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  1. ... at fist glance, maybe, but not really. Mere consultation wouldn't be enough, I don't think. Unless you're at your doctor's all the time for various immune-system issues .... frankly, your doctor would be guessing blind. And there's no quick-and-dirty test that would tell the doctor all that much in a short time. Given time and a history of seeing a given doctor and lots of tests in your folder ... yeah, that's one thing. But all the "I'm healthy and never see a doctor" folks? Different story.
  2. I knew newly-signed WR Kenny Still was active for the Saints today. I see also that former KC starting center Austin Reiter is also active for the Saints. I wonder if Reiter is starting over natural guard Ruiz? Haven't heard yet.
  3. Plus the several coaches who were absent last week due to COVID. Gotta say, last week deflated my expectations a ton for 2021. Seems like a Patriots romp is in the offing. Belichick has got to be tempted to blitz recklessly -- even with obvious openings and Saints skill players unguarded -- until backup center Carlos Ruiz and Jameis Winston proves they can identify the rushers and beat the blitz.
  4. From what I've been able to gather ... immunity, at the individual level, is a wildly variable & chaotic thing. No one person can really look at what other people have experienced with COVID and say "Yep ... those people are a lot like me, so I can totally count on having a similar response." It doesn't seem to work that way. And this variability confounds individual efforts to "follow the science" because unless you know a lot of minutiae about an individual's health and physiology ... you never really never know what you're dealing with in the case of your immune reaction to a COVID infection.
  5. I feel like a putz for ditching yet another music draft. I need to at least make picks for all ten original rounds. Despite waiting until the very end ... I've only gotten sniped once. Someone tabbed Duran Duran. Otherwise, I'll roll with these four acts: 7.20: Tina Turner Acid Queen (1975) "Baby, Get It On" "Let's Spend the Night Together" "Acid Queen" <--- different from the version in the film Tommy Private Dancer (1984) "Private Dancer" "Better Be Good to Me" "Steel Claw" ======================= 8.06: Sweet Desolation Boulevard (1974) "Ballroom Blitz" "Fox on the Run" Level Headed (1978) "Love is Live Oxygen" "California Nights" ======================= 9.20: Journey Infinity (1978) "Feeling That Way/Anytime" "Patiently" "Wheel in the Sky" Escape (1981) "Stone in Love" "Who's Cryin' Now?" "Open Arms" ======================= 10.06: The Bar-Kays Soul Finger (1967) "Soul Finger" "With a Child's Heart" Money Talks (1978) "Holy Ghost" <---- #######' thunderous downbeat here "Holy Ghost (Reborn)"
  6. @Encyclopedia Brown ... perfect timing! Get down to Florida and show those amateurs how it's done.
  7. I wonder how deep sea life (or a submarine) has to be to get to the point of not being able to notice a hurricane up above?
  8. I meant to jump in, @krista4 ... was just kicking the can down the road. We've got 19.
  9. Just pointing out all the times "things are different now" is being used. OK. But why is that an issue?
  10. Just learned that Garson played Lee Harvey Oswald on a very memorable Quantum Leap.
  11. Doesn't mean "all the time". Aside from the fact that not all COVID infections are the same.
  12. Granted, this was over 40 years ago: One of the things that made it harder to catch Ted Bundy than it might have been was that he looked nondescript. Verbal descriptions of Bundy were typically too vague to really pin down on anyone (say, asking someone to remember people in a bar the previous night). Might be my own biases at work ... but in 2021, does Brian Laundrie kind of have the same dime-a-dozen look? Not that he resembles Bundy, but rather that there are a lot of kinda-like Brian Laundries walking around these days?
  13. Sweet J mentioned "a reasonable sense of reality". That reads to you as "the things I agree with"?
  14. One thing I've been wondering about regarding the COVID vaccine juvenile trials: We already know from the many adult trials that vaccine-generated COVID antibodies do, in fact, fight off COVID. Give that ... could the researchers monitoring the juvenile Phase 3 trials just test for a given level of antibodies in the subjects' blood and then call it good? I realize that would be indirect evidence that the vaccine absolutely positively protects kids against COVID infection. But given what's known pretty positively to date ... "Kids being naturally low-risk [due to fewer ACE2 receptors than adults?]" plus "Presence of sufficient COVID antibodies" should almost 100% certainly mean "Vaccinated kids are very well protected against COVID in general". Logically, sort of like: A + B = X A + C = X Therefore, B = C
  15. There's dozens of lines. Maybe hundreds. Different situations, different rules.
  16. Nobody involved with the Emmies -- planners, attendees, whatever -- has ever told me any of this.
  17. This is situational -- no one covering rule.
  18. Overstated hugely and far too often -- rate of transmission matters. "Being vaccinated" is not basically the same transmission risk as "not being vaccinated".
  19. So what? Different situation, different overarching controls, different concerns. Different, different, different. Not the same. Not comparable. One doesn't rely on the others.
  20. I don't know ... I'd have to see some pretty amazing data -- and see it many, many times over -- to come around to "masking does nothing". I admit to not being particularly scientific and fair-minded about it -- the common-sense intuitive aspect of it all is just too strong. For instance ... when I wear my masks (they're good friggin' masks, even if [gasp!] cloth) my breath is very definitely occluded. The cloth moves in and out with my breath. The mask gets decidedly damp after extended wear (within 30-45 minutes). That dampness is undoubtedly from aerosols building up and absorbing into the fabric. Whatever tiny wisps escape from the edges (it ain't much, I assure you. No gaps) ... those wisps aren't infecting others. And I'm not taking in enough through whatever micro-gaps there are to get myself sickened. The virus isn't magic. It's carried via aerosols and those aerosols aren't getting through my mask (ergo, dampness -- fight me, aerosol scientists!). What am I missing? Is it the parasaurolophus argument that if - IF - everyone wore my specific masks perfectly, masks would work great -- but that as a general (non-specific) concept, so many people eff up masking that it becomes fair to say "masking doesn't work"? Or maybe more like "People, collectively, can't make masking work even if many individual people can"?
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