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  1. All Rookie Team....I might just roll with it! TE will probably be the downfall. The three best rookie IDP were on the defensive teams selected. I don't hate this team.... QB - Trevor Lawrence - JAX/7 - $12 QB - Zach Wilson - NYJ/6 - $8 QB - Justin Fields - CHI/10 - $7 QB - Trey Lance - SF/6 - $7 RB - Najee Harris - PIT/7 - $25 RB - Travis Etienne - JAX/7 - $18 RB - Javonte Williams - DEN/11 - $18 RB - Trey Sermon - SF/6 - $15 RB - Michael Carter - NYJ/6 - $14 RB - Chuba Hubbard - CAR/13 - $5 RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - NE/14 - $3 WR - JaMarr Chase - CIN/10 - $19 WR - DeVonta Smith - PHI/14 - $14 WR - Jaylen Waddle - MIA/14 - $11 WR - Elijah Moore - NYJ/6 - $9 WR - Rondale Moore - ARI/12 - $9 WR - Rashod Bateman - BAL/8 - $8 WR - Terrace Marshall - CAR/13 - $8 WR - Amon-Ra St. Brown - DET/9 - $5 WR - Kadarius Toney - NYG/10 - $3 TE - Kyle Pitts - ATL/6 - $17 PK - Tucker McCann - TEN/13 - $3 PK - Evan McPherson - CIN/10 - $2 TD - Washington Football Team - WAS/9 - $5 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/12 - $3 TD - Dallas Cowboys - DAL/7 - $2
  2. I was a burned by Fournette last year....I would say you won big. Not only did you get the better player, you also saved $16 in cap space. I'm sure he wanted to get some value out of Hill before he hits another one of his children.
  3. QB - Jared Goff - LAR/9 - $14 QB - Tom Brady - NE/10 - $11 RB - Nick Chubb - CLE/7 - $25 RB - Dalvin Cook - MIN/12 - $24 RB - Sony Michel - NE/10 - $20 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/11 - $18 RB - Darwin Thompson - KC/12 - $5 WR - Robert Woods - LAR/9 - $22 WR - Chris Godwin - TB/7 - $22 WR - Dede Westbrook - JAX/10 - $13 WR - Zay Jones - BUF/6 - $8 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 WR - Jaron Brown - SEA/11 - $4 TE - Travis Kelce - KC/12 - $29 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 PK - Matt Prater - DET/5 - $4 PK - Brandon McManus - DEN/10 - $4 TD - Cleveland Browns - CLE/7 - $6 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/12 - $4 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 Slowly closing in my final line up (for today). I believe I have had every line up possible with different combos of RB's in the $20 range. This current group does have a significant injury risk. Last players cut at each position: QB-Jones $4, Allen $11, RB-Montgomery $18, Ekeler $16, Singletary $8 WR-Smith-Schuster $30, Golladay $21, Lockett $19, Gallup $10, Dorsett $4, Reynolds $4 TE- Walker $12, Dissly $7
  4. Here is my attempt at a mid sized roster (24).... QB - Patrick Mahomes - KC/12 - $27 QB - Jameis Winston - TB/7 - $13 If you are only going to roll with two, might as well take the big dog up top. Have also played with taking a couple other QBs in the $9 to $12 range instead of Mahomes. They don't have his upside alone, but together they could post similar numbers especially in a best ball format like this. It will save $5-7 if I make that change. RB - Mark Ingram - BAL/8 - $20 RB - David Montgomery - CHI/6 - $18 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/11 - $18 RB - Kalen Ballage - MIA/5 - $12 RB - Alexander Mattison - MIN/12 - $6 RB - Darwin Thompson - KC/12 - $5 Ingram isn't a sexy pick, but I think he will be solid. Montgomery hype train is rolling strong and he is backing it up with his play. Carson is the starter in Seattle and I don't see that changing. Penny will get more touches this year, but it won't be at Carson's expense. I like what I see developing in Mia for Ballage, if they can move the ball. Mattison and Thompson are dart throws from good offenses....one injury away from being a beast. WR - Mike Williams - LAC/12 - $16 WR - Tyrell Williams - OAK/6 - $13 WR - Curtis Samuel - CAR/7 - $12 WR - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - GB/11 - $11 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 WR - Zay Jones - BUF/6 - $8 WR - Mecole Hardman - KC/12 - $5 No stars here, but many guys with value. If I'm going to upgrade it will be at the WR position. I could use the $5 saved if I downgrade from Mahomes + $5 not spent yet + current WR selection and move up to get a guy in the mid twenty's. TE - Hunter Henry - LAC/12 - $17 TE - Chris Herndon - NYJ/4 - $8 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 I'm really liking this combo of TEs. PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB/7 - $3 Three $3 kickers and defenses. I have put zero effort here so far. This could easily change by spreading the money out between 2 kickers and 2 defenses.
