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  1. One owner is needed still. (Mad Dog 78's) The league is ready to open trading so I'm discounting this team further. The team is for sale for a mere $25.
  2. Mad Dog 78's is now discounted for $50 You have a full draft class. You pick 4th. Carr, Tua, Hines, David Johnson, TY Hilton, Fuller, Curtis Samuel, Engram, Hooper on offense. Chris Jones, TJ Watt, Humphrey, Mathieu on defense. Needs work but this team isn't bad. With the salary cap being lowered due to covid, this will be a good year to build in the auctions if you have salary cap space. I've seen so many quick turnarounds in Inside the 20 because of the auctions.
  3. The most realistic dynasty league is here (salary cap, auctions) Inside the 20 has 1 league opening. (Mad Dog 78’s) Cost is $100 https://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/18410 I20 is going on 16 years. This dynasty league is the ultimate NFL simulation with a total of 32 teams. This league is really 2 16-team leagues combined though. Each conference has its own player pool meaning there's a Patrick Mahomes in the AFC and there's a Patrick Mahomes in the NFC. The conferences are separate and only play each other in the Superbowl. Not too many leagues start DT/DE and CB/S se
  4. Inside the 20 Balanced scoring with IDP There are 2 conferences (2 drafts), be sure to click on AFC & NFC
  5. I would like to be considered for a new owner of the Cellar Dwellers. I have been involved in Fantasy Football since the early 1990's after seeing the fantasy football rules book in the Miller Lite cases. The past 6 years I have been the owner of multiple teams in Dynasty, Salary cap and contract, keeper and redraft leagues.
    I put all of my effort into all of my teams and like the set-up of your proposed league.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Keith "OZ" Oswald


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