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  1. Don't really know #### about prospects but everywhere I read pre-draft that year, the belief was that the Rangers would take Wahlstrom if he was there. Never fault teams for going against the grain but you gotta own it when it blows up in your face like this.
  2. Please tell me why this should bother me first.
  3. Maybe they should have been willing to accept less than the 1st round pick and a player they were looking for in a deal not even a year ago.
  4. "So what, no ####in ziti now?" Came out blazing in episode 1. I've probably posted that 12 times in this thread over the years.
  5. I've watched the series through probably 6 times. I actually started another rewatch a couple weeks ago in anticipation of the movie and am on S3 E3 (Livia just died and Christopher got his button). I couldn't get through 20 minutes. I thought the acting was comically bad. Distractingly bad. It truly felt like I was watching one of those extended SNL preproduced movie parody skits.
  6. Really? You mean the floor for Kyle Pitts isn't Travis Kelce?!?! (Repeated constantly pre-draft to preseason)
  7. Add in a potentially undefeated Cincinnati with their OOC schedule (although Indiana looking bad would hurt that). They won't get in - because $$$ - but they'll be another they'd have to be argued over.
  8. Nice to see that close knit group work so well together here.
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