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  1. Good new news for Rams is that the backend is holding up. At some point the front will get there.
  2. Solving opposites week is the key to NFL betting. Seems the script always flips after a big win or loss.
  3. Akers has absolutely taken over this backfield. Too little too late to save my fantasy season but alas...
  4. Typical popups but there's a method to the madness. Watching it on there now with no issues.
  5. One cut then untouched. Not really impressive TD but it counts.
  6. Not sure what Akers is exactly but he has a great burst.
  7. If only the Rams O was as efficient as the Rams D...
  8. Problem is that the Chargers aren't very good. Leaning towards Wash. @ Giants now that Young is back.
  9. Eagles weren't drafted so I scooped them up for week 1. Its a no brainer. The addition of Slay should close a big hole and he will give Terry fits.
  10. Same here. Also considering the Jets after what said Bills did against them Monday.
  11. Everyone staying away from the Jets this week? I have them locked in but KC is also available...
  12. They are available to me as well. Didn't watch the game but isn't Clowney back? And no sacks last night? And SEA is at LA this week.
  13. Also looking at them and the Vikings on the wire. I originally thought I was a genius picking the Jets for this week but now that's looking quite shaky.
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