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  1. The only part of her actual game hosting that still bugs me is her "Oh" and "Wow" reactions when someone reveals a daily double, but she hopefully changes that up a bit, too. There's still the whole brain-boosting supplement garbage - and I have a feeling they're taking advantage of her being host by showing more of these commercials (at least I notice more of them) - and her other pseudoscience, but I agree she's not as annoying on the show as I thought she'd be.
  2. That FJ seemed right up his alley with the kinds of categories he was extra good at. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, but it struck me as odd that he didn't get that.
  3. Bummer. I get the feeling he was tired of playing this game.
  4. It might be fun if the players could give away their beware advantage, even if they had to show the message on the outside. (I assume that's not allowed)
  5. "I guess the early bird gets the worm," says the last guy out of bed.
  6. The casting approach changed a lot starting with S39 after Lynne Spillman, who had been casting director for the show's entire run, lost a power struggle with Jeff and was fired. She loved casting mactors and other young good-looking people who had the potential for showmances, while Jeff was more interested in people who know the game and have strong personalities. She did not like to cast married people under 30 because she wanted those people to have potential for showmances; she didn't want to cast Angelina for S37 for that reason and Jeff overruled her. Ghost Island (S36) was full of mactors who had no idea what they were doing, and it was awful (except for Chris Noble, who was comedy gold). But just because they are casting more superfans does not mean they're mostly casting logical gamebots. They definitely seem to try to find people who are chatty and/or lack self-awareness. And of course people think less clearly when they have less food, and there is even less food than usual on this season. Am I the only one who had to go look this word up?
  7. He wouldnt. But what he can and likely will do is try to tell someone about it and to go find it. They had a similar twist on another survivor. It would also (I think) make it more likely that the first person to find it at each of the other camps takes the risk of accepting it, knowing going in what the risk is and that at least one other person has already accepted it. But I wonder if there was a rule against announcing it broadly to everyone at a challenge.
  8. The story the doctor tells of the parent who doesn't even regret their choice even when the consequences were a reality just reinforces to me how big a role passive risk vs active risk probably plays in all of this. Humans are naturally bad at statistics in general. Then you add in the feeling that a negative thing happening directly from an action you take is likely considered much worse than a negative thing happening due to inaction, unless the odds are so overwhelmingly towards the immediately negative in the inaction corner. So even though the risks of vaccination are so much lower than of being unvaccinated, the fear of being an active participant in the child getting that shot won out. Then when it was an immediate life or death situation, and it's more obvious that inaction is an action, they allow life-saving medicine. But it's so frustrating that they look back and still rationalize the original passive choice as a good one. I guess it's easier for them to tell themselves that it wasn't their fault and they did the right thing but it just didn't work out.
  9. Watching the Steve Martin/Martin Short show on regular Hulu with the commercials.... "Welcome to my vagina." Every freaking commercial break.
  10. Ugh. It's a shame that some people who are trying to communicate the importance of vaccination don't seem to realize you can't write a sentence like that, even if you try to explain what you mean in another 10 different tweets. The other side is just going to focus on that one sentence. You have to know the game being played and be more careful with your words.
  11. You mean Robert F Kennedy and his Children's Health Defense (an American activist group mainly known for anti-vaccine activities and has been identified as one of the main sources of misinformation on vaccines)? Yes, he makes money off of that group, and since it negatively affects health and lives by actively spreading vaccine misinformation, by definition he is putting profits over health and lives.
  12. Speaking of... Sure, this guy spread a lot of dangerous ideas about HIV/AIDS that have been solidly shown to be incorrect over the years, but it seems even he gets that the germ theory is legit and applicable to a bunch of diseases: https://www.simplycharly.com/interviews/peter-duesberg-on-why-robert-kochs-postulates-are-germane-to-infectious-diseases/
  13. I thought the guy on the right had a shot today, as he obviously had a quick trigger and was getting a bunch early ones right. But Matt must have known he had him the second the guy got the first DD and didn't risk it all.
  14. Huh. I don't find him creepy at all. Definitely rooting for him. And they are looking for a word or phrase, whether it's an object, name, place, date, etc. He is just telling (asking?) them "what" word or phrase he thinks they are looking for. Does anyone get annoyed that they don't respond, "Where is Germany?" or "When is 1812?"
  15. The quick, "Our first tribal council" (or something to that effect) to the camera right before the first tribal council was pretty funny. In a pointless sort of way.
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