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  1. Your new boys get your play almost 2 hours before tip-off and we only get 20 minutes?
  2. Don't sweat it. I only piggybacked that play because it was the only one on TV. Great job on the card.
  3. Payment sent... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPw-3e_pzqU
  4. Oh, I care, I love me some Pie. That is why I'm willing to step down, step aside for someone else or step up and give it another go. I live for Pie.
  5. I'm 95% sure @PIK95is out, I will take over full ownership of our team or if someone else wants the team they can have it or you can retract from 15 to 14. I am indifferent.
  6. Greedy/Pik Protected Players are: R. Devers 3B F. Lindor SS O. Albies 2B B. Nimmo OF A. Verdugo OF E. Jimenez OF J. Chisholm 2B X. Edwards 2B A. Riley 3B A. Vaughn 1B J. Adell OF W. Adames SS J. Berti 2B A. Benintendi OF N. Senzel OF J. Urquidy SP B. Honeywell SP L. Giolito SP B. Snell SP J. Berrios SP B. Woodruff SP M. Keller SP J. Leclerc RP M. Gore SP L. Garcia RP Thank for your patience nerds. 🤓
  7. I’ll take a couple extra hours on the house to vacillate over our protected/unprotected deadbeats this year since you mooches have been free rolling the on the CBS website fee thanks to me (my buddy) all these years. Actually, Pik makes all the calls for “our” team, we’re only last to communicate because of him. I’m more of a “in-season manager:closer sniper” more than anything else. ✌ love you @PIK95
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