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  1. 60 man rosters 2 QB - Full IDP QBs - Mahommes, Newton, Foles, Lock RBs - S Barkley, Kamara, Singletary, T Coleman, J Samuels WRs - D Adams, D Westbrook TE - Njoku LBs - Roquon, D White, D Leonard, VDE, J Brown (1.5 games) CBs - All - have had to stream all season Ss - D James, T Walker Went 15-1 last year will be 3-6 after tonight I know - no one cares...
  2. Lock + 2020 3rd (likely early - full IDP) Minshew
  3. Starting AB and Julio today - terrible Def on both sides of the ball First Half - Julio 0 points, AB 3.5 So dumb
  4. That was Moncrief - MFL lists 0 targets today.
  5. I know it has only been 3 games and he missed all of training camp but should we be concerned with his below average tackle numbers. K Young, D Leonard, F Warner are all killing it and they weren't first rounders and I don't think he has had more than 4 solos - today he has 1. He looked unstoppable at Georgia. Any insights? Thanks
  6. My dynasty started our rookie free agent draft on MFL and we are able to draft but none of the players we are drafting show up on our rosters. When we search for players they say the correct owner has them. I have read through all the help forums and did was was suggested on the FAQ but they still arent there. I also emailed them and posted in the help forum but to no avail. Any commissioners know what's going on or how to fix this nonsense? Thanks! T
  7. Will this be the trend all year long do you think?
  8. Can anyone please explain to me what happened with him? TIA. T
  9. Tied going into MNF. PPR League Opponent: D Freeman Me: Julio and B Cooks Bloodbath I hate this hobby.
  10. 4 trade offers. Same league. 2 from same guy. I give Doug Martin I get cj Anderson and kapri bibbs I own ball and "now I will have a definite starter for the broncos" was the note attached to the offer. I give m ball I get James and Sims (rbs Tampa Bay) Same logic as above. I give Jimmy Graham and 2015 1st round pick I get Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker and 2015 5th round pick I give julio jones I get M Evans and 2015 2nd round pick I just read offers for a laugh and delete.
  11. Just received this beauty prior to our rookie/free agent draft this weekend (10 team, full idp, 50 man rosters) His sales pitch was "Just curious if you wanted some early pics this year since you traded most of yours away." Team P gives: Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.02 Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.05 Team T gives:Johnson, Calvin DET WR Year 2013 Draft Pick 5.10
  12. Yesterday during Zealots draft I was offered this trade: I give TBB Mike Williams I get pick 3.12 and 3rd rounder next year
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