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  1. Read the above and then got a twitter notification that Watson could soon be a Dolphin lol. Nobody knows
  2. 47yrs old. My fantasy has slowed a bit over the last few years. Not in multiple yahoo leagues pools etc Down to just 3. A 12 team dynasty/salary cap/contract league. Handful of us from the start, rhe rest with over 17yrs and 2 rookies (5yrs or less). This league is 27yrs old, started back when we used the newspaper for stats lol. We are all friends, or relatives. A new 14 team startup dynasty/salary cap/contract league, that mirrors the exisiting one. Only a handful from the orginal league and alot of new blood. One yahoo league, been going over 12 years, all guys from high school, most of us played football together, and a few of us played university ball.
  3. Choo...choo....all aboard! I know it New England, and they always have a few RBs. Loved this kid in college, I grabbed him on talent not situation. This just makes my smile a bit bigger
  4. I am in the same situation however sitting at 1.3. Harris and Javonte are going 1.1 and 1.2, both owners have said such and both need RBs. Leaned ETN at first after NFL draft, then the Watson drama insued, i ended up with trading for Burrow. So the thought of pairing Chase and Burrow is an advantage and intriguing. Had a very good draft last season (dynasty/contract/salary cap league) with Dobbins, CEH, Claypool and Shenault. I have always been a RB first guy but right now I am 99% taking Chase. Not sure at this point I can be talked out of not taking Chase. Roster looks like this QB Burrow, Watson, Tyrod RB CMC, Dobbins, CEH, Mike Davis WR Dionte Johnson, Claypool, Shenault, Beckham, Bryan Edwards TE Waller, OJ Howard, Everett
  5. Thoughts on acquiring RB Cam Akers. In a dynasty/contract/salary cap league. Thinking about aquiring Akers. Yes I wont be able to use him this season. He is cheap salary, can sign him to a contract and the guy that has him needs RBs Offering RB Mike Davis and a 2022 1st for RB Cam Akers. I can immediately IR him recoup the little salary he is. Not a huge fan of the 2022 draft class and the first I am sending will be middle to late, and i still have another 1st. Current roster QB Burrow, Watson, Winston RB CMC, CEH, Dobbins, Davis WR Dionte Johnson, Tee Higgins, OJ Beckham, Claypool, Shenault, Edwards...getting JaMar Chase as I have 3rd overall pick and 1.1 is taking Harris and 1.2 is taking Williams (both very needy RB teams) TE Waller, Everett Am I over thinking this?
  6. i am sitting at 1.3 for my upcoming draft. Guys ahead of me are both RB greedy and in need of RBs. Already stated they are taking Harris and Williams 1 and 2, leaving me Chase.....thank you sir, may i have another
  7. So sitting at 1.03, i know Harris and Javonte Williams (ya I know) will be gone. Have my pick of the litter I guess. So ETN or Chase? Am I over thinking this. Contract/Dynasty/Salary cap ppr league 6pts TD, 1pt REC, 1pt per 10 rec yards, 1pt per10 rush yds Current roster; QB Burrow, Watson RB CMC, CEH, Dobbins, Mike Davis, Justice Hill, Rodney Smith, Darwin Thompson WR Dionte Johnson, Chase Claypool, OBJ, Tee Higgins, Shenault, Edwards TE Waller, Everett, Parham
  8. Very intrigued by Pitts, not Jerry Jones intrigued but still intrigued. Just cant see someone pulling the tigger in the top 5 of any fantasy draft for a TE. I have read so much on Pitts but end of day, still a TE and history shows there hasnt been a rookie TE in fantasy worth that slot. Could he be the one to break the mold?
  9. All hype around either Chase or Pitts heading to Cinncy. They have to protect Joe, has to be Sewell. FYI Burrow and Higgins owner😉
  10. 😳 I just dont see how he plays this season. Its neverending and not a end in sight
  11. Waiting on the draft to see how this all unfolds. As of now in a holding patteren, but just cant seen the Jags going RB in rd 1 or rd 2. They get Trevor and have other holes to fill. Numerous offer for Robinson this offseason, just cant see me pulling the trigger on one for anything aside from a massive haul
  12. As a McCaffrey and Watson owner......dont put that evil on me lol😜
  13. My gut keeps telling me to start him, that the Steelers come out and just air raid vs Cincinnati. Just dont know
  14. Exactly my dilemma in my other league for the semis
  15. Jacobs, Chubb and Robinson are the three I go with
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