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  1. I'll bet you 20 bucks I can get you gambling before the end of the day.
  2. You guys still betting on Madden? I'm about to fire up the PS2 I'll throw some lines out! I'll do it! I will! I'll do it, I'm crazy!
  3. Yo ten cent odds: Who bought more Valentine's Day gifts this year, me or Lump. Sizzle Bought more 2021 Valentine's Day gifts -115 VS Lump bought more 2021 Valentine's Day gifts -115 Sorry, I got greedy for that extra nickel in there.
  4. The 666 one is the nurse I tutored in math and paid for her to get Lasik. The Vegas woman is in global pharma sales and lives two blocks away. Last night, after I put together her new Ikea desk for her and tucked her into bed, I walked home - and on the walk home I bought a fresh lamb burrito. It might've been the world's most perfect night (for a dude). Also, speaking of best nights ever, don't worry I'm not gonna let a 666 dose me. Uno, dos, I'm about to get ghost. From all that nonsense. Amirite? Y'all probably talked about the inauguration after dinner last night.
  5. The cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands was a very poor idea. Felt very patronized by that. Felt very condescending, a trait I usually rely on to generate my red flags, help me separate the wheat from the chaff, etc.. once I saw it I avoided MLB games like local news. Wasn't right.
  6. League-wide, what's it going to look like in the stands on opening day?
  7. also I received a pin stripe sweater jacket from the medschool dropout. say something else. gifts, yo. why? idk Yankees love pinstripes that's all I know. Sincerely Abagnale
  8. yo what if tomorrow 4-0 naw I'm bound to lose one. but losses are DIAMONDS because you LEARN
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