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  1. doubtful. Authoritarian with unlimited means and the intelligence to implement all the ghoulish policies. Would actually prefer Trump as he is less competent and it leaves the opportunity that the Progressive left gets stronger and consolidates and gains more power. Bloomberg will turn the Dems into even more of a Republican type party and it will end any sort of resistance.
  2. well, to start, how about when school and housing segregation end.
  3. ya the guy who gave up a multi-million dollar career to stand up against the mistreatment of people is selfish. my god you people are just unbelievable.
  4. so long as mccown or kessler are starting then I think he is a top 20 wr easily. I would stay away if lol whitehurst is in there tho, good gawd that was pathetic.
  5. he also would have had a nice gain if the kessler made a better throw on the interception. he was def open and it wasnt even a hard throw. also, crowell ran all over their asses in the 2nd half so there wasnt much reason to throw.
  6. nothing i hate more than talking about random players in another players thread. listen heres the thing. sig makes a lot of predictions. some or good. some are bad. im pretty sure hes a big boy and can handle some respectful criticism and doesnt need white knights taking veiled shots at ppl who make credible and evidence based arguments.
  7. I cant imagine that checking into rehab absolves him from taking a drug test for the nfl.
  8. yes I realize it came after week 2. the same week that the teams other main wr, coleman, got injured, opening up the opportunity for the bulk of the teams targets. so no, I am not dropping a guy who had some massive preseason plays and just became the main target. 6 catches for 100 yards is not exactly terrible production or no involvement in the offense either. and he had a whopping 17 targets in those 2 games.
  9. its just poor analysis regardless of the results. you dont drop a teams top wr without seeing how he performs. and esp when you consider the peripheral circumstances like pryor's physical tools, performance thus far, and the rumors that he was getting qb reps in practice. if kessler gets hurt, pryor will be the qb the rest of the game. that would be massive.
  10. Ya it's bizarre. Wonder if he picked up a nice little poppy habit while running with Mansziel. Bc if you go back itt, there are tons of reports from the local media that he is never out drinking and partying and none of them believed he had a substance abuse issue. So either he had them all fooled or they were downplaying for some reason.
  11. Nobody called you a terrible human being. I was questioning your ability to formulate conclusions, examine details, and identify meaningful parallel situations.
  12. uhh, thats wat pretty much everyone in this thread is saying.
  13. posts like this make me question the future of the human race.
  14. not sure exactly what hes valued at but it should be pretty damn high. dont see how he doesnt average 5+ catches a game here on out and then throw in some running and passing bonii. hes easily a top 15 wr going forward.
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