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  1. That's pretty much how it happened. Rutgers was down 15 and went on a 62-27 run from there.
  2. When I booked my initial vaccine appointment, they sent me the EUA fact sheet for the vaccine brand (Moderna in my case) in my registration email.
  3. I was so confused listening to Lolo whining about Nam and their "relationship". Every sentence made it sound like they were dating. I know early on she talked about being into him but they're not actually together right and she's just a crazy person?
  4. Potential covid restrictions aside, much better to be in the city in mid June than August.
  5. If you ever have the foresight to show your bet slip before a game, I'll follow along and give you 25% of the profits.
  6. Fact is many holidays bring pain and sadness to many people. Take Mother's Day. There are people who have lost their mothers. People who have had terrible mothers not worth celebrating. Women who want to be mothers but can't, and there's an annual reminder of what they can't be.
  7. I love how Meyer's justification for hiring him is "I've known him for 20 years...". So either you knew he was a racist POS that whole time, which doesn't exactly justify the hire, or you didn't know he was such a POS despite "knowing him so well" which, guess what...means you didn't actually know the guy.
  8. Yeah it obviously can but save it for when a guy gets slightly clipped by a stick and throws his head back before squirming on the ice like he got Malarchuked.
  9. I feel like you never actually get a clear shot of a stick being over the crossbar on an eventual goal... ...and they rule it a good goal. I'll take it.
  10. Holy crap this part of the Casey Affleck interview was incredible. Affleck mentions that he did this movie with Gus Van Sant called To Die For and when Van Sant got the script for Good Will Hunting he reached out to Casey to ask him if Ben was his brother. He says yes and tries to sell it to him and encourages him to read it further, and of course he ends up directing it. Pretty interesting little story. Simmons direct response: "'To Die For' was a weirdly crucial Nicole Kidman movie."
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