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  1. 40% off! Unbelievable the stuff people will buy....literally and figuratively.
  2. This can’t be real, right???
  3. Yep, never holds himself to the same standard he tries to demand of others....very tired act.
  4. Shout it as loud as you want, flood the board with posts pushing your narrative, it will never make it fact. Sorry.
  5. Please link any other forum that isn’t traditionally political with this high of a percentage of far Left talking points....if you can’t then stop chasing after me and wasting my time. TIA.
  6. They are desperate for attention, the behavior of the opposition this time around is unfortunately for them much better behaved.
  7. Yeah nice spin. We were in the middle of a pandemic, not waiting for an empty health care promise. Most people will have their shots before their checks, complete failure trying to force the pork through instead of doing what’s right.
  8. On January 3 Biden promised if you voted for his guys checks would “go out immediately “. Your blind defense of him not delivering seems misguided to me. https://www.fastcompany.com/90607300/but-seriously-where-are-the-stimulus-checks-joe I’m sure there are some gymnastics to give him a pass here but he failed, sorry.
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