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  1. There are tons of NFL players who don't work hard or take their jobs seriously. When the Redskins traded for Desean Jackson, there were widely published photos of him celebrating in clubs, while flashing gang signs. His coach didn't hate him because of that, let alone bench him. Instead, he was welcomed with open arms. I'd love to know how many NFL players don't party regularly, don't drink regularly (let alone do drugs). How many players continue to be suspended for substance-abuse problems? Every one of them is welcomed back eagerly when their suspension is over. It's absurd to claim that M
  2. It's a simple matter of double standards. Either this league wants a bunch of choir boys, in which case they need to quickly banish a huge number of players with backgrounds far more questionable and disturbing than Manziel's, or they need to cut this kid some slack and allow him a chance to play.
  3. What did this kid ever do to engender such hate from not only fans, but the entire journalistic community? We are talking about a thoroughly corrupt league here, one which has tolerated, and continues to tolerate, genuine thugs who are given chance after chance, even after committing violent crimes. Manziel has never even been accused of a crime. From what I can determine, he likes to have fun and party. Wow- what reprehensible behavior for a young guy. Jamis Winston was caught stealing and was accused of rape twice. Cam Newton stole a laptop, was caught cheating on his exams and his father w
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