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  1. remember when you weren't consumed with dungeon and dragon cards?

  2. FDAS

    Why did you stop using your Mike Crimes alias? I was a big fan.

    1. Otis


      I'm pretty sure Crimes was a group alias headed up by wilked and Tigerfan

  3. FDAS

    You're missed, also SacramentoBob is an ######.

  4. Why is Furley still alive?

    1. urbanhack


      Is this still on?

  5. It's been a year since you've been online. I hope you're not dead.

  6. Guess who's back, #####?

  7. I'm the fat chick you banged last Tuesday.

  8. FDAS

    you down for butsechs? furley's looking.

  9. i like you better when you're not online.

  10. Bell Biv Devoe meets Future Farmers of America

  11. really not a fan of that shtick, guy

  12. this shtick is getting annoying

  13. Dear Mr. Fantasy,


  14. it's a very clever shtick. also, punch 'hack in the ear for me.

  15. why so angry tonight?

  16. This guy makes Pol Pot seem reasonable.

  17. No Oklahoma visits planned for the FDAS summer tour, sorry.

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