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    The poster you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please direct all inquiries to Fat Drunk and Stupid.

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  1. Aloof

    Joe banned FDAS, because Joe doesn't play well with others.

  2. remember when you weren't consumed with dungeon and dragon cards?

  3. FDAS

    Why did you stop using your Mike Crimes alias? I was a big fan.

    1. Otis


      I'm pretty sure Crimes was a group alias headed up by wilked and Tigerfan

  4. FDAS

    You're missed, also SacramentoBob is an ######.

  5. you are up JOCKO

  6. Why is Furley still alive?

    1. urbanhack


      Is this still on?

  7. It's been a year since you've been online. I hope you're not dead.

  8. Guess who's back, #####?

  9. Great to see you last weekend. Thanks for the sausage and gravy. My friends really like you, but I haven't told them the truth yet.

  10. pretty sure he just pronounced it Jenmark

  11. Please leave the internet forever.

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