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  1. Really? Polls? The public? The public was filling water bottles and plastic tubs with gasoline a couple days ago. Come one man, open your eyes. You voted against mean tweets with a horrible option, now we all pay for it.
  2. Also have heard Obama. With the rough start he’s had it seems to line up.
  3. Noid this is great info, much appreciated! It’s for his 10th bday so want to make it special. An open practice would be awesome.
  4. Thinking about taking my 10 year old to his first game this season, any recommendations on any ways to do cool stuff I’ve heard about but never been able to afford to do like getting on field pregame, where to sit to see players/get autographs pregame etc. Probably all unrealistic but thought I would ask. 😂
  5. I was thinking about starting to put togetherness set of 2021 Topps baseball as a reasonable cost option to get my 9 and 7 year old into it. Sound like the right fit? Decent investment potential?
  6. It’s been a brutal start, hopefully it gets better.
  7. Agreed. The only thing Biden ever accomplished at warp speed was inflation.
  8. Meme of the day - “ I sure could go for a mean tweet and $1.79 gas right now. “ Oh how true.
  9. I'm right with you, added 5 more shares....it's only money.
  10. ABNB getting killed again, any thoughts on adding here vs waiting?
  11. Good to see he’s finally making an appearance.....hiccups and all. Having a lot of issues w the teleprompter, hope he’s up for the job.
  12. That’s Joe’s main schtick , handouts. What will he do if he stops them?
  13. For those of us not in those 2 yet would you recommend now as an entry point or see more pain in the immediate future to get in? Thanks as always, great info.
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