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  1. So Gainwell now splits w Scott. Awesome.
  2. I haven’t been watching but seeing us lose this bad to the Raiders I think it takes some unique skills to suck this bad.
  3. The best part is there are regulars here that will defend this. Thanks for sharing.
  4. We probably agree more than you would think on Trump, totally agree on the media and mostly just amazed to watch those so outraged at Trump allow so may of the same issues as long as it’s “their side”. Zero credibility.
  5. Ok for ol Joe to go home and hide on the weekends, Trump leaves for his home epic meltdowns and outrage! Who’s surprised raise your hand?😂
  6. Remember when they were so upset about Trump, should we be shocked when Biden almost doubles his number it’s not on their radar?
  7. A friend of mine knows one of they guys that handles his transportation. He echoes your sentiment.
  8. I don’t think everyone that posts here is a Trump fan as much as it’s a place (one of the only here) to avoid the one sided extreme Liberal agenda this forum has fostered for 5 plus years. I would vote Desantis over any Liberal option in a heartbeat. With the embarrassment Biden has been the door has definitely been left open for more Trump though for sure.
  9. You can thank voters like yourself electing such an absolute failure like Biden. With all Trump’s faults somehow Biden has been an epically worse disaster. If he wasn’t such a disaster Trump would be in the past, but you got what you paid for.
  10. Because is most of his posts and his “side” is excluded from his rules.
  11. I feel bad for you, hope you can get better one day. Sadly behavior like yours brought Trump, and you may get him again due to it. Hopefully you can handle yourself better. Good luck friend.
  12. Remember when electing Biden was going to solve Covid because it was all Trump’s fault and anyone else could easily handle it?
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