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  1. X-ray's still pending, no? Could kill this buzz stat.
  2. Wonder if Williams was a little dinged from that quad so he was spelled more than normal. Guess we'll see in a critical one for the Bears this Sunday.
  3. I also played him over Gainwell (and Pollard and Jav. Williams)
  4. Well snap % isn't part of the problem...
  5. A little bit but I don't see the Rams blowing them out. I have D. Williams and Swift locked for Sunday but this will get interesting if CMC is active. Then I have to bail on Swift or Williams which I don't want to do...
  6. Lean to Godwin b/c Ramsey spends most of the time in the slot these days. However, Williams is no slouch either.
  7. PPR: J. Williams or T. Patrick or Juju? Gracias!
  8. Grabbing this guy wherever he's still available. Bridgewater throwing it downfield as well as anyone yet really hasn't had to...until this week!
  9. Seconded. Nothing goes well on Thursday night football. Its dead to me.
  10. Chuba is no Mike Davis in this offense. Timeshare at best.
  11. If anyone, I think he will lock on to Evans. Quicker guys give him trouble...on the rare occasion anyone does.
  12. And I believe there is something to be said for him initiating contact to mitigate any "surprise" injuries.
  13. Same, I just needed 15 points to win the week and I was already counting the L. Me of little faith...
  14. Thoughts on Javonte over Swift factoring in late game injury risk?
  15. I don't have the room so...fingers crossed!
  16. Same here. Knew better but bodes well for future although Williams got a ton of run.
  17. Well he's in my lineup but not feeling great about it. Expecting the Lions to be down most of the game which will hopefully contribute to several catches.
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