  5. Not looking good.... Sitting +10 over the cut. Only have Dorsett left (-10). Good luck to to everyone who advances. Fournette...I might have to break up with you forever.
  6. This rule is because of the hit Rodgers took last year. I find it amusing that Clay Mathews is the one in the center of this controversy.
  7. When Eli is your starting QB, you know it's going to be close. One might argue that by selecting Eli in the first place, you have already sealed your fate.
  8. Add Fournette to this list - 1,727 - 349 of these owners have Yeldon
  9. But with guys like Gronk and Reed, you can't use just 2. Injuries and games like today make it very difficult. In the case of Gronk, he is the most expensive TE, so not only do you have to spend big money to get him, you have to spend even more on extra TEs.
  10. In our league....you can't pick up any player until the person is activated from ir. It's not a rule, the program just wont let you pick anyone up. So it just kind of takes care of itself.
  11. 12 team ppr, start 1 qb, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 1 Flex Team A trades away: Alex Collins Team B trades away: Sony Michel Team A in rebuild
  12. Maybe a slight over-reaction....but next year...just wait for next year man. He will be back better than ever! Just you wait and see.
  13. Well....I held him for five years now....not going to give up faith on him yet. I may need an intervention at some point.
  14. And here is your first place team after one week: Entry 101815 D Brees,J Goff J Conner,T Gurley,S Barkley,C Carson M Thomas,T Hill,J Gordon,K Cole J Cook,R Gronkowski G Zuerlein,K Fairbairn,H Butker Ravens,Steelers,Packers Talk about domination. This is what an 18 teamer can do when the planets align. It will be interesting to see how this team does each week. Week 12 will be a difficult with zero room for error or injury.
  15. 2 nights ago I switched out McCaffrey for Penny and spent the extra $ in other areas. No one was talking about Penny, so I decided to swim up steam on this one. Penny is only on 229 other teams for 1.52 %. My other RB's are Gordon, Fournette, Royce, Barber, and Conner. I figured that Gordon, Fournette, and Royce would carry most of the load for the season and Barber and Conner would be nice Penny insurance until he picks up more of the share in carries with Carson. It's an expensive risk (and money probably could have been better spent at a different position), but I'm hoping to catch lightning in the bottle for the second half of the season.
  16. I had Gurley for about 2 weeks....but I never felt satisfied with the rest of my roster. Throw in the week 12 bye makes it difficult to roster him.
  17. I'm going roll with Burton, Njoku, Goedert, and Vannett. I was going to go with Gronk plus Goedert and Vannett (same price as the group in the first sentence) but I can't trust Gronk to stay healthy....and even if he did, he had several bad games last year. Throw in that his bye week is 11...it's a pass on Gronk for me. So to answer your question.......I hope you do well, because I have a very similar plan.
  18. Going over last years top 10 finishers. Here are some things that stuck out to me. QB Position -No Brady on any of the teams. Weeks 13 through 16 were very pedestrian. -Several different combinations were used but $6 Goff, $17 Winston, $11 Wentz, $20Wilson were on several teams. RB Position -Every single team had Hunt. Shouldn't be a surprise because of the injury to Ware in the pre-season and Hunt only cost $10. He was on a very high % of teams to begin with. -The rest of the top ten had at least one of the following or a combination of them: $35 Bell-5, $30 McCoy-3, $27 Gurley-6, $19 McCaffrey-4 -Besides $10 Hunt, $7 Burkhead, and $7 J. Williams, no one under $19 made a significant contribution. WR Position -The top ten teams rostered on average 1-$20+ guy, 2 $10-19 guy, and 4 $9 or less guy. -$5 Kupp was rostered 6 times and $5 Robby Anderson was rostered 5 times. TE Position -Gronk was on zero teams. He missed 2 games because of injury throughout the season and had another 5 games where he was pedestrian. -$13 Ertz was on 7 teams. My take away from this: -Having an elite QB is not needed to to win this contest. -Spending big money at the RB position is money well spent. -Quantity over High $ guys is better at the WR position. Of course, you have to pick the right ones. -Gronk scares me. He costs a lot and you can't count on him to be healthy the whole season. I would rather spread my money out on a couple TEs in the middle.
  19. In this contest, that doesn't matter. Points and yards given up don't count for or against you. You want the team that will get the most turnovers and sacks. Chicago just got a sack machine.
  20. Same issue for me....Get Gronk, middle tier guy, and cheap flyer or Go with 2 middle tier guys (like Burton and Njoku) with a cheap flyer and be able to upgrade to an elite WR.
  21. Boom or bust decision. Goodwin is by far the best value based on predictions and what I have seen this preseason and the end of last year. Goodwin's cost is between $8-10 lower than the other WR with similar predictions. If you don't believe he will live up to those predictions, then leaving him off your team would be the right call. But if you leave him off your team and he meets or exceeds those predictions, you will often find yourself playing from behind....Goodwin will be one of the highest owned WR, so you could find yourself playing from behind a lot of teams.
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