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  1. Saw Wild River recently and am a little obsessed with it.
  2. Gaskins has been serviceable in real life and fantasy, so yes.
  3. I personally loved the old Wisdom of Crowds contest. It was incentive based and the final WOC rankings were excellent and always something I considered the most in a WDIS situation. So the "problem" I would like solved is consensus rankings from someone other than Pros.
  4. PPR: Is Duke vs Mattison the coin flip I think it is?
  5. Wilkins didn't play in week 11. So I guess in a sense they relied on Williams "far more" is true. πŸ˜‘
  6. Huge testament for Dorsey. Not a ton of outrage at the time because the suspension was already given, almost nobody cares now and he's a big asset.
  7. Bose Alexa enabled headphones. πŸ˜‘ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYrnkafl6Es
  8. He had 6 targets before Cooks was out.
  9. They probably are reasoning it’s going to be so bad that Zeke gets rested.
  10. This guy is a 2nd rounder in his 2nd year, why are terms like "fools gold" being thrown around?
  11. So you would bench Bell if you owned him? Yes, it may be ugly, but you smoke him if you've got him.
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