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  1. Prop gun sounds like a real gun. Sounds like corners were cut on staffing requirements and this was the result. Sad for everyone. I dont think Baldwin is in the clear here though. Any gun capable of firing live rounds needs to be treated as such.
  2. Probably the stress from being told they are going to die of covid all the time. That's not good for your hair.
  3. She tells him what to do, so in his mind it makes perfect sense.
  4. https://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2021/10/22/they-knew-damning-email-shows-loudoun-county-school-board-was-informed-of-sexual-assault-of-freshman-girl-the-day-it-happened/
  5. facts are facts. Biden is too busy to deal with the border.
  6. Dude fails when he knows the questions. This is next level bad.
  7. A co-worker's wife owns a local salon and they are both convinced the vaccine is causing hair loss in women. Its an AA style Salon, so I assume they are seeing it in the AA community.
  8. "I’m not sure what to do with my hands” — Ricky Bobby https://twitter.com/KyleMartinsen_/status/1451351386516439040?s=20
  9. Remember all those brilliant plans he had while campaigning...
  10. Brandon flashing those white power signs again last night. Not a good look dems.
  11. I'm just going to firmly disagree with your first point, but your last paragraph makes sense. Even though I disagree with the DOJ involvement. I see it as politicizing the DOJ.
  12. Do you know the story behind why he is upset? Maybe he could have handled it better, but that's asking a lot from someone during an emotional issue. Instead this father was used as a justification to get the DOJ involved in school board matters. But apparently Garland didn't even know about the case. The police handled the situation, but the DOJ and school board association don't get to play it both ways. If it's a state issue, leave it there.
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