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  1. Draft Dominator factors in your roster when deciding who to take. Because I already have my keepers in, it believes Ridley will help me more than McAffrey. It's part of the reason it's nice to use as a guide, but definitely not pick for pick.
  2. Thanks for the responses, you guys didn't say anything too different than what I was already thinking, which is good. I actually have a feeling about Cook and I kind of hope McCaffrey goes first, because I just can't see myself picking him over McCaffrey. My "feeling" doesn't outweigh my head. JWS, I'd have Kamara in the conversation, but he's a keeper in our league. Our league is part keeper/part dynasty in that you can keep a player drafted in the 10th round or later (or undrafted) on your team forever. Kamara went undrafted in his rookie season so he is a keeper. Davante Adams is also a keeper, which is why he's not in the conversation either. It's a little unusual but we started playing that way 25 years ago and it's stuck. Makes for fun waiver watching.
  3. 14 team 30 man rosters is 420 total rostered players. If you aren't losing anything for keeping him, you'd have to think keeping him would be worth more than the 30th man on your roster. I'd keep him.
  4. Post edited. Ignore this response.
  5. One point PPR league. start QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex/Def/K Keepers are QB Stafford / RB Ekeler, Edmonds, and D Harris / WR AJ Brown, Golladay / TE Tonyan Common sense strategy says to take McCaffrey or Cook at pick number 2 and go forward. The draft dominator has it ranked Ridley, McCaffrey, Metcalf, Allen, Cook. I only use the draft dominator as a tool and don't follow it verbatim, but I'm curious, would any of you go WR over McCaffrey/Cook at pick number 2?
  6. I'm in a one point ppr league. I'm still playing in the consolation game. I've got Clyde Edwards-Helaire who is not available to keep, so I'm going to drop him to take a flyer on somebody for 2021. Which of these running backs would you grab in a ppr league? Tony Pollard, Chase Edmonds, Darrell Henderson, Phillip Lindsay, Alexander Mattison, Joshua Kelly, Brian Hill, Boston Scott, La'Mical Perine The other option is at QB, my only keepable QB is Matt Stafford. Bridgewater, Lock, Darnold, and Winston are available to grab. Bonus points for Winston is that my league doesn't deduct for interceptions. I had him last year and his crazy season helped me to the Super Bowl, but who knows where he will be and if he will be playing next year.
  7. Are you winning or losing? That would make a difference for me. If you are losing and going against Allen I'd definitely start Brown in hopes that he can somehow outscore Josh Allen. Having said that I'd probably start Brown either way but if you are losing there's no question.
  8. You make a good point. I forgot that. lol I'm 1-4. I plan on dropping Gronk. I just picked him up for last week. Just haven't decided what to do with him yet. I also only picked up Bridgewater for this past week to stream against the Falcons with Stafford on bye and Brady not exactly being reliable. If I finish in last place or second to last place I will get pick 5 or 6. Teams 1-4 make the playoffs and occupy the last four picks in round one. Teams 5-8 play their own playoffs to get the first pick in the next draft. It's supposed to keep people from tanking for the first pick if you are only going to get pick 5 or 6 if you lose.
  9. Is there anything I can do to salvage this season? Any opinions are welcome 1 point ppr. Start QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex/K/Def Keeper league. I can keep as many of the bolded players as I want. QB - Brady/Stafford/Bridgewater Top Waivers - Foles, Lock, Garoppolo, Darnold, Fitzpatrick RB - Edwards-Helaire/Ekeler/Robinson/Jones II/Henderson Jr/Mattison Top Waivers - Edmonds, McKissic, Hines, Lindsay, WR - Evans/Allen/D Johnson/Golladay/Parker/AJ Brown Top Waivers - Shenault, Aiyuk, Samuel, Patrick, Cooks, Gage, MVS TE - Tonyan/Gronk Top Waivers - Goedert, Higbee, Akins, Sample, Herndon Stream Kicker and Defense Came into the season stacked at WR and every single one has been injured. All except Golladay injured early in a game I've started them Would you try to improve somewhere through Trade or Waiver / Stick with what I have and hope luck turns around / Try to get the best keepers I can get my hands on for next year Note - Anybody I pick up off wires will be eligible to keep for next year.
  10. One point ppr. Would you start the sure thing James Robinson or risk going with CEH assuming the KC game will go on as planned tomorrow night? i know you can’t predict Corona, just wondering what you all’s gut says?
  11. 1 point ppr. Start three. Mike Evans, Kenny Golladay, Keenan Allen, Diontae Johnson? who is the odd man out?
  12. I'm in a one point ppr Dynasty League. I have Edwareds-Helaire, Ekeler, Robinson, R Jones II, and I picked up Freeman this week. My question is really more in general terms, but those are the facts for me. Is James Robinson a "Trade High" candidate after his 22 point game (in my league scoring) last night or is he a potential Diamond in the Rough that owners should hold onto hoping for future fantasy stardom?
  13. Tough call. I think Derek Henry is the best player in the deal as far as non-ppr goes. I wouldn't argue with Jacobs, but I like Henry better. Kelce for Ertz is tough. One game isn't enough of a litmus test but it sure looked like Goedert was the go to guy in Philly. I'm sure Ertz will be fine, but it might be a pretty steep drop from Kelce if it continues that direction. I'd personally take Green over Kupp. Green appears to be healthy and appears to be Burrow's guy. He's one questionable OPI call or one Burrow overthrow away from having six or seven catches for 60 plus yards and a TD or two. Burrow had some growing pains but looked really good at times, especially towards the end of the game. Kupp didn't look like the go to guy in his offense. Again, I realize I'm looking at one game. Bottom line is it depends on how how you feel about Thomas' injury. If he's going to be out a significant amount of time, I make the trade no question going with Henry/Green/Ertz but I"m no medical expert. It's gambling on somebody's health. If Thomas only misses a week, you are giving up potentially two of the top five pass catchers in the whole league to upgrade from Carson who also looked pretty darn good in week one.
  14. jmble


    Need a lot more info on that. Two running backs for two wide receivers. ppr? What do the rest of the rosters looks like? It's two good players for two good (though one injured) players. Nobody is getting screwed here, but I can't tell you whether it's worth it to make the trade for either team.
  15. I admit, part of my asking is that the League Dominator has Edmonds about seven spots higher than Lindsay on their "rest of the season" rankings. I wasn't sure if it was just the potential turf toe or if they think Edmonds has a decent chance of breaking out ahead of Lindsay.
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