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  1. 1.12: C David Robinson, 1990s Stat I did not know: David Robinson and Michael Jordan have virtually identical Win Shares per 48 minutes over their careers -- MJ at .2505 and The Admiral at .2502. @higgins
  2. At what level is such a fine being imposed? City level? County level? Something to remember: A lack of a state mask mandate doesn't necessarily preclude counties and cities from having their own mask measures. Still, I know it was specifically Texas, at some point last year, that had something about the state overruling local mask mandates/laws ... not sure if that's still in play there. Any reason business-level mask-wearing rules can be enforced with trespassing laws already on the books? I always wondered about why trespassing wasn't more commonly invoked. Don't get your cashiers an
  3. It's all good. It helps to flesh things out and see what underlies what other people are thinking.
  4. Unpack a bit? Do you mean that asymptomatic spread should barely exist but for some reckless behavior among 'mouthbreathers'? Or something else?
  5. For precision, I'll amend this to "... similar but non-COVID-19 coronaviruses" and I agree with you. When the story of COVID-19 is written in 2030 or whatever, one of the stories will be "If you had a bad cold sometime after 2000-05 or so, you had pretty good COVID-19 protection without knowing it".
  6. When you write this ... do you distinguish between (a) infected persons who never have symptoms and (b) "presymptomatics" who can spread illness in those two or three days before their symptoms become apparent? One thing I thought was pretty locked down was that infected persons could and did shed virus for a few days before they came down with symptoms. I could see those who remain asymptomatic (e.g. their immune system beat the virus quickly) not being all that contagious -- their viral load probably stays low the whole way through. But what about the presymptomatic infected folks who a
  7. This is important and worth quoting -- again from Zeynep Tufenki in The Atlantic:
  8. I lied again -- this article just keeps giving and giving:
  9. Last piece I'll pull -- this one hits home because my wife and daughter are still petrified of outside air due to social-media misinformation from early in the pandemic: EDIT: I lied -- one more bit:
  10. mrip541 posted this in the Political Forum's thread, but it ties in nicely to today's discussion here: 5 Pandemic Mistakes We Keep Repeating (The Atlantic, Zeynep Tufenki, 2/26/2021). It's a little too long to quote in full, but I'll pull a few choice quotes. There's a ton more in there ... those quotes are just a taste.
  11. You would think that would relevant. Stretching the imagination a bit ... I can think of reasons why a dangerous variant hasn't run roughshod over a region (e.g. if it was identified in a remote area and went ape-schmidt out of the way of population centers). But still.
  12. Also in that article, not that it's a determinative statement -- just an example of the usual scientific equivocation: Furthermore, the researchers in that article lean very hard on the South African variant and what it might do in the near term. But counter to that: Someone's got to explain why numbers in South Africa itself have been dropping so much. Why isn't the South African variant raising havoc on its home turf? The researchers in the article don't touch on that.
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