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  1. I had only ever heard this used by the SPCA referring to a newly-adopted animal, and it never really bothered me, but this other use is horrible. They're probably also the agents quickest to send out those postcards asking the same clients to remember them when it's time to sell that home.
  2. Has this crew even worked together this season? I thought it was basically an all-star crew. Are people just going by the head ref's season stats? Might still be relevant, but it's not exactly "his" crew.
  3. You wondered why and I threw out a guess. I try not to get all caught up on and frustrated by others making personal choices I wouldn't. But convenience isn't all about the time it takes - it also takes into account pre-planning vs impulse, for example. (And I wasn't trying to imply "monumental tasks" - just more involved than a stop at Subway.) And I also wasn't trying to imply it was the only factor, but often a big part of the equation. Someone might see a small difference between a homemade sandwich and Subway, and so convenience wins out there while it wouldn't overcome the big
  4. I'm not a fan myself, though. It's not very often that I'm in the mood for a deli-type sandwich in the first place, and when I do I want a good one, so convenience isn't usually a factor in my personal decision. But I could definitely understand how it would be for others.
  5. Convenience - if there's a better place within 15 miles, there's probably a Subway within 3. Convenience - buying ingredients, storing ingredients, making sandwich, storing sandwich vs quick trip to Subway. That's the only way any of them survive. Otherwise they wouldn't be known for their convenience.
  6. Super sloppy so far. That was ok when they didn't miss in their first 10 shots, but not so good when they haven't hit one since. More turnovers than baskets lately, and Allen playing well for Cleveland.
  7. I can't remember, but did Lakers fans get all hurt and defensive when everyone made fun of Shaq and his free throw shooting all the time?
  8. I didn't have any problems until yesterday, but then started getting the "This page isn't working" error on Windows 10 using both Chrome and Brave browsers (working fine with Brave on my phone, though). Clearing the cache seems to have worked with Chrome, but not Brave. With Brave, I can open the page after clearing the cache, but once I sign in again, it goes back to the error. I thought maybe my cache wasn't clearing properly for some reason, but found the Windows folder and it did empty out. I'm not sure if there's another place Brave might put something that's sticking around and ca
  9. Sometimes I find it very hard to not be a superstitious person.
  10. We were/are counting on significant financial aid for our two kids (college Senior and Freshman now) and were required to fill that out for some of the schools they applied to, including the one they are both at now. It's a lot more in-depth and time consuming compared to the FAFSA. I remember finishing the FAFSA the first time and thinking, "Well, that wasn't so bad," and then being hit by the CSS and wondering why everyone seems to complain about the FAFSA. Another thing to know is that there is a main section with the bulk of questions that you fill out once and that goes to all your
  11. I have to agree that Cracklin' Oat Bran gets points here for being one of the few cereals that is better for snacking on dry than in a bowl of milk.
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