter. My expectation is that they will be able to receive them at the exact same places as usual.
  2. In a lot of places, it's going to have to basically be like the ice-cream truck working its way through neighborhoods -- and it will take dozens of passes. Door-to-door efforts started up in New Orleans in recent weeks, but it's not really a city-wide coordinated effort yet -- just single providers making nonce decisions to go walking rounds door-to-door, syringes in hand.
  3. Bunch of that going on in New Orleans, too -- sometimes beer, sometimes "Shots for Shots".
  4. Just going to point out again that the dataset used here is almost identical to the data that was considered too small to make a one dose first for all strategy decision and resulted in criticism of such an idea as not following the science. Between me and the house: I don't really care. I have full faith that the mRNA vaccines are, for all intents and purposes, uber-safe 'magic bullets' for all age groups. If these vaccines ever fail an age-group trial going forward, I will be astonished.
  5. After a week of smoke ... finally, the New York Times corroborates. Shouldn't be long now. The F.D.A. is set to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for those 12-15 years old by early next week.
  6. The timeline is likely kinda pie-in-the-sky ... but they're working on this, too: Pfizer’s new at-home pill to treat Covid could be available by end of the year, CEO hopes (CNBC, 4/27/2021) Sounds kind of like "Tamiflu for COVID":
  7. FDA expected to approve Pfizer vaccine for ages 12-15 this week (ABC-TV in NYC via Yahoo News, 5/3/2021) ABC News correspondent Alex Presha also weighs in, reporting on the story from Washington (5/3/2021).
  8. From what I can tell after the fact, there was no good way available here. Sure, in retrospect, we can say "Honesty is always the best policy ... no exceptions!" Problem was, Americans as a collective are selfish AF. If Fauci and the Surgeon General go on the air in March 2020 telling people they gotta get masks pronto -- I mean, we can only assume -- but I feel safe in assuming that Americans who had means to pay for, hook, or crook masks would've horded them like Scrooge McDuck horded gold coins. By the beginning of March 2020, a lot of the America public were already over-buying and in
  9. Miles below the belt here. It’s fine and proper for him to be on magazine covers. That tweet is reaching very hard and inventing a criticism out of pretty much nothing. And then I scroll down and see a bunch of hard-right Twitter accounts. “Sure, Jan.” Dismissed with prejudice.
  10. Thanks for saving me a few minutes. It’s ramping up big time here. They could end up vaccinating 30 to 40 thousand in the city with mobile clinics and door-to-door.
  11. There is no one-size covering principle that can be reasonably be applied in all cases. Rhetorical carve-outs and exceptions will always have to be granted.
  12. Whenever I think deeply on this kind of stuff ... I come to the internal conclusion that no human society can exist without some kind of underclass. Doesn't have to be based on skin color, religion, or any other "bright" dividing line. So if you always have an underclass ... a society will always have a minority and/or an oppressed class, and whatever laws are in place will tend to disfavor them. What can mere humans really do about this? Amelioration efforts have taken place across the globe and have succeeded by their own contemporary measures (e.g. British Empire's abolition of slavery
  13. Further, on the teen vaccination front: New York Times writer David Leonhardt quietly inserted this tidbit into his column last week: "... as early as next month" meaning "in May" -- as opposed to the August-September timeframe bandied about a few weeks ago (by Dr. Fauci among others). So there's more rumblings that young teens seem to have a good chance of being cleared for vaccination within a few weeks. I am wondering what people with behind-the-curtain connections are hearing sotto voce? There's no major media outlet really running with this ... but then, smoke, fire, and
  14. On the teen vaccination front ... not sure if this means anything concrete, but: There are starting to be quiet rumblings in the media that Pfizer vaccine approval for ages 12-15 is now imminent -- like coming in early May (see these links). Yesterday, my wife heard something from someone that, somehow, they had ALREADY gotten a vaccination appointment for their young teenager. So my wife asked me to start calling around for our 14-year-old son. I called the same Ochsner** vaccination hotline I called back in late March for our 17-year-old's vaccination appointment. This time, when th
  15. RIP to Collins. Only 91-year-old Buzz Aldrin remains from Apollo 11 now.
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