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  1. Yep, little substance mostly fluff but clear they were hiding plenty.
  2. Thanks for this, the lack of transparency should have been a clear red flag. What I was referencing was an unbiased 3rd party audit into what they have done, not what they tell the LA Times to believe but there is some good info about the smoke around transparency long ago. Not surprising given what’s been exposed.
  3. This is a great point and exactly why defunding the police is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Expected every cop to be 100% perfect when the pay to risk their life daily is a complete joke. More funding is needed if anything.
  4. It would be great to see a full accurate accounting but doubt that ever comes out. A great example of how dangerous what the MSM feeds its base can be.
  5. What a disgusting individual, truly disgusting.
  6. Yep, they all got played while treading water in Trump tears. Great point on all the money to nowhere just to be woke. Would be great to see a full accounting of where funds went...Lib media would never allow it though.
  7. completely hustled, now do any of them learn from it? Doesn’t look like it in here.
  8. The echo chamber effect VS the wake up call....sadly we know how it turns out here.
  9. Interested to hear where you end up stopping along the way, we did SF to Big Sur a couple years back....great time.
  10. Wrong, you’ve whined about Trump for years. Wrong, it is the movement. The movement that has been the face of your party recent years. It turned out to be the fraud, not Trump. Sorry, can’t make this stuff up.
  11. Nailed it. Their Trump blinders wouldn’t let them see the obvious and unfortunately they still won’t own it.
  12. Is anyone surprised you are downplaying it? Has to be pretty embarrassing I’m sure.
  13. Sorry man, it seems that it does. Just seems quite ironic those that obsessed over Trump being a scam artist so easily overlook the real scam. Hopefully people learn from this.
  14. I’m old enough to remember when Trump was the scam artist. So not shocking with the blinders on no one caught this.
  15. Nope it all goes to the same place so looks like you helped pay for BLM which unfortunately really stand for Buy Large Mansions in all white neighborhoods.
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