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  1. Okay, you guys insist on this nonsense. I brought up just a few other examples of players being far more obviously overweight, and it was ignored. Here's some pics of "fat" Baker Mayfield without his shirt: Mayfield And here's some of Jameis Winston, whom I've never heard referred to as fat: Winston Just say it- Jameis Winston is way fatter than Baker Mayfield could ever hope to be. Just say it- the majority of linemen in the NFL are not merely fat, but obese. Why are you concentrating on a player who is in comparatively fantastic shape?
  2. If Baker Mayfield is "fat," then 90% of the defensive and offensive linemen in the league are morbidly obese. If you think Baker has a "beer stomach," you must be mortified by the rolls of jiggling flesh on so many linemen, and the obvious excess fat on a good number of linebackers and tight ends. Troy Polamolu looked a whole lot "fatter" than Mayfield when he was playing safety. As for fat QBs, how offended are you by Dwayne Haskins? Baker Mayfield is a sculpted model compared to him. And here's a link to some pics of Jameis Winston without his shirt. Jameis Winston Without Shirt Search If Mayfield is "fat," what is Winston? Mayfield is not "fat" in any sense of the word. He bulked up too much in the off season for whatever reason, and it appears to have impacted his athleticism. Mayfield can fairly be called arrogant and oversensitive, and has certainly not produced up to expectations. But if you're looking to call some football player "fat," there are far, far better candidates.
  3. Good point. Should have noted that Robinson split time last year with Desmond Harrison, an equally bad (but not as highly touted, obviously) left tackle. Shouldn't have focused on one person. The main problems are the offensive line, Mayfield's odd reluctance to run, and the lame play calling, in that order. The fact remains, however, that Mayfield put up historically great rookie numbers last season, on a roster with seemingly less talent. The only area on the team that wasn't upgraded during the off season was that putrid offensive line.
  4. This notion that Mayfield "sucks" reflects the typical fan reaction- the QB has always gotten way too much credit and way too much blame. There haven't been many great NFL QBs who didn't have at least a good offensive line. Mayfield had arguably the greatest rookie season any QB has ever had- NFL rookie record 27 TDs with only 14 Interceptions (fantastic ratio for a rookie), 63.8 completion pct., 3725 yards, all in only 13 games. He didn't suddenly lose all that talent and potential for something even better. If he had started all season, he would have shattered all NFL rookie records. The biggest difference between last season and this for Mayfield is his laughable left tackle- all-time bust Greg Robinson. It is absolutely criminal that any organization would entrust their franchise QB's blind side to such a complete flop. The rest of the line is hardly better. You put Mahomes or any other QB behind this line, and see how they do. For one, Mahomes wouldn't be able to throw any of his patented bombs, because Mayfield never has more than 2 seconds or so to throw. No time for deep patterns. It wasn't just Mayfied who was overrated going into this season. The Browns were. The media acted as if OBJ would be some kind of savior. They also discounted what an OBJ-type personality brings to the locker room. OBJ can't do much if that putrid offensive line doesn't give him enough time to run any kind of decent pass routes. Yes, the play calling has been abysmal. They aren't giving Mayfield any help- screen passes, quick patterns, etc. And someone must be ordering him not to run. Many times, he could have taken off quickly once he sensed the pressure, and mitigated the pass rush. He does look like he bulked up, which is not a good idea for a QB, which may be slowing him down. But even Philip Rivers scrambles more than Mayfield does. The Browns' defense is also overrated. They looked at least as bad as the offense against the 49ers. I'm scared that if they don't upgrade that line, and change the play calling, Mayfield could become as damaged as another potentially great QB was- David Carr. Mayfield proved, in his rookie season, that he can play at the highest level in this league. His offensive line-especially Robinson-hasn't, and never will. Neither has his coach.
  5. Same dilemma as some others here. I would have to sit either Matt Breida or Cooper Kupp for Rex. Not sure what to do.
  6. Don't really like what you're being offered. Please help with mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/780497-start-burkhead-over-breida-or-kupp/
  7. Close call but Burkhead. I have a similar dilemma. Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/780497-start-burkhead-over-breida-or-kupp/
  8. Jackson. Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/780497-start-burkhead-over-breida-or-kupp/
  9. I would go Hardman. Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/780497-start-burkhead-over-breida-or-kupp/
  10. Probably overthinking things as usual, but the news about White has me wanting to get Burkhead into my lineup today. I would either have to take out Matt Breida at RB2 or Cooper Kupp at Flex to do this. My other RB is Ekeler, WRs are Edelman and Evans. 1 pt. PPR. Leave a link and I WHIR.
  11. This is a ppr all-keeper league. RBs are always a premium, so I fully expect the big 3 to go first (Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders). My WRs and QBs are fine, and I don't think any of the rookies are worth the 4th pick anyhow. I need to go RB. So who do I choose here? Darwin Thompson- potentially a ridiculous reach, but I don't think DWill has proven anything, and he has the best chance for an early role, and in one of the most RB-friendly offenses ever. Justice Hill- he seems to already have some kind of role, but with Ingram being paid big money, and Edwards still there, will the running-crazy Ravens have enough touches to make him a viable flex option? Devin Singletary- initially the way I was leaning, until the hype over Thompson got my attention. Two old guys in front of him, but especially in early reports, was said to be looking great. Awful combine measurables are a concern, as is the general prospects for the Bills' offense. Darrell Henderson- the guy who is usually ranked as the 4th rookie RB off the board in drafts so far, but it's hard to go that high for someone whose ceiling will be very low, given Gurley's track record. All you're banking on is Gurley's knee really limiting him, and opening up a legitimate role for the rookie. Size isn't a tiebreaker here, as all of these guys (especially the first 3, are pretty small and not likely to garner many goal-line carries). Neither is speed, as they each (with the exception of Henderson), manage to combine a lack of size with a shocking lack of speed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Leave a link and I will help you with yours.
