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  1. Very intrigued by Pitts, not Jerry Jones intrigued but still intrigued. Just cant see someone pulling the tigger in the top 5 of any fantasy draft for a TE. I have read so much on Pitts but end of day, still a TE and history shows there hasnt been a rookie TE in fantasy worth that slot. Could he be the one to break the mold?
  2. All hype around either Chase or Pitts heading to Cinncy. They have to protect Joe, has to be Sewell. FYI Burrow and Higgins owner😉
  3. 😳 I just dont see how he plays this season. Its neverending and not a end in sight
  4. Waiting on the draft to see how this all unfolds. As of now in a holding patteren, but just cant seen the Jags going RB in rd 1 or rd 2. They get Trevor and have other holes to fill. Numerous offer for Robinson this offseason, just cant see me pulling the trigger on one for anything aside from a massive haul
  5. As a McCaffrey and Watson owner......dont put that evil on me lol😜
  6. My gut keeps telling me to start him, that the Steelers come out and just air raid vs Cincinnati. Just dont know
  7. Exactly my dilemma in my other league for the semis
  8. Jacobs, Chubb and Robinson are the three I go with
  9. Diggs and Robinson for my vote. Diggs is playing insane right now. Robinson just gets it done
  10. Tough one, but think you need to come off the ledge. As much as getting Lamar and Mahomes together would be nice. Think you are giving up way too much. Not a fan of Lamar in fantasy
  11. Mayfield vs NYG, not Indy as u have listed. Hopefully not Carr tonight😬. Browns have been playing very well and Baker is playing lights out
  12. Championship Game Stuck with the dilemma of who to start at QB, do I stick with Watson or hope Ben and the Steelers bounce back BigBen Vs Cincinnati Or DeShaun Watson vs Indianapolis Would appreciate any insight, opinion. Will help you if I can. Thx in advance Statring lineup QB, RB, RB ,WR, WR, TE, WR/RB, WR/TE, K, DST QB DeShaun Watson or Big Ben RB JK Dobbins, Mike Davis, James Robinson (CEH, Melvin Gordon CMC, Ahmed, Foreman, Justice Hill) WR Adam Theilen, Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool (Keke Coutee, Tee Higgins, Colin Johnson, Nelson Ag
  13. So far he is in my lineup unless i get talked out of it. Cooks is banged up, your choice is easier than mine lol
  14. Was thinking the same thing, with Ruggs out like his chance alittle more. Thinking tonight might be a shootout. Dont have alot of options, wither Nelson, Claypool or Viska, even tempted to go double TE with Tonyan
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