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  1. Sometimes I find it very hard to not be a superstitious person.
  2. We were/are counting on significant financial aid for our two kids (college Senior and Freshman now) and were required to fill that out for some of the schools they applied to, including the one they are both at now. It's a lot more in-depth and time consuming compared to the FAFSA. I remember finishing the FAFSA the first time and thinking, "Well, that wasn't so bad," and then being hit by the CSS and wondering why everyone seems to complain about the FAFSA. Another thing to know is that there is a main section with the bulk of questions that you fill out once and that goes to all your
  3. I have to agree that Cracklin' Oat Bran gets points here for being one of the few cereals that is better for snacking on dry than in a bowl of milk.
  4. The greatest cereal of all time, with or without milk: Peanut Butter Crunch.
  5. Yikes. I'm sorry. My own parents are in their 80s and I'm sure they would be inclined to shrug off a lot of this Covid stuff (in line with their particular news channel of choice), but all the siblings were united in protecting each other - and especially them - from the start, so my parents pretty quickly came around to our way of thinking. I guess that's why I'm quicker to forgive the mom and blame the siblings. But... just yikes.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't have any hard feelings towards the MIL. 80 year old going through her first Christmas without her husband and realizing she won't see some of her kids, either? She gets a pass. The SIL on the other hand... And what the heck is the point to herd immunity if it's achieved in a way that sacrifices Mom along the way? So stupid.
  7. z=x(1+y)^t with y being the rate as a decimal (3% = 0.03) and t being the number of years t= ln(z/x)/ln(1+y)
  8. I feel for you and your wife. I'm lucky in that my family seems to all be on roughly the same page. Only the ones who live near enough to each other and have been in each others' bubbles all along are getting together. It's natural to feel guilty even if you know you are right. One of the things that makes it even tougher is that you want the family to be able to say you were wrong all along (meaning no one gets sick). You don't want to let emotions get in the way of doing the smart thing, so I think it helps to stress that not only are you doing the right, smart thing, but you're al
  9. Just follow your wife's advice. While maybe not the "best" solution, it's an entirely reasonable one, and it will serve you best in the long run, simply because you'd be following your wife's advice.
  10. This is an almost stranger response to Terminalxylem's question than was Binky's response to an earlier post (which I just assumed was humor in reaction to GM comment).
  11. Nope. The whole "diet sodas are even worse for you" thing seems to be one of those things that people hear and just take as truth and then spread it. Among other reasons, I think it's partly due to an appeal to nature ("natural" sugar > "fake" sugar). Of course, we're usually talking in relative terms, and I don't think there'd be much argument against diet soda being "bad" compared to water. But it's a good bet that regular soda is still a good deal worse than diet.
  12. Just realized I should send them a "tip" from my Brave Rewards BAT account. I've been hoarding what I've earned so far (even though it's not much) in case the couple of sites where I spend a decent chunk of my time ever get verified to accept tips. I didn't think of Wikipedia because I don't use it much, but when I do it really comes in handy.
  13. I agree. I mean, I guess it was fine. It just had this air from the beginning of "An important movie" that I just didn't get at all. I'm not sure why - since a lot of movies do that thing at the end with photos of the real-life people they were based on - but the credits made me feel like I just watched a 2 hour drama version of The Goldbergs. Maybe it was all the yelling during the movie?
  14. I guess I needed a reminder to be a little more charitable in my assumptions of other people when I see them doing something I wouldn't agree with... I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping the week before so that I didn't have to deal with extra store crowds closer to Thursday. I was prepping some dishes on Wednesday and realized I didn't have a few things I needed, so had to run to the store after all. I decided to try to get in and out as quickly as possible, ran in, grabbed a few things from produce, asked a staff member a quick question, and then headed over to the baking supplies a
  15. Not doubting it, but is it true even when comparing similarly-priced options? Or more like when you compare $3/lb Whoppers to $9/lb Sprout malt balls? Also, do they have a better version of M&M's? Because the Smarties you get in Canada (made in UK) are definitely not as good as M&M's.
  16. I can't speak for the rest of the season yet, but the first episode of "We are the Champions" on Netflix is a fun, nutty half hour.
  17. I'm curious to hear how Toy Story 4 ended up at 49 while the original Toy Story sits at 140. The 1st was great. The 2nd was really good, too. The 3rd was a good movie until the perfect ending made it great. The 4th never should have even happened (see #3's perfect ending), and wasn't anything special. Besides my personal opinion, though, I was under the impression that #4 was generally considered the weakest.
  18. I was going to respond with something like, "Well, it couldn't be worse!" but those comments never seem to age well.
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