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  1. gotta suck a chode in the party zone

  2. you wouldn't say that to my face, imo.

  3. haha. she's a keeper.

  4. i have been wanting to avatar that chick for weeks

  5. your alias sucks

  6. That guy was my roommate, Mitch Cumstein...good guy.

  7. 5 stars. MORE FRIES!

  8. Whatcha doing in Detroit next week?

  9. How about a Fresca?

  10. See you in Detroit next week.

  11. Hey dude, what does icy pots mean?

  12. i'm broke. i just dropped $20,000 on craps.

  13. can i borrow some $?

  14. I'm not playing golf, I'm playing tennis. You'll play golf and you'll like it. But what about my asthma? I'll give you asthma.

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