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  1. It was also clearly done at a completely different time than how they showed it on the episode. As they were cutting between those two and the rest doing the kayak puzzle, you could see that there were only three puzzle setups because Fessy/Kaycee had already been eliminated.
  2. Glad he got one that counted. Kid deserves it...I've really liked watching him play so far. His all around game has exceeded my expectations. This team could/should be really really good in a couple years.
  3. Are masks required at your local parks, or more of a request?
  4. It's not like I'm rooting for it or anything but it would really be amazing if something so stupid and so Simmons actually led to him being placed somewhere on the "canceled" spectrum. Not as much for this directly but he wrote a lot of bad stuff about female athletes that would never come close to flying today and wasn't really that long ago, and I'm surprised it was never made into a bigger issue.
  5. Funny, I opened this thread up yesterday to ask almost the same question but ended up bailing. I first heard of it a few years back not long after I started understanding more about BTC. The connection to the Brave browser helped it make a lot of sense for me. I didn't buy at the time (sadly) but bought in a bit at the end of January when I finally set up a Coinbase account for some BTC/ETH. Bought in a couple more times over the next 6 weeks or so and while I don't have a ton in there I'm realizing, like you, that it could possibly turn into something I'd consider significant.
  6. I like that wording with "were willing". It would have saved the Rangers a relative ton of money over a buyout. Dreger probably could've used a bit of a stronger word.
  7. Forget that. He blasted Nantz for being out of touch while thinking his completely unrelated reference from the mid 80s was better. Meanwhile... https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/bill-simmons-jim-nantz-masters-call-01f32zsmtj8j
  8. Got an email earlier about tomorrow's available packs. $999! Must be nice.
  9. After his second I threw a few bucks on a flyer for Xander to have a bogey free round. He promptly went bogey - bogey - double. Sorry to the rest of you who were on him.
  10. This prompted me to look for my pack which was supposed to be coming a few days ago. It's here now... 1) Iguodola alley oop. 2) Chris Paul fadeaway baseline jumper... ...and my browser crashed before it even finished showing that clip
  11. I think there's a non zero chance that Kaycee took a dive with her attempts at math. If they won, like they did with damn near everything else, she wouldn't be able to get poached by Fessy.
  12. Ayayi would be crazy to stay. He looked like he got lucky dodging a terrible potential knee injury when his leg got caught underneath him last night.
  13. I went 8 of 9 on one ticket and 9 of 10 on the other. Had Timme with 6+ boards on both and he got 4. BUM
  14. I encourage everyone to do what I did and put together some small unit, high payout parlays including many different players' points/rebs/assists to keep an interest in tonight's game.
  15. Something like "first round QB draft/trade discussion" would probably work if there isn't something similar already.
  16. Nothing at all scary about everyone rushing to lay the points.
  17. I learned of this fact about 5 minutes before hearing Simmons say on his podcast that he would add up all the minutes of the guys Fournier would be collectively replacing, and those three guys over 45 minutes would go 1-8 for 2 points...and he just had to beat that!
  18. How local are you where that's your experience? His pro day was a few days ago and the papers have been talking about him for weeks.
  19. Thanks for the post because I went on and ordered my first pack. When this thing goes to nothing, at least I'll have gotten $9 of entertainment out of how they built that ordering platform.
  20. Alex Reese, allow me to introduce you to Endy Chavez. You guys should chat.
  21. Vezina or Norris, we'll take either. "With two assists today, including one power play assist, Adam Fox now ranks 3rd among NHL defensemen in points (29), is tied for 3rd among NHL defensemen in assists (26), and ranks 2nd among NHL defensemen in power play assists (15) and power play points (17) this season. #NYR"
  22. You two have ripped the context out of my original statement. It was made in response to someone saying they couldn't understand giving up all that value for the 3rd QB taken in the draft. So the Niners "don't care" that there happen to be two QBs in this draft who will be chosen higher than the guy they end up with.
  23. If only there was some recent transactional evidence that showed they don't care...
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