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  1. Tim I thought you quit the PSF? When did you get back? Looks like it’s been dying in here, could use your volume big time.
  2. I can’t imagine obsessing over him the way you have for years now.
  3. Thinking about him as a Wilson replacement right now , who else off waivers is better the next month?
  4. Yep, this coaching staffs play calling is some of the worst I’ve seen….if the learning curve doesn’t start soon he won’t be in Philly long.
  5. Agreed, see if Hurts can swim at some point and if not drafting a QB or going for Watson.
  6. Chubb is a poor mans James Robinson.
  7. Wow, Urban is awful at everything in life besides college football it seems. Robinson getting what 8 yards/carry and he does that? 😂
  8. Who you guys going after to fill in out of Tua/D Jones/Lawrence/Carr/Winston types?
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/andrew-yang-says-officially-left-145720406.html Well, there goes the one Dem I liked.
  10. I know what you want to happen, I just don’t think it’s likely to happen based on the results.
  11. You sure about that, he got in the end zone and don’t hold them back today. He’s not LT in his prime but wouldn’t hold my breath that an easy win over the Broncos with a nice TD run gets Murray benched. Even if it did there’s 2 other RBs they may give a shot to.
  12. At least he didn’t take up a roster spot while contributing nothing but penalties.
  13. Can really high point the defenders throat on OPI…..I mean the ball.
  14. Was that JJAW continuing to be the worst 2nd round pick all time? How’s he still on the roster.
  15. Would you guys roll the dice with Miles Sanders getting a get right game after last week or avoid for Z Moss this week?
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