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  1. Thoughts on AMC? It seems already over-priced with the war against the shorts going on but reports are very good with Godzilla v Kong attendance last night. AMC for whatever reason has been good to me. I have managed to time things pretty well so I might be reaching here.
  2. So you guys are the reason my HGEN Puts wouldn't move under $18. I just did a quick turn on it due to the dilution. I couldn't stay in on it because I like the stock. I cashed out on a modest gain and will probably go long on some shares tomorrow. I was just talking about all this with my wife so when I came here and saw all the buzz about HGEN it convinced me.
  3. That was my plan. I read where you had mentioned it and thought it was a nice stash. I will probably increase my position once I free up some cash this week. I wish I had played GME like you. I got out on the way down from the March peak but got back in and now I am underwater a little on it. I was going to play that 200-220 range we were getting and got caught with it.
  4. Got a small amount of FNKO yesterday. I was too pre-occupied trying to figure out an exit time on my AMC Puts to really get too involved. Any plays on FNKO you guys are looking at or are you just day trading it?
  5. Understandable. Not really a strong area of mine at all as I am still learning the nuances of options. I have tried to use the wheel a few times in simulated trading to some success but I think I need a little more time before I start using my own money.
  6. Anyone looking at AMC Puts after fear of diluting the shares?
  7. I don't have the balls to not start him. I can't stand to lose watching him get 25 points on my bench. My other options are Sanders (obvious concerns there as well) and Amari Cooper as a flex. Having seen Hill once already I hope that Atlanta is more prepared at stopping him forcing NO, to expand on what they've been doing lately.
  8. I keep thinking they will do some of those power runs to the edge using Kamara as the runner and getting the direct snap and letting Hill be a blocker. Seems like a nice wrinkle but probably just wishful thinking.
  9. Same. Only 2 teams in my league stream and he is leading league in points from a defense and I am last, a few more do it but tend to have 1 defense they keep and lean on. Starting this week I am stashing defenses. I have 4 right now. Sticking with good matchups but trying to make sure they are home games as well.
  10. I don't think it bothers Rodgers that much because they adjust to that short dump off game often. They use those passes that are like runs. I am way more concerned with them getting a lead and if Rodgers doesn't contribute to all of those points getting that lead, then you have a sub-par week.
  11. A few of the higher scoring defenses have been dropped in my league due to byes. I've seen a bit of discussion in this thread on it but anyone have thoughts on picking a solid to pretty good D and playing them over the good streaming match ups? I love the combination of Cleveland and Seattle to close out the year. Weeks 12-16 you get nothing but Jets and Giants.
  12. I guess to each their own. I like Jones more than I do Adams. I think there is a difference between a guy that is a solid player and a guy that makes a big play once in a while. We really don't know enough about Jones simply because he has been so under-utilized. I think Adams is a good solid player but in the middle of the pack for NFL Wr #1's. As average as Rodgers has been he still is better than most and has helped to make decent WR's put up better numbers than their talent level is. I'd love Adams in fantasy but if he were to leave the Packers he would not come close to his current numbers in my opinion.
  13. This team has zero playmakers on it. Rodgers is not what he used to be but you could see that last year. The play calling is terrible. We refuse to feed the running back when averaging 6+ yards a carry. The front office, while not wanting to mortgage the future, have failed to put more talent on this team and wasted having the best QB in the league and a chance for multiple titles as well. I think it's time to blow it up. How can we not have any speed/quick guys? Those types are a dime a dozen in the NFL. Lord a year ago we had Lacy and the change of pace was Starks 😂 . Look at New England, they drop and grab those quick players every year for cheap.
  14. FYI Got all the bells and whistles of the Big Deal by just calling regular customer service number.
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