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  1. I sucked again. Missed the playoffs, 3rd worst team in the league. Everything I did was wrong. I’m pulling a Constanta next year...I’m doing the opposite of everything I think.
  2. Is Jones a top 10 PPR WR this year?
  3. My defense vs his defense tonight. I’m down 31 to -4. Great way to start the weekend
  4. I was down by 10 and had the Philly kicker going against Blount. Philly kicker 13, Blount 2.9. Haha, what a gift.
  5. Heard Cleveland doesn’t have a very good secondary, so I swapped out Agholor for Decker at 11:50. Yup, cost me the game
  6. I’m in the same boat. I’m going with Murray too
  7. I have both of them. I'm playing Henry this week for sure. I'm just afraid when Murray is 100%, it will be a full blown RBBC
  8. down 34 with Ebron, Marvin and Prater left. Get to within 1.5 points at HALFTIME. Yup, they get shutout the second half. I hate this game so much
  9. Tate in the slot shouldn't stop Peterson from covering him.
  10. I'm starting him over Duke Johnson at PPR Flex. Heard Peterson is covering Tate. Looks good for Marvin today
  11. I think his injuries last year really slowed him. He's healthy now and I think WR2 is a safe bet this year.
  12. Are there injury concerns or is Cam fully healed? I'm really looking at Cam and Benjamin this year near their ADP
  13. Remember Sam Bradford's 2nd ACL? He had his jersey gently tugged on from behind as he crossed the sideline. Looked harmless
  14. Nearly every year in our PPR,. I go WR-WR-WR to start the draft and am always scramblng for RB's.. This year I had the #1 pick and decided to try a different approach. I went Antonio - CJ Anderson - Lacy. That worked out well....I suck
  15. I have to decide between DJax and Crowder in PPR. I can see Crowder getting a lot of underneath stuff but am too chicken to make the move. Probably sticking with DJax and hoping for a couple HR's.
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