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  1. Agreed, especially with how poorly our government “manages” everything.
  2. That’s about all he was ever good for was complaining about Trump, what else can he offer?
  3. It’s not the first time she’s proposed something that would never work, sorry you can’t see that.
  4. Exactly, there is just no way to effectively do this. You can’t put an accurate value on a business and real estate yearly factor the risk and other factors. This is a terrible idea by someone that has no understanding of what she’s proposing.
  5. This is 100% true, totally agree and it’s said many can’t own it.
  6. Mind sharing your thoughts on why you like to so much? I haven’t followed the stock, looks like it just went public a couple months ago? I put a chunk in TripAdvisor a few months back and think this could be a play I also may like even though I’ve missed the initial jump.
  7. It’s concerning to see, hopefully he can make it through the next 4 and keep it together.
  8. Let’s hope not, hopefully those that politicized this can move on at some point. My wife is fully vaxed and I can get my 2nd this week. I adapted at work and had a busy year and dodged covid by being careful and taking common sense precautions. With this many vaccine options we are there soon...it’s time to move forward.
  9. You know, like having a plan that continues vaccinations on the same ramp up trajectory already in place by Trump but setting a super low bar you will easily clear and your blind loyal folllowers are ecstatic?
  10. Just to be clear, is this the tribe or all time Duke great Cherokee Parks?
  11. Your track record speaks for itself, I’ll leave it at that.
  12. For the amount of time put in is there a chance he’s on payroll? It’s quite a commitment. Hard to understand.
  13. You’ve been called out many times over the years yet the behavior never changes, it’s not worth it at this point. Everyone can see it....let just move on.
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