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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a bathroom that didn't have a 1:1 correlation of sinks:soap dispensers.bunk.
  2. At Boiled Bacon, I touched on the fact that Cutler never really did anything to garnish this much hype. By "typical" standards, including turnovers and team W-L, Cutler has been a bust.
  3. Has potential, always liked his posts, but the errors and misrepresentations without facts, have damaged his board rep.

  4. It is not my fault you are a racist.

  5. You really need to no who you are talking to before you begin to assume things....

  6. can i help you with something?

  7. RBC Center is alright. I got my first tat on Hillsborough in Raleigh. Darrell Blackman!
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