  12. The hype is starting to influence me. Our rookie draft is August 31. If he continues to look good, I am seriously considering taking him at 1.4. RBs are always at a premium, and I need them bad (my WRs are good, and I don't like any of the rookies that much anyway). After Jacobs, Montgomery, and Sanders, who's the RB to take? Henderson? His ceiling will obviously be severely limited with Gurley there, and hasn't looked great. Harris? Liking him more, given Michel's injury history, but don't want to deal with Belichick's rotating backfields. Singletary? That was the way I was leaning before the Darwin train took off. Has a pretty good situation, and I've heard good things about him.
  13. There are tons of NFL players who don't work hard or take their jobs seriously. When the Redskins traded for Desean Jackson, there were widely published photos of him celebrating in clubs, while flashing gang signs. His coach didn't hate him because of that, let alone bench him. Instead, he was welcomed with open arms. I'd love to know how many NFL players don't party regularly, don't drink regularly (let alone do drugs). How many players continue to be suspended for substance-abuse problems? Every one of them is welcomed back eagerly when their suspension is over. It's absurd to claim that Manziel is an anomaly, the only guy in the league who likes to have fun. The difference is- only Manziel is taken to task for simple photos of him out having a good time. There are other issues here. What other player (except Tebow) invokes such universal hatred from the media? Merrill Hoge doesn't shout "he can't play" about other players. The NFL is normally all about promoting star college players. And excusing the misconduct of its own players, both stars and scrubs. If Manziel worked for a church, maybe his conduct would stand out. In the NFL, he is not only no worse than normal in terms of behavior, he is significantly better.
  14. It's a simple matter of double standards. Either this league wants a bunch of choir boys, in which case they need to quickly banish a huge number of players with backgrounds far more questionable and disturbing than Manziel's, or they need to cut this kid some slack and allow him a chance to play.
  15. What did this kid ever do to engender such hate from not only fans, but the entire journalistic community? We are talking about a thoroughly corrupt league here, one which has tolerated, and continues to tolerate, genuine thugs who are given chance after chance, even after committing violent crimes. Manziel has never even been accused of a crime. From what I can determine, he likes to have fun and party. Wow- what reprehensible behavior for a young guy. Jamis Winston was caught stealing and was accused of rape twice. Cam Newton stole a laptop, was caught cheating on his exams and his father was trying to sell him to the highest bidder. Neither suffered in the court of public opinion and each was still chosen #1 overall in the draft. While Manziel was blasted for his "chance" last season- 1 1/2 games worth- Winston's first game this year was very, very bad, and yet no one suggested he was a "bust" after one game. When was the last time a player was drafted in the first round whose coach clearly and obviously hates him? Pettine lashed out at Manziel during a halftime interview a few weeks back, when Manziel had played very well in the first half. Like so many of these glorified gym teachers, Pettine is lacking in intelligence and vision. He hates Manziel because it's politically correct to do so. Who doesn't hate this guy? Pacman Jones- who is somehow still in the league- has fewer haters, despite his litany of criminal offenses. So does Aquib Talib, whose most recent offense was trying to gouge out an opponent's eye. So does Greg Hardy; apparently it's less "offensive" to sexually assault women than it is to "party." Quarterbacks in the recent past were big "partyers." Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler (both of whom had links to mobsters). Billy Kilmer was sometimes drunk on the field. Sonny Jurgensen. Bobby Layne. Presently, Ben Roethlesberger clearly likes to "party" as much as Manziel does. But Manziel hasn't been accused of rape. Twice. Yes, I know Big Ben has proven his worth, but Manziel hasn't been given a chance to prove anything. He's just continually told to "grow up." I have never heard a single announcer or talking head say that they like Manziel. Even Tebow would have journalists saying "I like him personally but...." We're talking about one of the most exciting college football players ever, and no one who covers the sport liked him? He had no real off the field issues, unlike Winston and Newton. But instead, everybody just hates him. And now his own team has demoted him, before it ever gave him a real chance, because he was caught "partying." By way of comparison, Jamis Winston- who is being talked up as an offensive rookie of the year candidate- hasn't passed for 300 yards in a single game yet. Manziel, in his best game to date, just passed for 372. Neither has Tyrod Taylor- whom no one is suggesting should be benched, despite the fact he hasn't passed for even 200 yards in half his starts. And Manziel can run as well as any of the running quarterbacks, but his coach mysteriously doesn't want him to do that. The NFL's product has never been more mediocre than it is now. Here they have a potentially exciting young star, and yet the entire league, and the journalists covering it, are doing everything they can to stop him from reaching that potential. While they embrace youngsters with the most violent pasts imaginable, Manziel is labeled as a "character" concern because he...well, likes to party. This entire league has become a giant joke.
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