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  1. People who work on the same floor as me. After you are done doing your thing in the bathroom please squirt the soap in your hand then take a step to your left and use one of the other 3 sinks so I don't have to stand there like an idiot waiting for you to finish washing your hands so I can get to the soap.

    I don't think I've ever seen a bathroom that didn't have a 1:1 correlation of sinks:soap dispensers.
  2. 2 from this weekend:

    We were trying to decide where to go to dinner Friday.

    My 5 yo says "Dad! Let's go to Olive Garden"

    Me "err, I don't think so bud"

    Him "Pleeeease. I promise I won't get sick"


    On the way home from the Super Bowl last night, my oldest and the baby are asleep in the car. My 3 yo, as he often does, sings himself to sleep. So sitting there in his car seat, he quietly is singing "Old McDonald had a farm ee i ee i o. And on this farm he had a ... panda. With a kung fu here and a kung fu there, everywhere a kung fu.

    Gold! :confused:
  3. Say what you will, but the guy is a known criminal, living the "thug" lifestyle. Eventually, someone is going to get hurt, regardless of the situation. I repeat, it is sad that he died.

    You haven't kept up with Sean Taylor's life and are speaking out of ignorance.
    Yeah... yeah... yeah... he's a changed man, had a kid, turned his life around, found god. I got it. Doesn't really change my opinion.
    Enjoy your timeout that is rightfully coming. You earned it.
    Forget a timeout......I'd say ban. Joe warned earlier in the thread to be cool on this one and that's when we knew it was just a shooting and there was hope. A man died and you have these type of statements to say, quite frankly this kind of attitude isn't changed because you get a timeout. You don't deserve to post on these boards.Prayers and thoughts out to his family and friends.
    I agree."Until we are all without sin, we can stop the pulpittin'"I encourage everyone to show their respects to Sean Taylor in their sigs.
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