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  1. Sorry man. Dude, two eyes later and she is still up to life's challenge. That's very impressive. No doubt she's made an impression on you through courage alone. Not to mention the long life you've had together (dog years). Do you have and photos/videos of her from a while back? It's hard to see on a daily basis, but that'll help put things into perspective for you. However I may be answering a question you didn't ask anyone. My bad on that. Man, dogs are members of the pack at their core. And they're going to do their best to be stubborn and cantankerous and whatever else they have to do as no
  2. Y'all gonna split the $ on the sale? I mean, there's a silver lining here somewhere, just like Tony is saying. One step at a time for you, though. But this.. this is living, brother. This is the good ####. In five years you'll believe me. And luckily for you, you've got a bumper crop of adult-aged bachelors here who have your back. Be as negative as you need to be, go through those stages of disbelief and anger and ####, just make sure you keep talking it out with dudes you can trust man. We're already proud as #### of you man, just for being a hell of a dude with all the stories you've told
  3. How long were you guys married. Y'all were married for a ####in long ### time Jesus Christ. Is her mom still alive?
  4. Dude. This first sentence - every dude who read this was bracing themselves for news that your wife was dying. Man. What's this like so far. Isn't this the woman who does biscuits? She's like, a woman of Polish heritage who cooks really well..? I swear, I'm probably wrong. I always get you and Ref mixed up. But I did know for sure that you lived in Cleveland. Dude, small world. Speaking of, did you know that homie facook is a devout? What does that even mean? I don't know. There's literally no way to know. Bro. Okay, I'm dating a woman who's a real slow poke. It's not how it sounds. She's
  5. Remember that pic of icon barbecuing a long time ago, back when he and Doctor Detroit were having intellectual word-battles, and DD was like, "yo, he keeps his butt in the front," or something like that. Front butt. I love both those dudes, and those two men obviously love each other, so no harm in ten did. But that's what this reminds me of. This also reminds me of strippers' butts. You know? You know, actually, they should call front wallets "lap wallets." I bet girls stare at dudes' butts a lot more when that's where the wallet is, too. I'd go with a money clip in the front pocket. And a LA
  6. Wat up. I came over to thank the dude who recommend my wallet because.. karma I guess? That's not the right word. Anyway, I found you guys talking about it. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/738905-best-wallet-for-a-22-year-old/?do=findComment&comment=18661913 Polish Hammer's link in that post is dead, but this is the updated link. I bought one that day and it's still going strong, no busted seams, and still 95% intact aside from a little butt-cheek contouring and slight folding over of the edges. Hell, it's probably 98% still intact. It still even smells like leather an
  7. I'll bet you 20 bucks I can get you gambling before the end of the day.
  8. You guys still betting on Madden? I'm about to fire up the PS2 I'll throw some lines out! I'll do it! I will! I'll do it, I'm crazy!
  9. Yo ten cent odds: Who bought more Valentine's Day gifts this year, me or Lump. Sizzle Bought more 2021 Valentine's Day gifts -115 VS Lump bought more 2021 Valentine's Day gifts -115 Sorry, I got greedy for that extra nickel in there.
  10. The 666 one is the nurse I tutored in math and paid for her to get Lasik. The Vegas woman is in global pharma sales and lives two blocks away. Last night, after I put together her new Ikea desk for her and tucked her into bed, I walked home - and on the walk home I bought a fresh lamb burrito. It might've been the world's most perfect night (for a dude). Also, speaking of best nights ever, don't worry I'm not gonna let a 666 dose me. Uno, dos, I'm about to get ghost. From all that nonsense. Amirite? Y'all probably talked about the inauguration after dinner last night.
  11. The cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands was a very poor idea. Felt very patronized by that. Felt very condescending, a trait I usually rely on to generate my red flags, help me separate the wheat from the chaff, etc.. once I saw it I avoided MLB games like local news. Wasn't right.
  12. League-wide, what's it going to look like in the stands on opening day?
  13. also I received a pin stripe sweater jacket from the medschool dropout. say something else. gifts, yo. why? idk Yankees love pinstripes that's all I know. Sincerely Abagnale
  14. yo what if tomorrow 4-0 naw I'm bound to lose one. but losses are DIAMONDS because you LEARN
  15. I just remember when nugs' little bro enrolled at Baylor. I grew up in central Texas. Waco was our "big city." If you needed a nice restaurant, that's where the Olive Garden was. Or Red Lobster if you were super-rich. Did you ever wake up early to go shopping at Service Merchandise on a Saturday? I have. Hundreds of times. Waco was the spot. A way of life. Even before they got a Best Buy. Plus, they had Baylor football in Waco. Remember how BAD Baylor football SUCKED in the 90s? That didn't even matter to us. They had basketball, too. I remember going to basketball games and smelling the popco
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