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  1. Although they are both very healthy eggs and avacadoes both have a high fat content.
  2. Monopolowa is the correct answer unless you want to spend more money just to spend more money.
  3. No, acting like an ##### is failing. There are a bunch of people (well a few anyway) who are having intelligent discussions and a few that are trying a new thing. You stuck your thoughts in here and got butthurt when called out for talking about something you have zero experience with. Had you simply backed out then though the board wouldn't have witnessed just 1, but 2 of your selfies. How can you see yourself avatar-ized and not realize "man, I've really made and idiot of myself, maybe I should tone down the posts"? But by all means if you think you're winning keep posting those victori
  4. fantasycurse42 you are tenaciously trying to hang in here even though you're long past the point of failure. Time to let it go.
  5. Relax youngin'. He's simply saying that as a 30 something you are totally clueless on nutrition and fitness for older folks, and he's right. OIder people have experienced the aging process and what it does to your body, you have not. Thus some of your simplistic advice should be taken with a grain of salt by us older crowd. And by the way you're not helping yourself with the technology strawman, people at any age can learn technology it's not something you have to live X years to experience.
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