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  1. They've already given over a million boosters. How hard are they trying to stop people who want one?
  2. So what was the crowd size today? 10 people?
  3. Punish them both appropriately. We need consistency in this country.
  4. Nah. They should face the same penalties the rest of the summer rioters did.
  5. We've all seen the quote. Milley hasn't denied the quote. People want to say the context of call is within scope of his duties, which I wont argue. What was quoted is treason.
  6. The biggest threat to our democracy cant be bothered to even show up to their own cause.
  7. Doing your own research regarding science. FBGs arent scientists, so we should really just go with what the CDC says. Dont question it.
  8. Maybe. I've been federal for so long, paperwork is the backbone of this great nation. Anything less is litigation.
  9. I mean, they did. They ignored it... The hearings will be insightful.
  10. So we believe bob Woodward now? I keep hearing things about not taking him at face value because he exaggerates the truth... Just want to confirm bob is above reproach.
  11. troll better. You aren't even entertaining
  12. You know damn well he doesnt mean what he says. Libs just want to act tough.
  13. These charges are so minuscule, you have to assume he gave up better information for a reduced charge.
  14. The FDA wants you dead! FDA panel votes against COVID-19 booster recommendation.
  15. Strawmen are strong in the ostrich class.
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