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  1. People that bag on Walmart are stupid. Walmart provides an abundance of items at a lower price than they can get anywhere else. What is so bad about the broke people in the world being able to buy groceries and still having money in their pocket? F all you who #### on a company that allows people to stretch their dollar farther. Ideally we would all have Chet money and shop at Sprouts or some other overpriced place that offers organic fruit hand-picked by vestal virgins, but there will always be a lower class that is best served by a company that allows people the lowest cost on groceries.
  2. From that article So buying too much insurance and actually using it is a problem according to that article?
  3. If that's not a Dentist bat signal I don't know what is.
  4. I have nothing add other than you are killing it. And making me feel like I'm WAY behind lol.
  5. To be honest though it's broke people that flock to Ramsey. If these type of people follow his plan by the time they are wasting money paying off the house they have already: eliminated all debt except the house, have 3-6 months emergency fund, are investing 15% into retirement, and have funded college for their kids. I would say that's a resounding success given the clientele. While paying the house off may not be the absolute best way to use their newfound wealth, I can appreciate that he prefers to keep the ball rolling while these formerly broke people are still basking in their success.
  6. With 3 kids I can attest that the picture you linked is by no means "all over" the floor. As a father I've had to clean up things that would make a billy goat puke.
  7. Might want to factor price into that evaluation as well.
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