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  1. This point is not clear in most media reports so far, but: There was apparently both a "dry bag" and a backpack found. Two separate items: What's not yet clear to me is whether not the notebook was found in the dry bag or in the backpack.
  2. Rhetorically: they knew what, specifically? And when did they know it? I won't hold lawyering up against anyone.
  3. Even without specific knowledge ... I am confident that this didn't happen.
  4. Not addressed to me, but I wanted to speak up and say that culdeus is not alone in his take. I might be the one that's off kilter here ... but I don't think that when Brian returned without Gabby, that his parents' were somehow bound to leap straight to presumption of foul play. I believe that there were a few possible feasible explanations he could have told to his sympathetic parents (that of course wouldn't have flown with investigators) that bought him that first week or so. I don't think Brian ever confessed to his parents -- or else if he did, it was sometime after the "talk to our lawyer" police visit. I also find it reasonable that the parents bought Brian's explanations until Gabby's parents started calling the Laundrie household. THAT'S when wheels probably started spinning for real in parents' heads, and when Brian realized he had no more outs to play. I also agree with JaxBill that Brian could have plausibly escaped conviction -- a one in a thousand shot, but a shot nonetheless. That goes triple for before her body was found -- Brian probably tricked himself into feeling relatively "safe" until then. I'll actually go a step past JaxBill -- I still think there is a very, very thin chance that Brian Laundrie didn't, in fact, kill Gabby Petito. Call it one in a hundred from my POV. I think someone in his position who finds her body and recalls the police stop and the events at the Mexican restaurant ... I can see someone in that position assuming they'll take the fall with investigators eager to close the case and events looking terrible on him. I can also see an innocent, but deeply panicked, person responding pretty much like Brian has done in real life. I can envision the entire "truth is stranger than fiction" scenario. One in hundred, yes ... but I can't say "no way".
  5. Might just be a semantic difference, but this Fox headline now mentions that a "coroner" has arrived on the scene.
  6. Speaks for itself, no? For what it's worth, when I went to look up what "Let's go Brandon" was about ... I found plenty of references on right-wing sites, and none on traditional news sites. It's not like CNN or one of the networks' news agencies popularized the meme.
  7. Liberal students are chanting this, as well? I guess if they're way far left, maybe.
  8. Yes, because without having been infected with COVID, Powell could have lived on with the underlying condition of myeloma. Had he instead caught influenza, meningitis, norovirus, etc. ... he could well have died from those infections as well.
  9. I've found when an American says "jab" or "jabbed", there's a strong correlation with disrespect for the idea of getting vaccinated.
  10. It's essentially an encoded in-group message that's opaque to those who aren't familiar with the meme. Norville didn't bother to explain it, and I'm sure he wasn't particularly concerned with anyone who didn't know where it came from or what it meant.
  11. To cut to the chase: “Let’s Go Brandon” is code for “Eff Joe Biden.” There’s a right-wing meme about it. Delta is sitting on the fence IMHO. If they were REALLY anti-vaccination as a company, they wouldn’t be charging unvaccinated employees an extra $200/month for health insurance.
  12. Same here, except I don't know of anyone who even had that long of a reaction. Out of a sample of about 60 people, only a handful felt bad enough to even skip their usual activities the next day (school, work, etc.). EDIT: Wanted to add my personal reaction to both Moderna shots: Shot 1: Sore spot on deltoid, felt most acutely when raising my left arm. Otherwise, nada. Shot 2: Soreness in same place, but much milder. Was good for nearly 24 hours (until about noon the day after), then felt tired and like I needed a nap until bedtime. Still muddled through a full day's activities, including chauffeuring my wife and daughter on a few-hours long shopping trip.
  13. Sometimes, protest is righteous. Sometimes, it's not. Just saying "I'm protesting!" doesn't automatically put you in the right. You might well be in the right ... but it's not the act of protest that makes it so. The lady understood and accepted the consequences of her actions. She got her time with her daughter and she paid the consequences. I doubt she has regrets. What, then, are our concerns with the matter?
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