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  1. The goal is not to win week 1. As long as the rules are spelled out at the beginning, and everyone plays by the same rules, it's fair to all.
  2. I wasn't counting on a free week, but I'm surprised to see the number of entries/cuts. I started with a 15-man roster, and still have 14 going into next week, losing only Vance McDonald. I only beat the cutline by 15, but I think I'm in good shape going forward. I didn't swing for the fences, loading up on one team, so I hope to do well in week 3 as well. Go Pack, Go Chiefs, Go Bills, and Geaux Saints! Josh Allen $40 Stefon Diggs $32 Tyler Bass $14 Vance McDonald $2 Clyde Edwards-Helaire $17 Darrel Williams $4 Matt Gay $4 Los Angeles Rams $5 Alvin Kamara $28 Jared Cook $15 New Orleans Saints $11 Aaron Rodgers $36 Davante Adams $36 Equanimeous St. Brown $4 Jace Sternberger $2
  3. According to the ESPN site, • If Hill is left in the TE, Flex or WR/TE slot, users will be unable to make any roster or lineup moves until they remove him from that slot. So you can keep him there if you maintain the same lineup. Until, you know, they arbitrarily change that as well.
  4. The rules were stated before the season started. You don't change them mid-stream. https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003849751-Position-Eligibility
  5. Early on in my career, one of my mentors defined fairness in a way that I still do to this day, 25 years later. In order to be fair, something has to meet two criteria. 1) the rules are spelled out before the game starts. 2) everyone plays by the same rules. Say what you want about his eligibility, but you cannot call it unfair.
  6. 11.4 under the cut line, and all of Alvin Kamara's points will count. Very unlikely that's going to be enough, and even if it is, I'm not making it any further with Matthew Stafford as my lone QB. Thanks, Logan Ryan. Oh, and thanks NFL for benching my Broncos as well.
  7. For every time in my life I've heard "it's not fair", I've given my definition of fair. 1) The rules are explained before the event starts 2) Everyone plays by the same rules. That's it. That's the list. (and at 58 years old, I'm WAY too old to be using that phrase.)
  8. Like no other season, this year might as well just be considered the fantasy football Lottery. If you were lucky enough to draft players who aren't going to lose games for themselves, their teams, or their opponents - you have a pretty good shot of winning.
  9. With Jarwin gone for the season, it may actually work out to my advantage to have Jonnu out when more teams will make the cut. At least that's what I'll tell myself. Feeling fairly good about getting to week 5. We'll check back in 72 hours.
  10. We should definitely match NFL roster numbers as soon as they add IDP and punters to this contest.
  11. Chris Carson's MRI this morning revealed a slight knee sprain and he may be able to go week 4.
  12. Donated. This is the first week I've had any interest in this contest, thanks to having live scoring back.
  13. I'm sitting nervously in the clubhouse with 208.8 and hoping the line doesn't move 60 points tonight. (you mean like that?)
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