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  1. wow dude ####### funny #### I forgot about that ####
  2. espn still garbage right? haven't been keeping up or watching much sports. you didn't have to make that the entire halftime show though
  3. I'm about to simulate a couple Madden 2004 games if anybody needs action and wants to get down.
  4. Haha. Y'all are good sport's. I don't know, man. I've seen some things, man. And some stuff, too. Not sure I'd recommend it.
  5. It probably sux because it's just me swiping thru matchbox. because of my ex box. It might be really loud. How has everyone been? Are you guys staying out of trouble.
  6. The Bond girls in Connery’s movies - though alluring - were stereotyped. But not Moneypenny. She was his boss' secretary, with whom Connery carried on an unrequited flirtation. “Moneypenny," Connery says in their first moment in Doctor No, "what gives?" "I do,” she says, “given an ounce of encouragement." But she had enough propriety to hold back. Paradoxically, that made her Connery’s longest relationship in the films, outlasting his Bond girl flings. "Flattery will get you nowhere," she told him at one point. "But don't stop trying." He didn’t, and yet the two understood that if things went too far, it would jeopardize what they had, and both valued it too much to mess it up.
  7. Did you ever want to do it with Miss Moneypenny. In those spy movies. The woman. James Bond's boss or whatever.
  8. There's something about an Elizabeth Hurley posting a lonely selfie with cold, dead eyes in a rare chandelier mirror that really makes me wanna color and braid her hair.
  9. It's such a subtle sound, but the sound of a car starting beside me at an intersection isn't something I'm used to yet. Startles me. Then I get pissed at them for an entire 2 seconds because how dare they startle me. When do we ever really hear another car start though. A car that we aren't in. Oh yeah I remembered what I came to say. Next time you are new car shopping. Point out what a peon you'd have to be to volunteer and actually pay money to hand over your car's ignition liberty. Pay money to drive a car with one of the most-inane features ever created attached to critical engine parts, front and center. One does not often receive such good negotiation ammo. You could neg that #### all afternoon. I'd pay five grand to own a car like that.
  10. This card mechanic Richard Turner has some pretty interesting stories.
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