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  1. Wow! That's pretty wild! Good luck!
  2. Hey, what's up with HBO Max? Does it have all the tv shows and movies that HBO, HBO on demand, and HBO Plus has? That is, all the programming that HBO has? It's 15 bucks a month. TIA
  3. This place rules! https://www.smokinals.com/ HTH
  4. I just heard that Fauci got the Moderna vaccine, so that makes me feel better!
  5. I just got my first Moderna shot, but I was hoping for a Pfizer. Questions: Are they both comparable in terms of efficacy? Side Effects? TIA
  6. Beautiful music for a beautiful day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So704KMhspk
  7. Jealous that you're watching it for the first time! My prediction: You'll love it!
  8. It's an all time classic. Better than Carlitos Way, not as good as Goodfellas, but still great! HTH
  9. Watched it last night. Good, but not amazing. Scarface is a vastly superior movie imo.
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