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  1. The funny thing is my wife thinks I'm too negative about my Giants. I should have her read some of this thread.
  2. You lost me at #1. Giants needed another wide receiver. I agree they needed/need help at OL, but that doesn't mean they didn't need help at other positions as well. I mean, just take a look at the snap counts to see players that played a significant amount last year: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nyg/2020-snap-counts.htm Darius Slayton - 86.57% Sterling Shepard - only 55.38% Golden Tate - 41.86% and gone Austin Mack - 18.95% CJ Board - 16.68% Damion Ratley - 12.44% I mean, I know they signed Golladay, and I'm a big fan of the move, but
  3. For the guys down on Toney, does this spot on Good Morning Football from the days before the draft make you feel any better about the pick? Or at least a little hopeful? Burleson had a lot of praise (and a few other Tony references like Kadarius Toney Danza) for him, and pretty much described the Giants as a potential team without mentioning their name.
  4. When I was a kid, I never saw my dad show much interest at all in watching or paying attention to baseball. I thought it was a little weird, because he was always the star of the games we'd have in the yard with neighbors during summer picnics, and he'd talk about playing a lot when he was a kid. Turned out he grew up a big NY Giants fan and when they moved, he swore off following the game almost completely. He wouldn't talk about it without being asked, wouldn't complain, nothing. You'd think he was always only a NY Football Giants fan. Now, of course, in his old age he lets it
  5. Whoever he is, I think he's messing with us. https://content.invisioncic.com/Mfootguy/emoticons/default_fish2.gif
  6. I think it's pretty clear that not only did the Giants think that the young linemen had a good chance to grow and improve together as a unit, but that the best way to help them (at least with the choices that were available to them at any one time) was to limit the defense's ability to attack them. Adding a WR like Golladay - who is a potential option even when he's not "open" - was step one. Adding a guy like Toney, who I feel is really going to have to be accounted for whenever he's on the field, and has the potential to get open quicker than anyone else on the roster when pressure is put
  7. I think it's really silly that people keep bringing up the fact that he's a rapper like it's a bad thing. It's a creative outlet for him. I mean, the very article you linked to made it pretty clear that it was a part of actually keeping him out of trouble for the last few years since the incidents everyone keeps talking about. I'm not sure why it's hard to imagine that Judge et al really did do their homework on the kid, really did take the opportunity to meet with him at the Senior Bowl and at other times, and leaned on their coaches who have had a history with him to determine th
  8. This is one of the worst spots for me (at least out of the reasonable choices). If I do take a nap there for some reason, I usually end up sleeping for too long and then find it confusing when I wake up.
  9. I understand your emphasis on OL, but I really think you're letting it cloud your vision of what other needs this team had going into the offseason and how the guys they signed and drafted can play really significant roles, whether or not they'll be listed as starters.
  10. Criticizing the GM for working towards the best long term success of his team is taking the complaining over the top, IMO.
  11. New game, same story...
  12. Almost as good as the one by Joe Harris(!): https://twitter.com/BrooklynNets/status/1387197462482391042?s=19
  13. All of the above. Also, to add to the second point, it's always been pretty dull and too long, but there were bits of comedy and excitement peppered in there that made it worthwhile to hang with it and watch. Now, not only has there been less of that to watch for, but if anything does happen that's worth seeing, you can just watch clips on the internet shortly afterwards.
  14. Yeah, this turned out to be great. Such a perfect mix of comedy and heart. I'd definitely recommend the week trial of BritBox just to watch this show. My wife and I struggled between watching quickly and trying to make the 18 episodes last. And you know there are really good characters when my wife says at the end, "Awww. I'm going to miss them." Oh, and those grandparents were the best - they alone had me laughing out loud at least once or twice each episode.
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